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I write horse words. Sometimes people pay me to.

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nice pic, where did you get it?

It's uh, from a picture series posted on Puss Puss's tumblr


Delicious prose with vivid imagery.

Well done, Sunny.

Thank you, I uh, love to hear praise about my stories. Hope you might check out my other ones.

Which ones do you recommend, and can you share any writing advice?

Well, if you like Fallout Equestria, here's a short porn story I wrote about two of the main characters. Cute sex, virginity loss, a little bit of drinking.

Um, this is a short little one shot involving some of my characters from my main story.
Orientation play, M/F/F and some insults.

My main story. Not so much a porn story as an adventure story. A different take on FoE, multiple PoV characters, and well, it's my pride and joy.

Hope you like some of them. On writing: honestly, it's all about practice, you just have to keep at it and striving to do better.
Hope to see you around!

That I will. When I get the time, I shall be sure to litter your stories with my filthy comments.

Happy New Years!

what's this lewdery I see?

Please a sequel plus adding more stallions to the mix

You edited it!

Um, I'd have to ask the person who commed this. And if you wanna see a story with more stallions, well, check out The Best Of Friends, Worst Of Places, or give 2$ to my patreon and I'll add a story involving a lot of stallions on a mare to my queue. You'd also get to suggest characters.

I just kind wish the story mention the word creampies.

Will do that in my next story

What’s your next story?

That's yet to be decided, but it'll prolly involve a cream pie or three!

A suggestion:
Princess Celestia whom she works as an sex escort that makes stallions fantasies come true. My oc Cosmic Nebula fantasy is that’s he have a wedding fetish fueled sex fantasy where they make love in their wedding attire. Plus it will involve lots of cum, pastry's food play involving a giant wedding cake. Along with a faux sex vows ceremony, romantic cake cutting. Plus creampies hehe

I have to ask, Is your OC a Earth pony or a Pegasus? There is a moment that he switches and i got pulled out of the story for a moment. ((Editorial habits))

The character is a pegasus


I see, this line in question caused my confusion.

“Sometimes I wonder about you earth ponies, never looking up.”

Since it is the two of them talking, i assume she is speaking to him.
Thank you for the clarification on it.

I didn't catch that. Wow, that makes sense. He was originally an Earth P...

“You know this is going to be an amazing story to tell our little filly when she’s older.” She said after you broke the kiss.

Exactly, a nice little story to tell her when you're railing her in front of a proud Mama Dashie she's sitting on your lap eager to hear papa's stories. :yay:

Good show!


Have you seen "Pony On a Ledge"?


It's a film about a pony on a ledge.

Comment posted by V8 deleted Mar 8th, 2021

" “Oh sweet Celestia! I’m cuming!” That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

That was also the final nail in the coffin.

V8 #30 · Jul 1st, 2020 · · ·

Red Bull gave him wings.

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