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Scootaloo is called into the office for the fourth time in half as many weeks. Miss Cheerilee's student has, out of nowhere, become something of a minor delinquent, and the teacher knows there's something wrong - but, unless Scootaloo decides to cooperate, she may find out that some ponies really do want to "take care of themselves."

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Well then. I am onlyw riting this with myleft hand, forsme reason. Dunno why.

NIce story, though1


Two views and six likes. That makes perfect sense...
... in a world ruled by discord :rainbowhuh:

Poor scoots can never catch a break, can she? :scootangel:

Really well done.

Holey Moley. By a completely random coincidence, I had that song stuck in my head reading this the entire time. Funny how life works like that. Great story.

Womanly tears were shed.

Liked, faved, and watched.

Good job! :twilightsmile:

A beautiful story. Not overdone or over the top like so many sad stories. :fluttershysad:

I love scootaloo stories but it's still sad :fluttercry: awesome though :pinkiehappy:

A previous comment worded it perfectly. Not over the top or overdone. It was executed nicely and I enjoyed the read very much.

Why does the universe hate poor little Scooty? :scootangel::applecry:


Because we know very little in canon, so it's up to fans to fill in the blanks.

1186910 Nobrony hates Scootaloo. I love her to death, but have you seen/heard her parents? They may not exist and every-one needs a character who should be very sad but is not. :scootangel: fits that description.


Not even when she was in a spiraling depression did her parents in the show, show up (not in 4 yrs.), not even in the background. Unlike AB, or Sweetie Belle who had numerous family bits. I personally think with how huge that house is, the larger than any other houses yard, plus it's Spartaness it's an orphanage.

Seriously hope that S 5 has more Sister Dash Eps.

5702627 BUT, I saw only one bed in her room, which was rather spacious for an orphanage with one bed per room. It could have been a foster home, maybe she shacked up with Cheerilee after Hearts and Hooves Day?


Yeah the one room is spacious, but so's everything about the place. I mean the fence stretches on forever, and while "neighboring" houses are close together. Their neighbors are background distance away. Even Twilight and Rarity whose abodes are also business centers don't tote that yard space.

So yeah, from what I logically gathered. One of two outcomes, but only one real feasable outcome.

1 (not feasable): Scoots is super loaded. Larger house + property than Deets. Not feasable since Rich fillies stick together, and that's really the only thing that brought Deets and Silvy together. Plus we never see background Scoots with staff or Butler, and they (CMC) treat the rich life when DT is "treating them nice" as some novel thing.

2: Orphanage. With how few ponies are without a family in the Ponyville area, and if Deet's mansion being smaller can fit a full staff. Than it stands to reason, that like a normal Foster home. They can fit enough fillies and colts in single bed room, rooms. And they for "most ponies" have a high turn out. Thus preventing over crowding / need for multiple ponies in a single room (probably unlike bigger cities. Which have a higher population density than the more rural places.)

I happened to reread this, and this isn't in nearly enough places...



I think my heart just broke.... I can personally sympathize with Scootaloo here. Depression makes you think no one cares and sometimes all it takes is one person who does. Great story. Gonna reread this a bunch probably.

This story is really beautiful, and I can honestly relate to it in a ton of ways...

Nicely written, and an A+ message.

Something must have gotten in my eyes-they were watering there at the end.

Wow. :pinkiegasp: That was a good one. :pinkiehappy:

:fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry::raritydespair::unsuresweetie::applecry: I'm not crying...my eyes are just sweaty


Liquid pride? :trollestia:

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