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Writing student who loves cartoon horses and all manner of silly things. Occasionally writes serious stories. A divine Swedish woman drew this avatar.

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Insanely good.

“I will make it legal,”

Is that a prequel meme I see?

And that's just only one. No one would ever survive more than that, especially at once.

Hoping to see a sequel to see how the princess of gothic sluts is progressing lol

This shit's great, but I'm kinda missing FutaTwi. Especially since, for some reason, I could've sworn Luna demanded a turn when Twi was with Tia. Or maybe she let herself in for a 3-way? Any way, keep it up, but I'd kinda like that at some point.

I don't know if Flurry is lucky or unlucky to have the parents she does. But yeah, there's no doubt whatsoever that she's going to turn out to be insanely spoiled and insanely oversexed.

The ending warrants this:

M8...you just gave me an idea through a single comment

For all of Flurry Heart’s efforts to adopt the “big titty goth GF” look, she reminded him of something out of My Immortal. All he knew was that if she started talking about preps with disdain, he’d lose his shit.

Thank you, Internet Historian, i understand this joke now.

Loved the fic and how everyone was depicted, hope to see a sequel only issues is there are a few times where it wasn't fully clear on who was talking, but still it was amazing and I would love to see more of this like a sequel or side story

What does it mean to be "thicc?"

At least he could have properly gone down on her.

From Urban Dictionary:

"When a person has fat in the right places, creating sexy curves".

Something tells me that I'm going to be bothered reading this.

Prereaders are da real MVP.
Thank you!
Yes, yes it is. I can't not write porn without sprinkling a few memes in.
Now you know why I wrote about just a single big tiddy goth GF.
Which one? We can't forget about our breast friend :trollestia:
Yeah, I guess I have a bad habit for doing that sort of thing. I haven't been writing in that direct story line because my last 3 stories have all been incest contest entries, but I may go back and write some Tuna at some point.
I mean, Shiny likes what he likes, and Flurry's the kinda gal he likes. And Cadance is a sex goddess.
I figured, my stories almost always end in twists, so what if I twist the twist! Nobody will expect it! :pinkiecrazy:
I'm so glad I didn't take that joke out.
Sorry if I messed up in a few places. Which paragraphs were confusing?
So, he was remiss for not eating her out? Hm, perhaps.
AKA pretty much every picture by Suirano ever.
Which? The sex itself is pretty vanilla, with the only real kink being incest. Shiny's packing quite a lot, and Flurry's got piercings, but that's basically it as far as anything fetish-y.

Comment posted by LILDASHIEGRINGO deleted Jul 8th, 2019

I thought you would understand when I said that. Oof

My bad. Sleep's been poor these past three days, and my brain's kinda cooked.

“I’m going to ask you some questions, and I want to have them answered immediately. We are going to play a wonderful game called ‘Who is Your Daddy, and What Does He Do?’”

Funny, I recall hearing that from someone who once screamed, and I quote, "Get to the chopper..." :trixieshiftright:

Meh, could be coincidence.

How cooked is your brain, medium rare or well done?

Medium-well at this point.
I was waiting for someone to get this. :duck:

I'll still continue to dream of Shining getting all the big tiddy goth gfs, but this was still hot and amazing.

I'm glad you liked this!

Very hot stuff as always, Gary!

Btw, called it :P

Thanks for the great content. I apologize in advance if I'm annoying.

Shining went back to his food, shaking his head. For all of Flurry Heart’s efforts to adopt the “big titty goth GF” look, she reminded him of something out of My Immortal . All he knew was that if she started talking about preps with disdain, he’d lose his shit.

I immediately wanted to stop reading. Not because of the quality of writing, mind - just the mention of My Immortal. The quality of writing is fantastic.

Cadance ignored him. “Besides, your special talent is pleasuring alicorns. Doesn’t it bother that you’re one shy of the complete set?”

Well, shields are protection spells, of a sort...
And he is well known to be one of the best...

The tiniest voice of reason told him that this was counterproductive, that he’d fucked sense into her only to fuck it right back out again.


:raritywink: And I hope it was everything you were expecting!
Why would I find you annoying? Mans need their big tiddy goth GFs. I'm grateful that you read and comment on my stories. If I came off otherwise through the text, then that's possibly because I'm just tired from these past few days.

Btw, I'm guessing this is set a good amount of years in the future since your last fic, as Flurry is an adult here. If Twilight was still growing back then, I'm wondering how big her assets would be now :thonk:

Nah, you've been nothing but kind a respectful. I just tend to make bad jokes or stupids comments sometimes.

I imagine halfway between the Royal Sisters (Twilight cums between day and night, after all).
Don't worry about it, my dude. You're fine. :moustache:


:pinkiecrazy: I just had to. :pinkiecrazy:

9719577 I mean, someone sucks you off, only right to go down on them in return. This is the principle western civilization is built upon.

That My Immortal reference made me laugh, by the by, I think I should re-read it.

I've read this three times now, it's so good! Please please please write a sequel to this! Goth Flurry bestowing her "blessings" upon the kingdom is just too hot to not have followups. Guards and Sunburst and Cadance. So many possibilities...

I'm glad you ended up liking it, despite the My Immortal meme. :moustache:
I guess that's true, but he had to think of some way to punish her, right? That's also what Cadance is for!
Thanks so much! I'm happy you enjoyed the fic. I never really know what type of porn story I'll write next, be it something new or a sequel, so it's pretty random.

Why the daddy's girl big tiddy gothic slut flurry heart of course lmao. She might want more after all xD

“Yeah, grown in all the right places—just like Mother,” Flurry said, gesturing at her curvaceous body. “I’ve got so much to live up to.”


Flurry slammed her hands on the table. “You’re not my dad!”

“Actually, I am your daddy,” Shining said. “If you’re not gonna finish that, then maybe you should go to your room.”
that was a little confusing to me oh and happy it did happen and it wasn't a dream and really enjoyed the goth aspect

also this is how I though of Flurry sounding the whole fic

But she's 18.
Heh, there are some similarities to that, though I'd never seen the video until you posted it. I just went with the whole "confused/conflicted 18-year-old with an inferiority complex and daddy issues" angle to explain the goth thing. Really, the story's a result of the goth Flurry Heart pics Suirano drew (especially the title pic) and the desire to enter the Father's Day wincest contest.

we all need some big tity goth girl in life

I was really taken aback by how well this was written. I actually read the whole thing from start to finish, and for a clop fic this long that's rare. But this was very well done.

I'm keeping this one. This story took me there.

All he knew was that if she started talking about preps with disdain, he’d lose his shit.

I always preferred 30 Hs.

This was a very strong showing once again. I think I mentioned last time that there felt like there was something missing, and I’m glad that, this time, there doesn’t seem to be anything like that. The one thing I didn’t really like was the exaggerated familiar drama at the beginning - it felt really uncomfortable in a way I didn’t really enjoy. Other than that, this was a very strong showing, and I’m happy to see you grow a bit from your last entry in a way that, I admit, still escapes me.

It's the interpretation of Flurry Heart I didn't know I always wanted, until Suirano showed me the way.
Hey, thanks very much! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story.
30 Hs? What? I have no idea what you mean by that. Anyway, I'm glad you feel that I managed to improve from my last story. Regarding the beginning, how do you feel it should've been handled, rather than what I decided to go with? I was going for a bit of comedy as well as a suitable explanation/buildup for the sex scene, and that's the best I could come up with. I'm not necessarily saying it's the best way to go about it, just the best way I could think of.

I second, third, nthd the sequel crowd. This fic is [Screaming] for another scene with Fun for the Whole Family (tm) and a double pregnancy scare with a shellshocked Shining

"It's the interpretation of Flurry Heart I didn't know I always wanted, until Suirano showed me the way."


i am proud of you

Does Suirano only do anthro or do they do human too?

I never really plan these too much until the moment strikes, but it's definitely a possible candidate for next Father's Day. Or sooner. Dunno. This fic idea was pretty spur of the moment.
There's also a disturbing lack of big tiddy goth GF fics.
:pinkiehappy: Thanks, Dad.
AFAIK, mostly anthro/monsters. Nearly all of his art has huge titties, thicc thighs, lots of curves, and quite a bit of futa. There's some femboy stuff, too, but I'm not into that, so I don't pay attention to those.

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