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Writing graduate who loves cartoon horses and all manner of silly things. Occasionally writes serious stories. A divine Swedish woman drew this avatar.

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> See one downvote
With a synopsis like that I must counter that. Welcome to the reading queue, you'll be there awhile.

You do not clop yet you write this...:facehoof:

Now over 50% of your stories are clop, congratulations.

>On profile says he doesn't clop
>Has two clop fics on page


He says they're great unintended comedy. Or, in this case, intended.

Me, I'd say they're unintended horror.

I wonder how many of the dislikes came from the contents of the first scene, and not of the fic overall, or the actual writing quality. Hmmm...

I'm sorry.

I approve of this. Especially that fact the it was a present for the fabulous v-invidia. She drew a pic to express just how overwhelmed she was by it, and I can understand why.

I'm glad you liked it. I wrote the Applecest more as a joke than anything else, which is a big reason why it wasn't a proper scene; it was merely the leadup, not the story itself. In response to the spacing comment, you either indent or add an extra space between paragraphs -- not both, unless you are following a specific style guide. Pick up a real book and you'll see what I mean.

Fair enough. My first story actually uses the "spacing with no indents" style. I'd change it to this style, but I really didn't feel like wading through over 200 pages and fixing all the spacing individually. I mentioned the spacing thing because most people genuinely aren't aware of that little formatting nugget -- including many people in my university creative writing class.

Loved it ('sides the jokecest), but all of the horse puns were a bit much. Definitely comical, but kinda killed the immersion of the clop. Still, 8/10 would clop again. :heart:

As much as I don't agree with coming over to a fic and commenting without something nice to say, I have to admit that this really just sounds like smut.
At least it's smut with a good purpose, after all a present is a present no matter what (even if it's one of those penis lollipops from hot topic, speaking from experience. Funny as hell, though.). And from the short glance I took at the first couple paragraphs, it's written pretty damn well to boot.

So nice work, even if it wasn't really up my alley :pinkiehappy:

I swear I'm always reading 'Pancreas' instead of Panacea damnit

The fic is smut, I won't lie. I only write clop when I have a good idea for something, specifically my first clopfic. While I'm not a clopper myself, I think of myself as fairly well-versed in the world of erotica, so it isn't too difficult to import that knowledge into pony. Most of the time with stuff like this, I'm experimenting.
Unintended, I assure you. Panacea is the Greek goddess of universal remedy. I didn't name the OC, either.

really? interhorse?:facehoof:
you sir, just softened the summer sausage.

Where you planning on using really cheesy names for vagina and intercourse

Yes. I came up with most of them myself.

That would have been awkward if I was around just to troll the fuck out of them I would smash the door in.

Why all the down votes? This is actually a descent story.
Here, have a R63 Gary Oak.

1710404 sorry, but they where a complete turn off, when i read them, my dick crawled inside of my body :ajbemused:

I can approve of this. I'm assuming the brunt of the downvotes are a combination of a certain malicious group this story has been added to, and the joke leadup, not the actual writing quality or the story itself. Shame, really.

Mark me intrieged. will read later.

I liked it. The incest didn't bother me, and I really like Nurses.

1706702 Is that a cat or a dog?:rainbowhuh:

1717288 It's a cat
the grumpiest cat you've ever seen

I loved it!! :twilightsmile: Like a lot.

Applause :yay:

Best funniest clop ever :pinkiehappy::raritywink::twilightsmile:

Thank you :scootangel:

Bread solves some problems.
M.R.E.s Fix the rest.

1723937 are earths MREs good? the only ones I've had are from my home planet ziolia.

Oh yeah, Six-Ten year shelf life, tastes good, Nutritious too!

1723990 I'm going to go out on a limb and say that they don't have my daily requierment of uranium or my usual glass of cyanide on the side. (It's a bad habit but my family has owned a tavern for over a quadrillion years what do you expect?)



Only human Friendly stuff.

(Conversation much?)

1724007 sorry allow me to introduce my self my name is Lazaro Sol and I am the current king of ziolia a planet in the direction of beetlejuice but much farther away and we drink cyanide like alcohol and various other poisons to humans are simple drugs and such to us the governmental system is a democratic monarchy


Right. If you didn't know, Humans, If exposed to too much Radiation, We die.

Also, Pleasure to meet you Sire.

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