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This is great. Iā€™m going to get a good grade in horsefic, something that is both normal to want and possible to achieve,


This story is a sequel to Professional Fitting

Rarity has a plan.

She can't quite bring herself to say what it is-- she's nervous, perhaps even a little scared. Saying it would make it very real, and she can't quite handle it being so real just yet.

Whether or not she says it, though, one thing is for sure: Twilight will find a way to screw it all up.

An entry in the Quills and Sofas Expanded Universe contest. This fanfiction was written and posted with permission as an expansion of AFanaticRabbit's fic Professional Fitting. It is absolutely required reading! Don't try to read this fic without it!

Normally, I try to link everyone who read and commented during the contest, but that was a whopping 22 people this time around! Instead, I'll just send out a heartfelt thank you to all the folks at Q&S, with a special shoutout to Seer for organizing this behemoth of an event. Check out the other entries here!

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Aaaa! This was a lovely story and such a perfect followup to mine. I feel so honoured lol.

Love the style match with the cover art too!

Can never have enough RariTwi!

AHA! It was Raritwi all along!!

Really cute RariTwi, and great followup to the last story.

This hit all the right beats for good RariTwi fluff. There's just something about Twilight and Rarity rushing off to some secluded area in a high end party in fancy dresses talking about their feelings and/or acting goofy that's just so perfect for this ship.

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