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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)

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RD could break Anon like a Popsicle stick. (See 3:35 of https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x10zwgk )

But hey, if weak lil' Pony fetish is your thing, not gonna criticize. :rainbowkiss:

Any chance of a chapter 2?



Considering how swans and geese attack by battering with their wings and pecking, Pegasai developing a fighting style similar to the rapid slapping and lightning-fast short-range jabs of Wing Chun and other Southern Fist schools makes a lot of sense.

Also, if Pegasai have birdlike hollow bones and an innate sense for air currents, it would make sense for them to adopt Tai Chi-like philosophies of force and circular movements and seldom meeting force directly with opposing force.

I'm definitely overthinking this for a bland 1-shot clopfic, but pony has that effect.

she is a actual black belt in the show.

Lol I legit was going to share this with my Wing Chun Kung Fu instructor but then I got to the sex part and was like nope. lol

"Ah well, I may not know martial arts, but I'm damn good at sucking dick."

Good enough.

Be lucky you didn't send it before finishing the story...

How does one get the "Hot" rating on one's story?

You know she's a black belt in Karate right?
Btw, I find it odd that she's wearing the belt over the wings. Was the pony version of Karate designed with earth ponies in mind or something?

I did not read the tags, I did not come into this expecting lewd, I shall save this for later.

she doesn't need her wings to kick ass.

Does she also know Krav Pega?

This is one of the stories I can learn from to write a clop fic in the fututre. Keep up, you did a good job

Unfortunately, Rainbow Dash is Pegastinian.

I see what you did there. :trixieshiftright:

Liked the twist of the story, though! :moustache:

I don't know about wing-chun, but she definitely knows wai-fu, am I right?

"No, you!" Anon replied, finger fucking her in a frenzy.

no u

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