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YES, I was waiting for another porn universe :D, the other ones do not update anymore T. T

Sweet Christ was the end of this chapter frustrating. How about this Anon, explain to them the differences in the culture and what that means to both parties other than apparently keeping it all to yourself and making quite literally everything worse and more confusing for everyone. I hate it when the MC in HiEs have the intelligence of a sack of hammers.

Anonymous isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Don't get me wrong this is an interesting thought experiment with clashing cultures but he's doing the opposite of what would be intelligent to do. I understand not wanting to dive into the new culture but also not explaining why you're acting the way you are does nothing for anyone.

Okay, is it bad that I want something to happen to Anon to make him a hyper and be extremely virile, able to knock up mares to great extents? Cause it would be interesting to see that happen.

Also, nice story.

There is a fic out there that, that is more or less the case. Also I agree I'm a sucker for that kind of thing in HiEs also lite cumflation because I'm a degenerate.

Sorry to hear that frustrated you as much as it did. Maybe another way it could be done would be with Anon simply wanting to learn it their way and integrate himself better? That might help, but for better or worse, I chose this route for the conflict. If you hang in there, the topic can get approached later in the story.

That's a very good idea. Definitely noted.

Oh I'm going to continue to read this cuz I like most all your stories, I just want to kick this Anon in the shin for being dumb.

Anon is for noncon prove me wrong

Love the story idea. I do find it a bit odd he wouldn't at least try to explain the human aspect of sex and sexuality but...still a fun read so far.

Hoo boy the message that having a sexual preference outside of pan or bisexual as something that needs to be trained away is pretty squick to me. That bit with Starlight being a lesbian as harmful is, uh, problematic? Sorry, I don't think I can carry on with this fic. Might want to include "orientation play" in the kinks list! Caught me by surprise, not my thing. Good luck with the fic though!

<reads second chapter>
... Jeezus fucking Christ, get over yourselves:ajbemused:

“We know you masturbate!” she yelled.

They don't understand this is normal for humans, do they...?
I mean, hell, Twilight, Spike and Starlight visited another human world; did they see girls sucking off boys there? Don't think so.

god damn this fic has me cracking up.

10 out of 10 best story. BEST STORY!

A part of me was really hoping he'd have issues with the tree of harmony getting up in his personal business, and having as drastic an opinion as the ponies, drastic in our perspective anyway.

It would be amusing to me if he shut them all down instead by simply telling them how sex while in a relationship can cause someone to lose everything they own and be ousted socially by general society. How those who have sex a lot are deemed a mockery to social etiquette and having sexual self control was the mark of a well adjusted adult.

Just unload bomb after bomb on them with Applejack honesty detection there.

Twilight then goes, "wow, this problem is more serious than I thought." Then Anon goes, "I don't even think it IS a problem, yes, you're all hurt emotionally by me refusing you, but you should be able to accept I'm vastly different to yourselves, not take an aspect you see as blasphemy that affects literally nobody physically aside from me as a great insult. Frankly I'm disappointed in both you AND this map."

"But despite your culture, you ARE insulting and humiliating us!" Twilight says, but Anon says in response, "Your culture, to me, is embarrassing and would be humiliating for me to take part in just the same, are you saying how you all feel about how I act is more important than how I myself feel?"

I just kinda wish Anon put in more fight, I mean, hell, just imagine the cutie Map having an autistic fit because Anon countered with irrefutable logic. Would be super entertaining for the map itself to conjure the spirit of the tree of harmony into his greatest sexual fantasy, only for him to reject it, and for it to react angrily to Anon and practically try to rape him.

Hell, if its a universal thing, this could show those around him directly that what is accepted as normal, and the pressures for it to be accepted could result in even more monstrous behavior in certain circumstances. I get this is just supposed to be a quirky clop fic with some plot, but it really could be super interesting as a whole too.


Of course, nothing is set in stone, him trying to change for their sake and cracking under his cultures history could result the same outcome after some time, giving his argument more credence after he makes effort to change.

And then a whole crowd of bystanders stopped and clapped.

This isn't a "you are wrong, look how wrong you are" story prosecuted by the perspective of a flawless Gary Stu protagonist, justified in everything he does and feels.

How is not going with the flow of the universe a Gary Stu protag trait? Mary/Gary Stu wouldn't create problems, but would basically solve every problem in their path with unnatural talent with no explanation, never being the source of it to begin with, or at times when they ARE the source of the problem, they say exactly what they need to get out of trouble.

It literally creates less problems for him to be a board floating with the waves, and whatever the story the author is going for, the conflict being of a prideful defiant nature is far more intriguing than a cultural adjustment story.

His actions at this moment if they keep up WOULD BE Gary Stu, far more anyway, than someone who defies the universal standard.

Also this story is only two chapters in, you have no right to claim what kinda story it is yet to begin with, even I made no such claims.

The problem isn't the objection or the idea that Anon's views are correct for himself, but the idea that he's so obviously right and that it's wrong for the ponies to not see things his way until he slaps them with some verbal tirade or another; it's this part that turns the proposed narrative into a Gary Stu story. As for the direction the story will go, it's a greentext that's in the process of being modified into conventional narrative prose.

That "Gary Stu" perspective is the exact perspective the ponies currently have about him and his culture. Word for word they said its insulting and wrong for him to believe what he does.... So a bad argument in this case, as with that logic, you should be hating the ponies.

Though I will grant I had no idea this was based on an already existing green text. The author does have the right to go a different direction if he so chooses though, mind you, but that is a fair argument to how this fic "will" go.

At the very least, I'd argue that changing non-canon stories up is far more acceptable than changing canon stories up....

Looking at you Disney's Star Wars.

(EDIT) Also looking at you George Lucas, Darth Jar Jar would've been awesome, but wussing out due to fan opinion devalues you as a writer.

There are several fics with this theme, ponies, anthros, Equestria girls, etc. all of them either finished or stopped updating; we have Debauchery is Lawless and Clocktower Society – Your Safe Word is Law and its many side-stories are some that comes to mind, the others I don't remember their names XD, there was this one where chrysalis kidnapped all the females of Equestria, to awake their true desires, and succeded, including the princesses, and stuff happens with a good story, there was this other similar to this fic, but in EQG, a man from earth gets transported to an eqg universe where sex is like pretty normal, and he got a job as a teacher at Canterlot High, recommended by Celestia after some fun night XD; and many others, all not updating anymore T.T.

Pre-comment edit by me: after giving it some thought, I realized that my comment doesn’t even make the attempt of Anon trying to explain things in a way that they would understand. To them it’s a friends helping friends sort of thing, at it would be difficult, with that mindset, to explain what makes a friend a sexual partner and what doesn’t, when to them thy are basically one and the same. The part about public sex stands though.

This is a really easy culture clash to explain! I mean, how hard is it to say “Guys, where I’m from you only really have sex with a significant other, our decency laws make nudity a taboo and public sex is going to get you arrested if you’re caught doing it. We don’t have this sort of free-use culture, and being asked to be part of it is both arousing and goes against everything I’ve spent my life being taught about sex outside of porn. Since I’m not at a stage with any pony where I am personally comfortable with having sex with them, I do what people in my situation do and masturbate to relieve sexual pressure.”

Ta-da! One paragraph explaining the culture difference on both sides! He understands them, has explained his own views to them and included that masturbation is seen as normal to his people while a free use culture is not.

It doesn’t put me off the story any, it’s just a bit frustrating that he hasn’t explained this in plain words to them. Even Pinkie doesn’t really understand it, which tells me that he has been sort of dancing around giving her a clear straight answer. She thinks you need to seduce someone for a sleepover for goodness sake.

Careful, reasonable explanations are signs of being a Gary Stu. (Sarcasm)

For real though, that's around what I was thinking, he does just fold up like a chair to sit on once his friends get up in his business about it.

I think that the Equestria girl world is just the same XD, they are a mirror of Equestria, so the culture may be similar, and I wonder if anon would go there to have some girls after being with mares XD.

You know, I saw this fic featured, and at first misread the title as "Pinkie's Political Practice" and became very, very scared.

Anon himself was right when he realized that he was failing to do anything to adapt himself to the beliefs of the land he's in. When he's a guest in a strange land, the onus is on the visitor to adapt themselves to the expectations and customs of the land, not vice versa.


Seconding on putting something like that in the kinks list. When I was reading the Starlight bit, I thought maybe this story would be examining the potential darker aspects of a casual sexquestria, which could be interesting, but if that section and any future ones like it are meant to be a turn on, then I think some people would be grateful for a heads up.

There is an answer to this that becomes more clear later on in the story. Note in particular that part of Anon really wants to involve himself with the local culture, but has hangups that have held him back from doing so.

Except its not vice versa, he doesn't try to convince the ponies to change at all, its just he who doesn't want to change, and what he doesn't want to change affects literally nobody other than those close to him, whom should be able to understand their differences as friends, which is a pretty basic part of friendship as a whole, which makes it all the more fitting for it to be a great lesson for the ponies to learn and accept, even if they still disagree at the end of it all.

By the way Dude, you never finished Bad Blood :applecry:, I loved that fic, are you going to finnished it :pinkiesad2:

So, just to be clear, you do actually want there to be a story to tell in here, right? You're essentially rebelling against the idea that Anonymous should have any kind of conflict with the ponies because they've changed their own expectations and behaviors, which would completely prevent the existence of the story's central plot line.

Can't wait to see more. When it's convenient for you of course.


Thought I'd chime in a little and help you guys out.

EQG, a man from earth gets transported to an eqg universe where sex is like pretty normal, and he got a job as a teacher at Canterlot High, recommended by Celestia after some fun night XD

That's Phys Ed by Uh-Hmmm. One of my favorites.

one where chrysalis kidnapped all the females of Equestria, to awake their true desires

ProbablyTotal Changeling Domination by Very Sleepy? Hard to say. There are actually a lot of stories with a similar description.

Never read Debauchery is Lawless but I did read a few Clocktower Stories. Clocktower is still kinda an ongoing thing to be fair. It has some interesting world building but it's not my cup of tea.

If you can stand to ignore Hyper, one of my all time favorites has actually been Universal Acceptance by Au Natural. It's a masterclass in thid kink and I have a lot of respect for anyone who writes for themselves like this author. Again, some people might find the hyper a bit inaccessible but it's really well done in all aspects.

You are aware that you're trying to humanize a nonhuman culture correct. What works for us could legitimately not work for a different species no matter how tall your soapbox is.

So if we're clear here, you're saying Anon defying social standards and trying to maintain friendship despite the heavy disagreeing and the very magical guardians of that world disagreeing with his cultural origin, is NOT a conflict within a story?

Or are you saying that Anon's words can easily resolve a dispute that is literally culture vs culture, something that even we, modern humans, mess up terribly with either over-acceptance or intolerance. The first making an individual either crack under the pressure of their past, or the latter leading to social ostracizing which can easily escalate to a boiling point.

Because, just so we're clear, both of those arguments are flawed, and you should clarify if its NOT one of those before you continue, as it very much seems like its one of these.

Welp, thanks for the names for the ones I forgot XD, yes there were the ones, Debauchery is lawless start pretty good, but it turns a little hardcore in season 2, not the cup of tea of some, but is not that bad or that extreme, I read REALLY extreme fics I which I never read, and this one is not one of them XD, suffice to say, Fall of Equestria is worse by 20%; Universal acceptance is a masterpiece, but is not a porn universe, where sex is normal as having a chat, is more like in the middle.

What I'm saying is that, knowing the direction the author is going with this story, using the acceptance or non-acceptance of casual sexuality into Anon's life as the central plot driver would be a completely different direction than everything that's going to come, and would prevent it from happening altogether.

If you want a story where differing perspectives on sexuality are in conflict with one another and the story's protagonists need to reconcile their different outlooks and their friendships, you'll probably have to write it yourself.

That's a rather big assumption to make, and pretty baseless at that, as if the author DID choose to go in that direction, I'd imagine he'd already have planned it out, so while it wouldn't be the same as the source material, we'd still get a story just the same.

Its almost like you're saying that the author would be incapable of taking this story in a different direction and still have it be interesting.

Which is indirectly insulting....

At this point you're just making shit up to push the idea that he should write a different story, and I am calling you out on that. You are the one that's insulting the author.

If you haven't read https://www.fimfiction.net/story/113247/the-babs-x-human-clop-saga you should have a look. It's similar in the way that sex is looked at everything is super casual. It also had a very interesting take on getting pregnant and how it is an acceptable way to boost your social standing. It's also chock-full of my favorite kinks. The writing is a little sketchy because I think the authors first language wasn't English.

Tsun Tzu’s Art of Whore

I feel violated.

You don't need to call me out on something I blatantly said and did at the start of our conversation, though no insult was given indirectly or otherwise. Saying I'd enjoy a different path more isn't calling the author bad as much as it is saying the flavor to a cupcake is not your favorite. The chef can't make you like flavors more than others, that's up to you, but saying your favorite flavor is not the same as telling him his cupcake is bad.

Also, dude, you literally said that what's coming is more important than what the author himself could come up with, by saying he wouldn't have a story at all in the case of making changes. You essentially said, "You couldn't make a better cupcake if you tried."

If I could call you out on anything, it'd be that you're acting like an elitist snob who believes their own way is without flaw. Essentially you're acting like Diamond Tiara's Mother.

Sorry about that you two. There's nothing more with Glimmer or orientation play planned for a while but if you're worried about problematic things, you should be warned that this IS a universe that can sometimes play loosely with consent, body autonomy, and impregnation. Famously there are quite a few stories in this universe where impregnation of someone else's wife can be won as a prize in a card game, for instance. I don't have any plans to go there with PPP, and I want to avoid outright non-consent, but reluctance is a part of the setting by nature.

I'm aware that can be uncomfortable for some people, and that's fine. The reality is that the casual sex universe would be incredibly dark and have a lot of problems if we were to examine it closely, but for the sake of keeping things light, lewd and enjoyable, I won't approach those issues. It's not a social commentary on sexual indecency or anything. It's just meant to get people off.

I added something in the tags because you mentioned it though. I hope you give it another chance, but if not, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.

I'm going to update this story for bit and probably make a blogpost about Bad Blood. Keep a lookout for that.

:rainbowlaugh: Ok, that last line got me..

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