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A. Tuesday


(Inspired by the premise of Samurai Jack. Updates every Thursday.)

Not everything went as planned when saving the Crystal Empire. Applejack finds herself thrusted three hundred and two years into the future, where King Sombra has seized back the throne and his evil is law. The humble farmpony is now tasked with navigating through a futuristic world of automatons, biodiversity, deception and general darkness, her only sidekick a sword made of the purest love and kindness.

If she ever wants to return home, that is.
Not nearly as easy as it sounds, and it does not sound easy.

But Applejack wasn't raised to be weak.

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The funny thing is, if I cancel this midway through, I'll be true to the source material.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw a similarity between Sombra and Aku.

tracking and thumbed up.

You just won the internet.

Interesting, but there are already at least two other stories with the same title on FIMFiction.

"Gotta get back."
"Back to the past."
"Samurai Applejack!"


1612406 Haha.

I see what you did there.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! Be thankful that there hopefully won't be but one more chapter that is almost entirely a chase scene, otherwise this thing would lose readers faster than high schoolers lose common sense.

And, lemme tell you, that's damn fast.


No, flying through windows was not the greatest idea.

Don't know when it ever has been. :rainbowlaugh:

I love how AJ fell onto a cabbage cart.

:rainbowlaugh: And how can Equestria be gone? I'm sure we'll get an answer, but Sombra having the power to make a country disappear seems a little hard to swallow. But it adds drama. Not to mention that we're only looking at the Crystal Empire, Sombra's capital. Imagine how bad the rest of the world must be!:pinkiecrazy:

Alright, something tells me next chapters has more Samurai Applejack action. Why'd you change the title? Ah, who cares, it's still action-y!:pinkiehappy:

1713122 Yeah what was wrong with "Samurai Applejack"? :applejackunsure:


You know what? I will watch this. And hope that there shall yet be a Scotsmare.

You make me laugh. :rainbowlaugh: Samurai Jack was awesome. I might advocate cancelling this just to stay true to the source. :trollestia:



The writing/prose itself is promising, but the pacing and introduction of the story elements in the first chapter feel a little rough. Will mostly likely take a look at further chapters, but the first one could benefit from a partial rewrite with those in mind. Either way, cheers for an interesting premise and good attempt at execution!


Well I'm liking it. Not the first samurai applejack I've seen, but it might just be the best. Honestly though, why is it even a cross over really? I haven't seen all of the show, but so far the connections between this and that are thin. Why isn't this just it's own story? So far the only similarity's are really displaced in time and magic sword.

So close to freedom, if only Applejack would've asked Twilight "How did ya'll escape the high tower?" I doubt Sombra would've expected that. Oh well hindsight can be a real witch sometimes. :ajsleepy:



But, yikes Twilight. I'm not entirely sure why she had to provoke Applejack to kill her like that. Couldn't she have just fought Sombra herself? Does it really need to be Applejack? Still, interesting enough chapter. Looking forward to more. I thought the whole Twilight's death could have been teased out a bit better, but it wasn't exactly bad either.

1833049 Or alternatively she could've just killed herself. You know if Applejack won't kill you and you can't kill Sombra then why not kill yourself and let your freind have another chance or even use the sword to cut the chains and stand up to Sombra? :trixieshiftright:

Intresting how you have Discord saving Applejack and that his role now coincedes with the synposis of "Keep Calm and Flutter On" which involves Discord getting a shot at redemption although only Fluttershy will give him a chance. Talk about "Hillarious in Hindsight". :eeyup:/:rainbowlaugh:


Discord was quite interesting as the villain that's not the badguy. I think this chapter was a bit better than last.

The First Spirit struck down by the Second. The mighty Element of Magic brought to an end by a blade crafted from her very self. A blade created to be a help to her friend, to give hope, restore light, and to save the world from it's terrible fate... Instead turned on herself. Twilight Sparkle killed by not only a sword made from some the last pure love and magic of ponykind, but by one of her friends, whom was wielding it.

Shit's heavy man. Too heavy. I really can't accept that. I can't. I have lost the ability to even. You have simply overwhelmed me. :ajsleepy:

I know it's your story but personally, I would have her simply ride to Equestria and begin her journey to become a legend. One who was known as a mighty warrior, a great friend to those in need, protector of the innocent, and ultimately the Second Spirit.

1612406 I will fucking stab you!

Love ya!

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