• Published 24th Feb 2019
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A 'Middle-Aged' Mare - Clopficsinthecomments

Rarity is in despair. She's ready to swoon onto the nearest fainting couch. She's convinced that she's OLD. Even though she's only 30. But she does have a BAD heat. And she doesn't have a handy stallion to help. Maybe a dragon will do?

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I was waiting for someone to use this pic as an excuse lmao

We all knew it was bound to happen. Thank you.

Spike “Mare Destroyer” Dragon at your service, for all your ‘heat’ needs...

Marshmallow christmas cake.

What if he's got a Hyper-Phallus?

Recently I was looking for more 'size difference' and... to be honest, the picture won me over xD Priceless.

Besides, what you got in store, it sure sounds nice^3^

It's not fair! Size difference is my favorite link but most off the recent work is mine (and I can't enjoy my own stuff T_T)

Rarity is currently about thirty in the show.
The comic you're pulling from says she's forty.

Well. Only foalcon left then ;(

Harsh Loving
Feat. rumble x whinnie

In fact... many rumble are enjoyable.
If... Bro x Bro is alright.

Fily, Bondage
Feat. Random filly.

Apogee's ?

Uhh... otherwise I... Suppose Futa stuff?
Idk. Perhaps something in my favorites Spike s interest.

Shining ones should keep you busy!
OR... Involuntary Voyeur ♥️ m/m

:twilightsheepish: and that's how you fill a jelly doughnut


:moustache: Donut Joes 6:00 sharp.

:duck: I'll have a bakers dozen please

:unsuresweetie: Corn Dogs two doors down.

That comic came out after I'd done this fic. I like to imagine it's set ten years later.

Ah, I'm a no homo writer, sorry!

No reason to be sorry. Just threw those Story suggestion in for completionist sake.
If we all had the same taste, there was only 1 story on this site :raritywink: about Rarity ofc ♥ :p

Perhaps make a contest. The one sending you the best size~different story... wins a... pair of fancy pants ?
~ or just ask in a blog post? :) Pretty sure you get a few great suggestions out of it!


:unsuresweetie: Oh crap I'm an aunt
:raritystarry: Sextuplets ? :facehoof:
:moustache: It's a dragon thingy...
:unsuresweetie: I'll say that thingy is dangerous!
:rainbowderp: Sharing any?
:pinkiegasp: Dibs !
:trollestia: and I still do nothing for my little ponies
:ajbemused: duh .
:moustache: And I thought Luna swore like a sailor on shore leave...
:trollestia:Those dirty diapers beat her like a longshoremare on a pay day!

Haven't read this yet, but it reminds me of the old joke
"The ten best years of her life were the ones between her 29th and 30th birthdays"

I was wondering if someone was going to bring up Christmas Cake.

I wouldn't be surprised if Rarity ended up having foals after that amazing session

You might very well be right! All depends on whether Sweetie gave him a pony compatibility spell before he went over... :unsuresweetie:

She looked to one side, trying to conceal her embarrassment. “It’s uh… modern art.”

It's a ... Back... Scratcher ..for her backside... And itches... Mostly during showers, that s why it got a soap dispenser...

The comic that you based this on came out after the story did.

Comment posted by Clopficsinthecomments deleted Feb 25th, 2019

Yeah but the story was written by that point, I was editing and didn't want to make the changes. Plus, I like Rarity at 30!

Not that I don't like Rarity at 40.

The story which you have written based on a particular comic, when she's thirty now.

She meant that he should have done Rarity in her marshmallow donut as well! No hemi penis here!

Rarity is sure that her life of business acumen and her focus on building herself as an independent career-oriented mare have meant that too much time has passed

...Which is a danger for mammals that can experience menopause. Being 'independent' has its benefits, but it also has its drawbacks - no offspring, and can cause one to be too stubborn and self-centred.

Shouldn't you write an epilogue where Rarity show Spike his daughter? Or tell her daughter how they met or something?

God this was hot. Never enough high quality Spike clop.

That was a bit fun, but a sequel to chapter 2 would be better. Really loving the Nympho Sweetie Belle. Could see her and Spike, doing some really sexy things to/with Rarity!

Great job!

It’s just a shame that there are no hemipenises ^^

Really should've been a threesome, in my opinion, this third chapter.
Still nice, but the 'what could have been' struck.

Always leave your audience wanting more!

A 'Middle-Aged' Mare

Silly Rarity. A classy pony like you should know that a bit of extra time passed can make the difference between something good, and something great. Just like a fine wine.

Sexy and hilarious.

Most excellent.

Loved it, definitely has re-read potential.

I like to think that Spike charred the ceiling. :rainbowlaugh:

Hah, wish I had written that in.

Nice. One error I noticed, though.

The first in her eyes, the drool dripping from her mouth

This needs a sequel, Sweetie Belle and Rarity are both a couple of months pregnant and they decide to give Spike a birthday present. :raritywink:

“Sheesh… you stallions.” Sweetie rolled her eyes and leaned back in with a wry grin.

But Spike isn't a stall
Nope, not gonna be that person

She understood that now. Her mind boiled with one thought: quench this thirst! And she was looking at a tall, cool glass of Dragon-cola.

Damn, reading this story on a hot night, it's making me thirsty too.
cracks open a can of Ember

Either way, enjoyed your story there Clops!

Damn that was good! Rarity's age melodrama is totally something that would happen to her/she would say. The visuals and Rarity's reactions when they were having sex was a nice touch, I loved it ^^

I just wish Spike wasn't with Sweetie Bell and she merely recommended he help because she knew of his feelings for Rarity, not pimping him out per say. Wasn't wild about that part at all but I loved the story enough to favorite it and will definitely read it again :heart:

Good alternative universe :moustache:

a good story to be sure. I enjoyed it. but the whole Sweetie Belle/Spike coupling kind of ruined the desire to place this in my Sparity folder. but I did give it a thumbs up

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