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Comment posted by Malefor deleted Feb 23rd, 2021

Her muzzle scrunched into itself, and her eyes tightened in needing to face her soon-to-be subjects. Yet, the heat between her legs held her back. It was impossible. Already soaked was her as heated tickles now nipped at her fuzzier lips. Swollen and pulling for attention. Licks or thrusts of satisfaction.

Wouldnt it be better and more clear if it was worded like this?
"Soaked as she already was, little heated tickles now nipped at her fuzzier lips."

Other than this tho, this was a nice warm and somber read thanks for a good story to read in the morning.

Hey, nice work! Looking forwards to Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Not my kind of ship or story, but by god is that cover cute as hell.

Ahhhhh .... Poor things ...

Pretty good! I can taste you in it." Twilight blinked and her chest seized and her forehooves shot out and up and surrendered. Her elbows banged onto the table to the clattering of plates and forks. "N-Not that kind of taste though! Just your breath."

Spike winced. "Oh! My bad! I thought I brushed extra well today."

Twilight closed her eyes and tried again. "N-Not like that! I just mean your smoke. I can taste you all over this dish." Her vision risked imploding from the overloading pressure. "Not like the other tasting I'll be doing tonight, but the—OH DEAR CELESTIA, I REALLY SAID THAT!"

That had me rolling!:rainbowlaugh:

Serious talk now!:ajbemused:
Poor Spike. Poor Twilight! Poor Spike and Twilight!!!
In some small way, a mare in heat would have a easier time with wanting and performing sex/intercourse, it's infused into their biology, same with a stallion, if we're telling just animals. But put feels, thoughts, consequences and the lack of/inability to understand and/or communicate and you get this scenario.:fluttershysad:

Power though friends! It's why I love this pairing SO MUCH! Still friends to the end, and back again!:moustache::heart::twilightsmile:

"I bolted out of the room."

Boy, you did what?

Man, your stories are always so good, and done is so good pace, and out of the box, you write Spike so well... and twilight too...
Lately there are no plot or story that catch my eyes... well not anymore...
Really looking forward for the next chapter!

Good story so far I'm looking forward to it.
Also who the fuck is disliking all of the comments on this author's stories and blog posts with 2 accounts? Get a life

I find this really nice..and cute. (YOU CAN DOOOO EEEET SPIKE, YOU CAN DO IT ALL NIGHT LOOONG)

Wooo! That's so real, real build-up right there!:ajsmug:

Go ahead Spike, smell it! Touch it! Look it what you did to your mare!:trollestia: :moustache::twilightblush:

Damn it! left me wanting more. Can't wait for the next

I'm really enjoying the story so far! Great job!
Can't wait to read more about it

:pinkiesmile: So tell Doctor Pinkamana your little problems
:twilightoops: When he gets off he screams Rarity Rarity Rarity!
:raritystarry: And when he finishes he screams Twi Twi Twi!
:moustache: And when she climaxes she screams Shining Shining Shining!

Damn! Got real romantic and feely in here!
Love it! All of it!:pinkiehappy:

This ship right here is why I watched this show from start to finish!:moustache:
And authors like you, and stories like this is why I read about it well after the show is over!:twilightsmile:

Not putting down any other ships or characters, just love me some purple fur and scales!:heart:

I have to say, this is so well written.

I’m so used to a myriad of shotgun romance stories with fifty percent of the content focused on flat out pornography that a lesser part of me is just waiting for the quick fix with this story. Be it Cadence or the two of them just suddenly becoming a couple; the end result is not as fascinating as these little moments that actually expresses the love between two characters in the little moments.

Really hope this doesn’t end soon, but then again it’s been nothing but phenomenal work. Thank you for the effort so far and I look forward to what comes next.

The last sentence is off. Shouting is just not... appropriate.

Seems like I’m the first one to post a comment from my perspective at least,I came looking for copper but I found gold,I thought this would’ve been a other random smut but man..the story and character even short is tugging at my heartstrings,I can tell this will be one of my most favorite story ever and I wish to read more soon enough

Damn it! Two steps forward, and three steps back!:applejackunsure:

Very well written and cute. At first I thought it's going to be a normal clop fic but this is so much better
Really lookin forward to read more of it :raritywink:

My man really downvoting every comment lol

This was gold. An excellent piece.

Damn! Right in the feels basket!:fluttershysad:

And he's right. This is a situation you see more with, Spike X Rarity. He puts out more than he gets back.
Done with, Spike X Twilight is so rare. And so damn powerful!!!

Great chapter. Love the different points of view though out the story. Really excited the finale!:pinkiehappy:

AHH forget it the plot is lost for me.

Team purple all the way!
Go get your other half Twi! And fix the wrongs you have made!:trollestia:

:moustache: I'm back
:applejackconfused: 5
:rainbowderp: 4
:raritystarry: 3
:pinkiesmile: 2
:twilightoops: 1

:moustache: ???
:ajsmug::rainbowwild::duck::twilightsheepish: GANG BANG!

:moustache: You're all on!
:trollestia: Where's the yellow one?
:flutterrage: Push Discord I know you can do it!
:moustache: Helping Capt. Wuzz give birth
:facehoof: What a buzz kill

Not to downplay the amazing writing, which it was, but.......nice. 69100 words

If it’s any condolence, I still look back at your older works and find that those stories are just a wonderful as the first time I read them.

Awesome story, I think Spilight is an underrated ship, keep on writing man

This was a wonderful, heartbreaking story and I enjoyed it greatly. The tension between Twilight and Spike was well done. Seeing Spike be the strong one in this relationship and Twilight as the shy, neurotic mare was just as they've always been...but even more intense here. Twilight has always known Spike cared deeply for her but just couldn't accept being loved, until she realized that she might lose him. Being vulnerable and weak give them the strength to love. Just a fabulous look at what true love really is like. Thanks for a great tale!
And as most everyone knows, best friends make the best lovers!:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Nemo 025 deleted Mar 26th, 2021

they finally fuck and we don't get to read it


I've been waiting for someone to comment about that.
~ Yr. Pal, B

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