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Wait, no, "artist:kevinsano, twilight velvet" got me there.

This will be a good adventure.

When Twilight Velvet is not Daring Do's editor or a publisher, her other day job is some sort of sex worker. I also realized that Night Light's a retired Royal Guardstallion when he's not an astronomer or professor.

But despite this, I ain't saying that Velvet's a slut. That's what I see in all the fics I've read featuring them and is my observation.

"Shiny, did you grab my cock?"


Twilight shook her head. They looked down. Velvet, on her knees, had a hand on each of their cocks.

No futa on male. I am somewhat saddened.
Still fapped anyway.

Shining would bend over for his sister's cock.

Yeah, sorry for not including the derpi numbers.
One where everypony has tons of fun!
I immediately thought of you when I was coming up with the concept several months ago. True story.
I never really had a "canon" for these characters in the little anthro-verse I have all my stories set in. I just thought it'd be hot if Velvet learned that both her kids serve/had served as Celestia's consort, and she wants a piece of that action.
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My version of Shiny isn't a fan of servicing dicks, and Twilight wants to get fucked by him, but not the other way round.
Bleh, my bad. If it helps, I kind of write all my anthro stories in my own little bubble, in that they have their own continuity. I forget when I came up with this story idea, but it was at least a few months ago. I keep myself I'm gonna stop writing in this "anthro-verse," but the stories kind of keep feeding themselves.

Velvet probably enjoys all the fun with her children.

ShE doEs NoW

No need to be embarrassed! 1943434

So they all forgot to use contraception huh? Well this just begs for a sequel, with both of em pregnant lol

All the gey for our strongest Sparklecest writer.

Looking at the picture, is that even physically possible to do that with boobs?

Oh boy! Thanks for writing this! I can't wait to read it when I have some privacy :3

:twilightblush: "So, Mom, about those coat hangers..."
I've seen enough Hitomi Tanaka that I'd say most likely, yes.
I'd love to know what you think!
Or I could just run you over in my convertible and add your mom to the cheerleader squad... :trollestia:

Just finished it! It's lovely, hot and fun :pinkiehappy:
I see Twilight got bigger than last time. Still a bit far, but she's on her way to surpass Fluttershy :rainbowdetermined2:
And I'm hoping that ending doesn't have consequences :twilightsheepish:

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the story. I don't know if Twilight can manage to reach Futashy's dimensions. She's still quite a ways off.

Hey I need to mention that I think your tags are a little misleading.

While I would consider this hyper this and all the stories similar before it would consider it more closely to semi-hyper then full on because most of the time hyper stories the dicks multiple feet long possibly think as well and usually cum so much into the body that the stomach turn it’s like a yoga or large beach ball in the standard for hyper cum inflation.

I’m just trying to give some criticism with more proper explanation on the tags.

I wonder how Nightlight feels about this. Well, as far as we know it he actually is an expert in sex change spells and that's the reason Velvet knows how to eat pussy so good. Maybe his "work traveling" involves finding his own futa mare to forget contraceptives with.

That'd make for an interesting if comedic sequel, I guess. Maybe Twily could give her second mom a taste of what he couldn't give Velvet, and THEN they forget the spell again :pinkiecrazy:

He was watching from the closet the whole time with a video camera.

Where in the heck can I find that picture tho.
I can't find it in any of his galleries.
I require assistance. :duck:

Finally read this, and it was a great read. Now just need a sequel to this like another story.

I don't mind catching another ghost type.
I never meant to mislead, so I apologize if that ended up happening. I've been publishing stories like this off and on for several years using this tag, and this is the first I've heard of it. During my time giving talks on clopfic writing at BronyCon these past few years, I've always advocated for accurate tag usage, so I feel bad if these are wrong. One of my prereaders advised me to use a hyper tag for these stories several years ago.
I'm glad you ended up enjoying this. Funny thing is, this story will probably be like most of my other clopfics, where I leave obvious sequel bait, write another story in the continuity, but that story isn't a sequel, and is just something else entirely. Actually, every anthro story I've written has ended up this way, and it wasn't even intentional. :twilightoops:

No problem it technically is hyper but just barely so I would recommend in the tag’s put minor-hyper and the cum inflation goes the same way.

I see. Appreciate the heads-up.

I will still continue to believe they live within their own continuity, even though they do well on their own. Just always enjoyed small call backs and the sequel bait.

All the anthro stories I've written are in the same continuity.

My bad, misread that.

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I've ended these types of fics in a similar way so many times, I'm trying to avoid the "unfortunate entrance of X" twist. That's a big reason why Twilight/Shining didn't learn that their sexcipades would end up on an exclusive male mail order DVD or something.


Is it wrong I wanna see the aftermath of this

Nah, I take it as you thinking I did a good job. :scootangel:

I did but now I can't stop thinking of possible foal names

Heh, I guess that was an unintended side effect of the story!

Very much so but if you do a follow up I will be happy to give the names

You should throw 'em out there anyway, so anyone can use them!

There is nightlight (after the father) there gender swapped names, glowing twinkle, iron shield, Page Turner, and Twilight armor (to pass on the name of Twilight)

Of all those, I'm most partial to Page Turner. I'd thought of Twilight Armour, but in case they would try to hide who both the parents were, Twilight Twinkle might be a better name (and a throwback to G1).

Feel free to use them

Maybe it’s just the hour or something, but I dunno, something about this fic didn’t click for me. The futa was fine - I appreciate the effort to make it something more meaningful than “girl with a dick” and explore the potential social consequences of girldick, even if only just. But somehow, something about how this was written just didn’t seem to be there. No matter how colorful it got, it felt stale and expressionless.

You’re really, really good at dialogue. I think the personality that shines through that deserves to shine a little bit in the minutia of your writing, too. Doesn’t have to be a lot, but just has to be something that makes me truly invested in reading anything that isn’t dialogue.

I know you actually read (unlike a disturbing portion of FIMfic). Maybe try reading some poetry, or go back to somewhat more flowery works like F. Scott Fitzgerald? It’d be worth a shot to see what you could take from that and apply to your writing as a whole. Just a few thoughts. Hope it was helpful.

Well... buck Sempai...

What do I say to my mentor, on how to improve?
Judged and tallied.

Cheers, mate! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
I appreciate the detailed comment. I'm not exactly sure what's the deal with the narrator in this case. I've been writing mostly high fantasy as of late, so I tried to keep that tone out of this story and be more laid back, and I don't know if the result is what you mentioned or if you just don't like my style. My Princest story has a lot more narrative colour, where Luna's super-close perspective influences the prose, and the Twilestia futa fic I put out last year had a lot more effort put into the prose. It's definitely food for thought, and it makes me wonder if it's a single-case thing or part of something bigger.

I'm glad you liked the dialogue, though. I feel like it's one of my stronger points as a horsewords guy. Regarding my anthro futa stories as a whole, I tend to write them (mostly) as something like you'd see in a Brazzers video. You know, blatant porn plots that don't make a whole lot of sense out of their absurd framework.

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