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Celestia and Luna have just announced their intention to retire and pass the throne to Twilight.

Before everyone can start assuring Twilight she'll do great as ruler of Equestria, Twilight refuses and explains why it wouldn't make sense for her to take the throne. From there, the conversation swerves.

This is a story for those who think Celestia and Luna retiring is a bad idea, and that Twilight found her true calling as a teacher rather than a ruler.

Featured: 8/22/2020 - 8/26/2020

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My thoughts entirely. Thank you.

I love this story!:pinkiehappy:

Ah, an AU fic where the change is logical and well within the personalities of the characters. My favorite. Good stuff.

Now THIS scenario makes WAY more SENSE!!!

Thank you!

This could be the prequel for it's own saga. The setup is perfect for continuation

I don't know about a continuation, but I'm grateful for the positive comment.

Oh this one was GOOD and Twilight's arguments all make so much sense. As do the proposed solutions. Damn, A+

Good wow or bad wow?

I'm not even in school anymore, but I'll happily take that A+ :twilightsmile:

I so freaking loved seeing all of this.
Especially with it being point out about why Luna was retiring and how it made no sense for her to do so.
And how she decides to not retire. I just loved all of that.

Thank you! Like Twilight, I understood Celestia wanting to retire, but Luna hasn't been back that long so her retiring in canon really confused me.

Oh good, that's a relief. The way you trailed off with the '...' made me worry.

10398205 Yeah, really!
This is the way that episode SHOULD have gone rather than the way it actually did.

The other thing that's always bugged me about Celestia and Luna abdicating/retiring is turning control of the sun and moon over to Twi.
I mean, they're talents are stamped on their respective BUTTS, for Pete's sake!
Raising the sun and moon are THEIR talents, not HERS!

The writers seriously screwed the later seasons of the show up to all hell.

I mean, I still love the show, but good grief!

That’s okay. I’m just amazed at how your story made so much more sense than the official one. So you get no criticism from me.

Yeah, it makes sense the most for Twilight's character arc. She starts out as a student of Celestia, gains her own student in Starlight, and then ends up with a bunch of students. Ruling Equestria doesn't fit in there.

Twilight sounded like a mare possessed here, and not in a good way. It almost felt like she was reading plot points off cue cards; for the first half, at least. Everything else was alright, but the initial deconstruction still feels too "robotic" to me, for lack of a better word.

If this gets y'all through the night, cool beans, but this sort of thing just isn't for me. Sorry.

No argument there.

Like I said in my footnote, I had some help from Trinary when putting this argument together. My original version had Luna taking over the day and getting a student for dream duty, but they explained to me why going with those ideas would be hypocritical.

Fair. I tried to roll with Twilight's logical thinking, but I guess it got too logical at some point. Thank you for your honesty.

To be fair, I think my qualms might be more of a me thing than a you thing. I've gotten a bit... irritated with deconstruction fics over the past year or so.

Also valid. I understand the feeling.

And the fact Luna didn't get to enjoy her destiny of raising the moon(and dreamguarding) for much long compared to Celestia raising the sun.
Heck, Celestia literally raised the moon longer than Luna, the actual alicorn who was supposed to be doing that(but sadly couldn't due to the NMM fiasco for a 1000 years). That's just not right.

With this, the Legion of Doom will likely never come to be...unless it were for Luna's sake which I find unlikely. Only question now is how Chryssy is going to be dealt with since she, as far as I know, is still wandering Equestria plotting her next move.

From the looks of it, the only danger lovebuggo queen will pose is only to herself with how badly her mental health state was in.
And how Mean 6 showed she nearly got killed by one of her own schemes, most likely whatever she will come up with in that state would most likely would only get herself hurt or worse.

Good story😁👍🏼

I really don't get why did they do that.
Like why didn't Luna speak up at Celestia about that in the show? Like her saying "But Tia, I haven't enjoyed my own destiny for much long since my return. My moon.. it missed me raising it dearly. I can just feel it"

You did a good job doing this

The neurotic bookworm which had to be thrown out of the library/castle cause she didn't have any/estranged all her friends and nearly ruined in her own school by strictly adhering to conventional thinking: ends as a teacher.

That is supposed to make sense?

Truly brilliant! I love this. I really enjoyed adding in an explanation on why Luna wanted to retire when she only on the throne again for a few years.

In my option Celestia is not allowed to retired too

I like to think in this 'verse, Grogar is actually real and made the Legion of Doom like Discord did, of course without the whole cop-out.

Yep, and if you don't like it, the 'Back' button is up in the left corner. Have a nice day. :raritywink:

Yeah, felt the need to explain that.

Hey, if you were ruling a country that dealt with various magical threats over centuries alone, you'd want to retire too. I think Celestia gets a pass on this one.

Y’know...this makes sense. I tend to feel that a lot of stories that try to “fix” things that happen in the show feel a little forced or fall a little flat, or even both. But I really like the way you presented this.

Thank you for the nice words!

Wonderful work! I quite enjoyed it.

That said, you could stand to make Twilight's voice sound more like Twilight's. She needs to speak to Celestia like she's been her teacher. It needs to be difficult for her to say no. She needs to have more interaction with her friends over this.

I do like the idea, but the execution could be improved.

We can't assume her next scheme will blow up in her face. While her own hubris has been the downfall of just about every one of her schemes, it would be foolish to believe that she would always fail because of it. All it would take is one good idea and she would become a major threat to Equestria again.

Given the insane state she was in now, most likely she will goof up HARD now.
Since she lost her hive, it affected her performance badly.

In fact she might have trouble coming up with a competent good idea due to her mind is busy losing its sanity from the isolation.
With what she might pull, she might just get caught and locked up and that would be it for her.

This is a story for those who think Celestia and Luna retiring is a bad idea, and that Twilight found her true calling as a teacher rather than a ruler.

This is why I never did watch the finale - Twilight moving away from her friends, and the very castle the Tree gave to her, makes zero sense whatsoever. Twilight never really wanted to be a princess to begin with, so making her THE Princess is just a dick move by Celestia, Luna, and Hasbro.
Nope. She's still Ponyville's princess, and principal of that school. I refuse to accept any other ending.

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