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Writing graduate who loves cartoon horses and all manner of silly things. Occasionally writes serious stories. A divine Swedish woman drew this avatar.


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Oh boy here we go!

Good choice in cover art. Got to love Atryl :raritywink:

Regidar #3 · Mar 31st, 2013 · · 2 ·


At first I was like "THIS IS A TERRIBLE SHIP!"

Then I read the description and realized that dis gon b gud.

EDIT: So he blew inside her and she doesn't have a cervix anymore.

This isn't ending well.

In other news, I can't believe how hard my cock is right now.

Oh, God... here we go again!

"Reads the long description"

... "Coldcuddler"?

Today, GaryOak learns how to spell "colt"!

mmhh I sense sequel...

great story btw :pinkiehappy:

2351505 This is such a bad omen... I finished typing the comment justifying popular story styles on your blog, starting the argument with 'Romance and Comedy are more popular'.

... *looks at the tags of this clop story*... Oh dear. :twilightoops: Timing's a heartless, comedic b****, isn't she?

Forcing herself not to spit it out, Rainbow unhinged her jaw and took another few inches until the head pressed against the back of her mouth.

Holy hell! Is she part snake?

We're both totally awesome! You've got... well –” she affectionately stroked his member “– that, and I'm the best young flier in Equestria, the only pony to have ever done the Sonic Rainboom! We go together like Twilight and books.”

That's right, his cock is all he's got.

Both athletic ponies' pants filled the air as their interhorse reached fever pitch.

Hurr hurr, get it? Pants!

Overall, too silly to clop, but I like it!

You said urethra, fairly certain you meant uvula. Completely opposite ends of anatomy.

Dash is gonna be sore for a while :rainbowlaugh:
Wait... If Dash doesn't have a cervix anymore, doesn't that mean she cant have children??
2351332 hey Duney!

I'm sorry but are you crazy?! Why stop? You could make a full story out of this, featuring the rest of the Mane Six plus both Princesses.

Molestia go home, you're drunk:trollestia:
Anyway I found this completely ridiculous, but awesome :pinkiecrazy::heart::rainbowkiss:

2351423Gross, man. Keep it in your pants.

Never thought a Skittles commercial could be so naughty.

>> Bytestorm no , cum travels up the urethra out the head. They're talking about his anatomy at that point, not hers.

2352210 I'll reread, must have gotten confused.

Edit:: Yeah, that's what it was. Confusion on my part. Silly me.

Wat... This was good :rainbowlaugh:

>> Bytestorm no problem. I know just how much a misread can effect someones out look on a story. Just thought I'd point it out =)
Plus I'm kind of a science major, I can't help answering questions, especially regarding to anatomy XD:twilightsheepish:

I died at the Celestia part! XD :trollestia:

Well... that was something...

Interesting. And me gusta. *Insert Me Gusta Face here*

I clicked this story by accident trying to click to one under it. Needless to say, I read it. I was going to post in the comments but the comments got my attention since they were entertaining. Now I forget what I was going to post about; it'll come back in a minute.

The ending. Most people (including me) would freak out if they were in that position.

I liked the ending

the ending brought the whole thing together.




10/10 would fap again.

Muy, muy bueno!:moustache:


This was awesome, you glorious bastard. And the ending made it even more so.

dear sweet celestia! XD I had to favorite it just for that ending!!!!!!!!!!

After many trials and tribulations, we have hit the featured box! Thank you everybody for your incredible support, and I'm happy you guys are enjoying my writing!

Oh, I knew what I was doing, posting two fics at once...
That is (hopefully) my horse porn in a nutshell.
I'm glad you guys liked the ending so much. Originally, the story ended with Braeburn just falling asleep and Dashie basking in the afterglow, but I thought, "This needs something." And then Celestia was clopping while they were doing it.
I tried to have her address the readers when she said "this isn't even supposed to be possible," but just rolls with it anyway. Because... yeah... mini cartoon horses with dicks as big or bigger than a regular horsey...

:pinkiegasp: prinsess celetia :applejackconfused: dafuq

The ending killed me there. Princess Celestia just coming out of nowhere and now taking control of the situation.

Threesome sequel?

Gonna read just because of that awesome cover :scootangel:

Braeburn was never considered gay. Everyone is just gay for Braeburn. It's not his fault.

the ending oh god the ending! :rainbowlaugh::trollestia:

I would love to see this continued :coolphoto:

no words needed

It's about time. I approve of this ship.

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