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Truth or myth? Ancient lost civilization or just an old pony's tale?

No pony has ever seen one, and most haven't even heard of them. But Lyra knows that these wonderful creatures are more than just old legends, and she's going to find out... and possibly drive her roommate insane in the process.

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I like where this is going. I want more! Here take some stars I can't hold all of them!

Is it a bad thing that, when she described her dream, the first thing I thought of was the scene with Sheik from The Ocarina of Time? Great writing, though, and a fun take on Lyra and Bon-bon's relationship (I assume they aren't dating in this one, correct?)!

This is seriously good. :pinkiehappy: I want more

So instead of Agent Mulder (I want to believe) and Agent Scully, we have Agent Lyra and Agent Bon-Bon.

This could prove to be interesting. I'll give it a follow!

COOL! i look forward to reading more!

(most creative comment ever)

Humans? Feh, ponies still believe in that myth?

And then the humans transport to Equestria and Lyra gives Bon-Bon a "I told you so" face and the starts a revolution against Celestia with her human army. THE END :pinkiehappy:

Kinda like the fic I'm doing. Except I have Lyra searching out old myths on humans, and eventually stumbling accross a ruin on one of her expeditions. Going into the ruin, and after some adventures there, Lyra finds a chamber filled with thousands of humans in cryogenic suspension.

I like this story and Nightgazer your story sounds pretty cool.

XD This seems to be quite interesting! (Are you making fun of Lyra and her short attention span with the fork? XD Nice.)

Aw....that cover art makes my eyes leak.

♫♥I look forward to reading what happens next in your story♥♪

You have my attention. I demand more!:raritydespair:

Follow your dreams Lyra! You just gotta keep believing, and sooner or later your dreams will come true! :twilightsmile:

Love it! I absolutely love the idea shaping up right here. Heh, it's honestly too easy to envision a gigantic, exaggerated grin on my favorite ocean green unicorns lips at finally not only getting her cutie mark, but learning to control magic. Kind of wondering where you're planning on taking it though, seeing as it could either go on about how Lyra uncovers something ground breaking and slowly pieces together a secret that's been hidden in the form of pieces and clues spread all across Equestria (just like Nicholas Cage did! :pinkiehappy:) or she just drives Bon Bon up the wall crazy with her obsession.

Either way, I'm following this!

As a Cryptozoologist (someone who studies Cryptozoology;the study of unknown animals like Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster) I am highly interested to see where this goes.

they live in the same house... they're probably married

This is very interesting indeed! But make sure you KNOW where your going on with this before continuing...this kind of thing can have many road blocks you need to deal with...good luck! :ajsmug:

Alright! Stand back everyone, I am about to blow your minds with this amazingly original comment. *clears throat* :fluttershyouch::fluttershbad::flutterrage:MMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

If this is going to be one of those humans in Equestria stories, please don't let it be like most of the rest where two species overcome their differences in 5 minutes. :trixieshiftleft:

What's here is pretty darn good, but here's the big question: how focused will this be? Will Lyra's quest for humanity be the sole plot thread, or there be half a dozen other weaving in and out of the story? 'Cause a problem I've noticed popping up in fics lately is that they loose focus of the main plot in favor of jokes and whatnot. Or perhaps it's not all that prevalent a problem at all? In either case, it's something to be avoided.

*shrugs* Says "roommates" in the description and it's not tagged as romance, so I think not. I'd be fine with it either way, though.

I like it. Looking forward to Pt. 2.

This is so full of win it deserves 6 STARS :eeyup:

At first, the introduction of the story of Lyra’s Cutie Nark confused me :applejackconfused: because I didn’t know how this was suppose to connect with the story of finding humans. But then you connected Lyra’s love for music with humans, and I thought that was really clever.

I am intrigued!

A very strong opening. I really liked how you tied her interest in humans to her cutie mark and it was a good cutie mark origin story. Most Ponies, I expect, have a relatively calm one like that, important to them, but not awe inspiring.
Anyway, I'll be following this. Good job.

I like it. I wonder, will you make it so that human DO, or at least DID, exist? Or will the story mainly feature Lyra's foalish, yet comedic, attempts to prove their existence?? I'm very intrigued in what will happen :pinkiehappy: :eeyup:

Believable. Plus, decent writing style. Tracking.

This has caught my attention.

I shall be tracking and faving this grand story!

Most enjoyable, and a wonderful way to dovetail cutie mark and anthropological obsession. Also:

More of this please. SO much more of this.

Wy oh why can't i hold all hese stars, could you take some of my hands?

Next you will be saying that the sun and moon move by themselves:rainbowlaugh:

Good Story so far, I'll give it 4.5 cuz it entertained me



But anyhow, surely Bon-bon has heard of monkeys? I mean Fluttershy even mentions monkeys when fantasizing about the GGG. I mean unless in the Ponyverse, primates are some obscure mammals noone ever talks about, like what we do with most rodents.

you sir... you sir have a good thing going on at the moment, keep it up

Take my stars. ALL of it.

Most of the instruments had already been taken. So much for drums, Lyra thought. Wandering around the music room, between other young unicorns who were already trying out their new instruments, Heartstrings finally took a closer look at the lyre. No way, that one would definitely be too hard…

First sentence Lyra, second sentence Heartstrings, just a little slip-up there, nothing too major, easy fix.

I'll just say it now. I love this story, I think it flows perfectly together, with perfect transition and pace, but I'm not really a critic, so I can't think of anything else to say that will make me seem intelligent, haha.

Dialogue punctuation is a bit different then what I was taught, not sure if it's different from place to place, but I'm still eight years into grade school, so don't take whatever I say too seriously, alright? I'm not an expert at anything, lol.

It just rips me in half that ponies dont know about humans. They think its a myth just like we think they are a myth. I actually think there is ponys in another dimension. You never know...:derpytongue2:

72655 I thought the exact same thing

Her real name was Lyra, but as she said earlier in the same flashback, she used to go by Hearstrings. So that wasn't a slip-up so much as just her flip-flopping on names in her own mind.

Oh I'm definitely looking forward to more of this story! Keep em coming! :pinkiehappy:

Vincent! Stop the presses! Make sure you get this in.
Keep this up, you have successfully managed to catch my interest, not an easy feat...Oh look, a chair!
5 stars, darling :raritywink:

Poor Bon-Bon, having to endure Lyra's crackpot theories about mythical bipeds and their opposable thumbs, it must be very taxing. That filly really needs to get some professional help.

Excellent, I think I'll definitely watch you and follow this story. Great story, post soon :P I can't wait.

I have not yet seen a fanfic surrounding Lyra's fascination with humans. I've seen it referenced, some important parts of a story surrounding it, but not a whole story dedicated to her obsession. I'm definitely going to enjoy this! :pinkiehappy:

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