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Claws can be dangerous; claw can be gentle. It's the way they're used that dictates the game.

Will Spike be able to see past what ponies think of his claws, all to be able to show them what they're missing out on?

Coverart by Chaosangeldesu

Chapters (1)
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I've been writing more than I usually do.

Not sure what's inspired the sudden diarrhea of words. Bordeom for sure. Got the stuff in spades littered across my bedroom. There was once a time that writing was hard work—now I do the act to keep my mind from clawing at itself.

So here's an idea I had while in the shower. Nothing special; just fluff.

I hope you all enjoy it.

I hope there's a sequel where he also does belly scratching for the rest of the Main 6

Soo much fluff its the best \^•^/

His claws can help the Ponyville Spa!!!

Well, that was adorable.

Cute little piece of fluff.

Reading this, I just can't help but think of giving my parents' dogs a belly rub. One of them especially loves to be rubbed and scratched right in the armpits, and he makes the goofiest faces when I do. He's a sweet marshmallow.

Sweet, fluffy, and uplifting. You, my friend, have just earned a follower.

Fluuuuuuff. :rainbowkiss:

The story was very fluffy and cute overall. I love the bonding between Twilight and Spike as kind of a parent and son.

Great job :)

Love how Twilight and Spike comfort one another plus the fluff at the end was adorable.

Starlight, meanwhile, is standing outside the door listening to them and blushing furiously.

Yeeeeeeeeees! Dude, there’s got to be a sequel to this! This story was perfect!

And I kinda thought like that for most of my life. I ended up telling Twilight about it one night, and well, because of that—and only one belly scratch—every pony in this crazy town is after my claws.

Spike get's all the mares - no matter the story-rating.
(In fact, this story could have easily been tunred into smut, but I'm kina glad it didn't.)

Ponies were all so perfect in their soft and cute way.

I'm sure all people on this site will aggree.

Mares don't go wild for something like a belly-scratching anymore.

I'm sure all people on this site will disaggree.

“C'mon Spike, did you really think I was going to keep something like this to myself.”

:moustache:: "Well, it was you who said earlier that doesn't leave between the two of us..."
(Also, this sould be an question mark, not an dot at the end of the sentence.)

I need this as a sequel.


Comment posted by Soviet Power Soldier deleted Nov 19th, 2018

:ajsmug: real good ain't it?
:twilightsmile: I told ya!
:moustache: Wow! Rarity proposed to me!

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