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I just realized everything I write comes back to guilt, shame, regret, or grief. Um... should I be worried about that?


In the Holy Equestrian Diarchy, certain differences are punishable with imprisonment in a reeducation camp. Ponies that don't think the way they're supposed to, don't talk the way they're supposed to, and don't love the way they're supposed to, are locked away, out of sight, until they can be reformed.

Only nopony really ever gets reformed.

This is a Rekindled Embers side story. No reading of the original should be necessary, though there may be mild spoilers for Rekindled Embers for those who haven't read up to Chapter 23.

Editing: This story was originally written as a speedwrite, with prereading provided by several participants in that contest (I'm sorry, I don't remember everybody who helped! Please remind me and I'll credit you appropriately!) Editing provided by Emotion Nexus and AuroraDawn.

Now with a voice reading by Nailah! Go check it out! (Note- Voice Reading was done prior to the final round of edits, so there may be some few small differences)

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Glad to see this is up. What a wild ride in just 2700 words. This sucked me in almost instantly and I hate how vivid this is. My heart was aching throughout. It's just a fantastic story, Applezombi!

I can scarcely comprehend how visceral you managed to make this, in both senses of the word. We were literally just talking about how heinous conversion therapy was. At this point, your AU is expansive and captivating enough that I might write my own entry at some point. Not centered on trans people though, I just did that.

Your story was fun! I love the idea of a wholesome Simic. Also UNBAROB was hilarious.

And if you ever want to write in my AU, just let me know. I would be flattered. And going by what I just read, You'd do it justice, whatever subject matter you decide to tackle.

Beautiful indeed.

Oh, hey, thanks! I wasn't expecting you to actually read it, as I had no clue if you played MTG. And yeah, I'll keep your kind offer in mind.

Can this story have a happy ending? Pretty please? :raritystarry: Also,

The Native American hummingbird is associated with healing, wisdom, and endurance. The little bird is also known as a messenger sent from heaven.

So far (chapter one) this story works by itself, which is nice.

The main thing I don't like about your story? Not enough of it has been written so far. :twilightsmile:

Oooh, do I see an Incomplete on this, I thought this was just a oneshot.

There are at least two more chapters planned and outlined, though they'll be very different tonally from the first one.

Very interesting, and kind of a relief. This chapter was pretty brutal on the old heart. :raritywink:

I wonder if we'll see her go through The Tour like a certain different pony did in the main story.

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