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The mirror sent Sunset into the Warhammer 40K universe to meet her father.

Chapters (2)
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This flies in the face of most of established 40K. First;
1. Guilliman is not literally a son of the Emperor. He was grown in a vat, like the other 19 Primarchs.
2. The Emperor can no longer speak or move. His body is dead, for all intents and purposes, and only his mind still functions.
3. Celestia would have been purged as a foul xeno. Likewise as Sunset, as most abhumans have been wiped out.

There are also the grammar problems and errors. You use the past tense correctly at first, but then switch to present for no obvious reason.

He still calls him father so close enough even if it's adoption they're still family.

The Emperor has been healed from the skeleton remains to more flesh and blood.

The ponies aren't ponies but more abhumans.

And I did write about the Custodes read it better

He the Mother Bucking Emperor! What he says is law, so he had a child with Celestia and had a daughter. He says it alright it's alright. who going to argue with him.


Also read the description. Sunset went thru the mirror and met her father, which suggest they met thru the mirror and way before the Xeno threats and such happen.

But yeah where are the Custodes, they should be there, unless they are spreading word or so.

Doesn't change the fact that abhumans are almost unheard of at the top levels of Imperial society. Nork Deddog is an exception to this.

It might be best to give this an AU tag.

Hey Diablo! Are you a 40K fan?

Yes and no. I never played the game but read the books and watch If the Emperor had Text Speech.

Played Dawn of War? I reccommend it.

I like it. Needs more kitten though.

Oh yes played a few of the games.,

Anyways hope to see this continue and see how things go in this universe.

But all the tales he has heard one fact remains in all of them, his father is now able to talk for the first time in eons.

Yes he has, right after his resurrection at the end of terra crusade. When emperor told him that he is a mere pawn, a tool to be used.
And why did anyone believe her? Its same thing like that one time with false primarch. And Guilliman out of all believe this just because?

"I'm an alicorn like mom. After, I healed daddy, he help me become an alicorn," Sunset answers.

Emperor does not have such power.

I hope these questions get answered eventually.
1) How did Sunset Shimmer get to the Emperor?
2) Hwo did Sunset Shimmer heal the Emperor?
3) If Sunset is the Emperors true daughter, when did he and Celestia make her?

While the author may go in direction, I would like to point out that Celestia is NOT Sunset's mother.


you do know that rattlings and Ogrym are abhumans right?

Indeed I do. You're talking to a guy who has played Imperial Guard for decades.

However, this does not mean that abhumans are by any means accepted. Even ogryns and ratlings have been subject to violent purges over the millennia, and there is an overall disdain for them. For instance, Ripper guns are designed the way they are because it is assumed Ogryns are too stupid to use a fully automatic weapon with discression.

good point maybe the author just used the wrong description seeing as Sanguinius also had wings and he wasn't an abhuman

well it's not like its normal for humans to have wings to begin with so close enough

Quite right. Quite why the Emperor (who, let's face it, is something of a xenophobe) would sanction the crossing of his DNA with Celestia, a Xenos organism, is odd to me. But maybe that's just the stories internal logic.

It may be easier to simply give Sunset a jump pack.

well Jakaeros are okayed by the imperium

That's mostly for practical reasons rather than anything else. Without them, you lose access to Digital Weaponry.

exactly maybe the emperor okayed Equestians or maybe they are a lost human colony that mutated like those catfolk humans or the squats

Psychic capacity, maybe?

yeah like something common in a couple other 40k fictions like they have a calming/cleansing presence in the warp

Given experience of playing against Eldar, something like that would be very useful on the front lines.

Sunset being the child of the emperor and celestia has both of their powers combine in her. Ita just that her being a child she cant use it yet without it killing her if she tries. And celestia in the fic is just as powerful as her husband just not as skilled as he is in using it because of him being much older and have more experience in using his powers over her. And she still can move stars and planets around.

Just a word of advice; don't make her too OP. I get she has traits of two extremely power psychers, but not even the Emperor can overpower the Chaos Gods, psychically speaking.

Well the Emperor certainly was seriously Hamstrung before Sunset came to heal him.
It's an interesting idea you are trying. Can't wait the interactions of this new Emperor with the Tau and the Eldar while holding all his Hamfisted companions from following 10k years of brutal doctrine.
I am looking forward to how this new reborn Inperium begins to deal with the many dangers of this new galaxy. Tyranids, Necrons, and Chaos. Good times, good times coming

This has certainly improved since the last chapter, but I must say that 'Bill' and 'Victor' are not names that particularly fit the setting.

The Kill Team rulebook contains a good list of 40K names. Adeptus Astartes names would fit the bill nicely.

Yeah all the cannon names are but seeing how there are plenty of nameless redshirts in the background. I'm not going to be making up long winded names fir them when they give out their names. And there be plenty of people with names like that just not cannon ones

Fair. Still, I personally imagine Imperial Guard with those sorts of names.

Yeah.... I just remember the joke on Kitten when he named all his titles he has.
I hate to imagine what the others may be like as well, i mean ...can you imagine.

also hope you point out the reason why so many go to chaos is well how horrible their lives are the regular citizens.
I mean Nurgle can easily get millions of followers with how bad the health care is for the the regular citizen.

I do not think Celestia should be so high and mighty.
Sure she has not ' killed' of the hostile species, but she has ignored them and let all of them that she not approves off fall into oblivion. The rest that she decides are to bad, are put in permanent prisons.

So they are basically the same but on a different scale.

The emperor Ham and his friends Bur and Ger

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