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Writing graduate who loves cartoon horses and all manner of silly things. Occasionally writes serious stories. A divine Swedish woman drew this avatar.

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I cannot be a real pony as long as I have this enormous phallus attached to me

I love how this is almost a parody of the usual futa crap, it's amazing :rainbowkiss:

4756527 I love you too. Nice Twilight's Butt-Hole gaping with cum in it. :heart:

So, one of the nurses but not Redheart?

Go on...

My clopfics are basically parodies of whatever type of clop they are.
Doctor Panacea is much sexier than Nurse Redheart.

WOW!!! This looks like it will be another masterpiece!

"My name is Maud. I like rocks.
I wear a frock. That rhymes with rock.
I've got something under this frock that also rhymes with rock..."

These lines... THESE are the ones that drew me in and made me decide this is a must read! :trollestia:

4756765 I am, The Only One Who Cared.

4756777 No. Bad.
*hits you with a rolled up newspaper*

I don't even know anymore.

I liked this story. The ridiculousness of the writing style fit for some reason. I can't believe I'm letting you get away with saying "horsegasm", and I even finished reading after the travesty to English that was "huge horny hermaphrodite horse hard-on".

Needless to say, your prose and diction is amazing. Like a rock.

>meat pie


I feel like you deserve some kind of gold star for coining the term "futaneighri."

You and I both, my friend

4756720 Plus panacea are known as general cure all's, kind of like anti-biotics sort of things.

>implying you don't want her meat


Thas all I got to say......

Protip: when the parody is indistinguishable from the thing it's making fun of, you've not only failed in your original quest to make a parody, but you've also made something worse than the original content


Exclusive video of GaryOak in action!


Maud's eyes bulged. “N-Nurse Redheart?”

“Ohs, no!” came Panacea's voice from the other room. “Not again, you perv!”

:rainbowlaugh: LOL


The only thing that's really parodic about it is how it touches on all the most annoying parts about futa and uses a lot of "clever" language. Otherwise it's just another generic futa story.

4758169 with a side of general ignorance

This was an okay story... I just have to say that the horse puns were a little over-used.

I held it together until 'horsegasmic'


A parody of futa, with horse puns and doctor-boning?

This will make for a wonderful read.

Just because you can make something a terrible horse-pun doesn't mean that you should.:facehoof:
Every time I read something like 'maregina', 'poner', 'horsegasm':facehoof: or the like I had to stop myself from just closing the window and noping right out of the story. I realize this is obvious parody, but those just made it painful to read.

Also, personal pet-peeve, the past tense of grind is 'ground' not 'grinded'. You had that 2-3 times throughout the story.

Oh, my Gawd. Doctor Panacea is literally the most adorable Swede I've ever known!
You should totally make more stories with her in them!

Maud looked down at her poner. “I appear to be aroused.”


Needs moar cum inflation.
Still awesome though.

This is the first story that I read on Fimfiction.

My expectations for this site are now through the roof.

So Panacea comes from Sweden... XD

The fucking puns all through this thing...INTERHORSE? REALLY?

I want you to insert your tab A into my slot B!”

That's pretty much anal sex. Tab A goes into Slot A, why else would they share a letter?
Ha! Nurse Redheart is a pervert. Nice:derpytongue2:
That was fun. Can we expect more Maud/Cream Pie shenanigans later?

The puns were bad. Like, really bad.

They we're so bad that I had to hold back my vomit.

that was so awesome:rainbowkiss:

Panacea's pretty pink petite pony pussy
THTATS A LOT OF P's!!!:pinkiegasp:

Hello, is this the sex change store?

I would like one sex change and a side of loaded cheddar potato bites plox.

pretty pink petite pony pussy

Your alliteration is more forced than Anakin Skywalker.

Well that was... Interesting

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