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Please make one where Celestia has her way with Spike!

It turned out amazing so get on with the third part :rainbowlaugh:

With the way things are going I won't be surprised if he woke up with the princesses along with their evil counterparts.

Perfect!! Loved it!!

Sooo, they had sex with him without his consent. In fact, he specifically said he didn't want to have sex with them, yet they had it anyway.

I don't see a rape tag. Do you need an adult to go over the definition of "rape" with you? (Hint: look at the line above.)

So Spike don't wanna have sex with six hot sexy beautiful mares...what universe is this, how could he say no...especially with Rarity

Correction, He was drugged and sexed up without his consent. Which is worse. See, isn't shit like this that makes it hard for a guy to call rape!

But if the females were unattractive, then I guess more people would be on Spike's side.

As far as the story goes, some things don't need a sequel. This is really, really in that list of those things. Man can't even enjoy sex, his first time with a girl and first orgy was a date rape!:ajbemused: What's really sad is, this could pass for, Canon, if MLP was X - Rated.:facehoof:

You know, that is a good point. I suppose it slipped my mind. So I applied the Non-Con Tag to both this and the previous story. Thank you for bringing it up. :twilightsmile:

Spike. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT accept anything to drink when you get to Canterlot. You might end up f:yay:ing half the ponies in the palace.

Is that arousal he smells or a series? :ajsmug:

Should take a leaf out of Mad-Eye Moody's book and start mixing his own drinks.

Most excellent.

God damn, Spike had an 7-way orgy & he didn't even remember it

“I know, I know you feel betrayed by Princess Celestia.” Twilight replied

:moustache:: "Well, she kinda did betray me..."

Spike nodded, sitting at the dining room table as he was enjoying a fruity flavored drink Twilight had poured for him before they started talking. “I’m certain with time, I might open up to the idea. But for now, I’m not sure.” He then finished another gulp. “Speaking of not sure, what is this drink? It tastes fruity, but weird.”
“Oh, nothing special.” Twilight said, trying to hide her smile. “Just a recipe I learned from Princess Celestia.”

:moustache:: "Et tu, Twilight?"

Please, come see me in Canterlot at your leisure. I would like to make it up to you.
Princess Celestia

:moustache:: "The moment she offers me tea I'm gone."

This was a awesome sequel I hope that one day you wrote what happened. At least you can add five more to your herd.

He's the Mare Pumper!

I mean, the first time was messed up, but for this one at least he got to bang six girls, even though one of them is his sister.

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