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Don't read my stuff if you have a weak stomach or are easily bothered by traumatic genitalia damage. That's seriously all I've got in here!


Prince Blueblood has a new boyfriend named Joe, and it seems like a serious mismatch. One's a poor baker, and the other is royalty! Still, the pair are public knowledge now, and they're going to a huge gala together. It should be a fun exciting time... but Joe is quickly finding that he doesn't fit in. He's even beginning to feel like this whole relationship might be a mistake.

Warning: Contains a gay relationship and kissing, but sadly nothing further. :(

Done as a commission for the wonderful TheAmazingMe! Hope you enjoy all the cute.

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a - door - able

There's another BlueJoe story? Well, guess I better check this one out!

A gay relationship with kissing! I should certainly hope so, otherwise, they're just buddies!

Anonpencil coming in with the fresh bangers up in here!

I enjoyed it! I love the dialog (I always love lots of dialogue) and the impression there with the somewhat uncomfortable run-in with royalty. I liked the way the characters are described and introduced within the story!

If I had only one complaint, really it would only be that the chapter is brief and runs a little fast accordingly!

But I loved it!

Hey, I know some people who don't kiss during... intimate activities. Hard to kiss when someone is facing away from you. XD

Well, that was everything I was looking for! And I’m glad you decided to go with cute!

Surprising, right??

Amazingly! Just the best kind of surprise, a pleasant one❣️

I don't think you should provide a "warning" for that. It implies there's something readers need to warned about, and there isn't.

My warning is that it doesn't go past kissing, and if you want more intimate gay stuff that sits in the teen category, or a more awesome and touching in-depth romance between dudes, this unfortunately won't offer it. :( Not that 'OH NO, IT'S GAAAAY!' I'm sure there are some people like that though. XD

Awwwww.... :heart:

What episode is the cover art from?

OH! It's from the episode where Pinkie is on the train with all the desserts, and she's trying to figure out who messed up the cake. She thinks that Donut Joe is secretly a spy, and the image comes from her imagining what happened.
It's called Mystery of the Friendship Express or something like that.

Very sweet and touching, Pencil, you big softy!

Aww, this is a was a cute, simple read of an unusual ship I like. I enjoyed reading it :pinkiehappy:

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