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I write all kinds of furry stories, and I love to hear feedback on my work!

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Okay, you have my attention.

This is a good story, and I can't wait to read more. There are a few errors here and there that need to be fixed, but overall, a very well done piece of writing.

Awesome stuff Calico, can't wait to

That is quite to my taste~:twilightsheepish:




So, are all the Ranchtown stories gong to to be stand-alone within the same 'verse?

I don't know, so far I don't have plans for an over arching main story. So, yes, for now.

Whoa! Hoping he continues a realtionship with these two!


That was HOT!:pinkiehappy: I just hope Winter doesn't get in trouble for not calling his mother to let her know he wasn't coming home that night.:twilightoops:

A very good story! I'm glad I took the time to read. Short, but very well detailed, with good progression, and a fine ending! :rainbowwild::pinkiehappy: Good job!!

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Pearl hacked his phone XD

Yeah Frozen has a weird parenting method, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it x3

Damnit Pearl.

These cliffhangers are fun. Opening up to more chapters. or leaving as is.

There is one more in this storyline.

Also i know im late. and sorry for the crappy pun joke. Winter is cumming.

Got to ask will Frozen have a three way with her son and his girlfiend?

Awesome story ^^ but if that was me I'd take the jail time for killing Pearl for taking my cell and blackmailing me

Why did he not contact the authorities, showing proof of the blackmailing and the theft of his phone. They could get a warrant finding out that it was her computer that sent that email, and that she does have his phone. Someone get an officer for fuck sake!!!

Amber Cat strikes again!



That final line was absolutely hilarious.
Nice going with the whole story! Loving the connected universe.

Its not gay if the balls dont touch but now I guess they're gay

Can't say I have any love for pearl in this story so far

“That’s me!” Home Stretch stood outside of her door, and to Winter’s great surprise and amazement, she was wearing a Cheerleading outfit. She was a college student, obviously. The gigantic red R stood out on her black cheerleader suit with a red border and trim. She was the epitome of both cute and hot all rolled into one. The freckles on her face made her look young, but her height and developed buxoms gave evidence that she was a little older than Winter, probably around twenty. Her fur was a very dark, luscious blue, and her hair was a very deep teal. “Fable said you needed some dating advice. I kind of owe him a favor.” She gave him a wink and took a step back. “Come on in!”

oh boy


Even though so far all the stories I have read so far from the oldest to this one seem to be connected into an over arching main story that starts in one story and continues in another. It's kind of exciting to be honest.

What is going on here?!

Yeah, Pearl Necklace has so much money and her father is like the God Father. Telling the police will be a very bad choice and will make things worse.

Oh shit, everypony is screwed. RUN!!!!!

Judging for the way her father was in Gemini Ties, if he killed Pearl, no matter where Winter ends up, her father will for sure make a "accident" happen to Winter and Frozen. Also this story adds more amazing background and information to what happened during Gemini Ties timeline as Winter was never mentioned to exist and adds more to story.

I feel bad for not noticing this, but where or in which story/stories did Amber Cat strike before?

Layers of Death Metal: Breaking the Walls
Life in Fables: That Fabled Winter
:3 potent stuff

So it looks like Fable and Winter were in Gemini Ties after all. Hoping that the stuff that happened in this chapter and the previous chapter is continued in a future story since this one is completed. P.S.:- if I am reading stories from oldest to newest, am I reading them in the wrong order? Is there a reading order? Also I think I need to re-read from Gemini Ties come up again as I think I missed a lot of important stuff.

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