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Great story, thank you. Any chance for more from this universe?

8991015 Well...the author's note on the last chapter of SMAGT didn't say anything about this being the sequel.

They have a very odd family

Their family tree's gonna look confusing one day.

You could do so much more with this story. Maybe in another story. All I'm telling you is that there's so much lewd, perverse, degenerate shit you can do with this!

I like to think of it more as a Family Grapevine or moss growth.

What about another sequel with Twily and hers and shinings daugher. This must be extra spicy please consider.

Flurry hummed in slight disappointment as she looked down at her still occupied pussy. "I wish I hadn't been born an alicorn. Or that you were an alicorn. Maybe we could find a spell to get make my environment hospitable."

What does she mean by that? Is she sterile?

9806472 Shining Armor about him and Cadance in the first story:

The problem is that while I may be fertile enough by normal pony standards, she'sfertile enough by alicorn standards. It's like trying to use a sledge hammer to bring down a large building. There's nothing wrong with the sledgehammer, but that's too big a challenge for it. Cadance's uterus was described as an inhospitable environment. It will kill any non-alicorn sperm. So there's basically no chance of us conceiving.

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