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Author's Note:

By the power vested in myself as the writer, I hereby give Spike his much needed, much deserved revenge on those who have used him.

Amen :ajsleepy:

Don't know why but that was the first thing that came to mind when i read the authors note :pinkiecrazy:

Thank you, though I do not plan on any further sequels. While it would be fun to see him as a father, having him show off this savage assertiveness was more fun.

Author's Note:

By the power vested in myself as the writer, I hereby give Spike his much needed, much deserved revenge on those who have used him.

How is this revenge? If I was Spike, I wouldn't even bother impregnating the princesses. I would've cut every mare from the D by moving into a monastery and becoming a priest or a monk. I couldn't trust females anymore after this.

Got to say I loved this little trilogy, especially with that ending. With that being said the only thing I have to ask is that would you consider making one last story with all the villianess of Equestria?

Unfortunately not, as I can’t think of any plot that would not feel like a shoehorn.

nice work.


I been pondering.....
Since Spike and Gabby are close.....

Make the epilogue if you want for this.

I am a bit sad that there won't be a sequel but I do hope that there is an epilogue to the story. Either with Spike and his pregnant mares or him trying to explain they came to be.

One last one?

Revenge is a dish best served steamed.

Most excellent series.

I can’t be the only one that wants a brand new story, where Spike & his newly found harem go through the trials and struggles of pregnant life, right?

“Okay, what...the...fuck...happened?”

:moustache:: "Wait, let me guess: tea happened?"

I expected some ending like this:

:moustache:: "Okay, enough is enough. I'm moving to the dragon lands."
Ember: "Of course, you are welcome here."
:moustache:: "Thank you."
Ember: "Very welcome." *smirks with bedroom eyes*
:moustache:: "... Really?"
Ember: *turns serious* "Just joking. And don't worry, in the dragon lands we don't have any tea in the first place."
:trollestia:: "I can send you some..."
Ember: "... You disgust me."

That was a ride and a half.
Incidentally, I reckon all tea products in Equestria will have mysteriously vanished by the end of the week.

Kinda wish there was more comeuppance for Tia
...Huh. Tea Waterboarding.
I have much to consider...

I really hope there will be a epilogue to all this along with a what happened while he was drugged. Add two more to the herd. I also really hope Ember ,Smolder and the CMC to join too.

I know that story and its sisters are short due to being in the 1000 word challenges, but I would love to have them extended.

All my non commission stories can have sequels written if you're will to request a commission. :twilightsmile:

Spike, I’m not sure what Princess Celestia needed you for, but you need to come back home. We’re pregnant I need your help with something very, very important. See you soon, please hurry back. The girls and I need your thick cock in us right now! Twilight

I’m moving on the other side of equestria.

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