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Insane, Reality-Warping Chaos God? Warring and Reunniting Siisters of the Day and Night? Vague backstories? How was I suppose to resist? My Patreon!

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If there's no tag for Overlord on the Series option when creating and editing the story, you should ask the staff.

Now that I've read the chapter, I must say that it's very good.

"It really is the End of the World, if you're letting me use your precious baubles...Harmony," Discord mused as the Elements of Harmony all shined brightly and circled him.

That statement is way too true. Damn...

This...is going to be interesting.

Wow, you really can write awesome fanfictions about anything, and I love it :pinkiehappy:

So Crazy glow and the others died? Love to seen how they reacted to what they caused.

I enjoy the start of this story. I'm a big fan of Overlord and this is setting up nicely for that bizarre situation.

Does Cozy Glow actually appear in this story?

But wait is Ainz going to be in this or judt the setting carried over?

Even more bizarrely, she was covered in an admittedly beautiful black and silver dress. Her black regalia had been reformed into bracelet-cuffs on her wrists and ankles and a necklace similar to a broad collar.

Oh thank Harmony and Discord they have clothes, that would have been extremely awkward otherwise :moustache:

"Since I've been nerfed down to Alicornhood," he stated wryly as he laid the staff against his shoulder.

Yeah, you very a bit OP before, so the writer had to nerf you a little :trollestia:

Alrighty questions:
Is Harmony actually dead ?
Did Tempest come along on this exodus, since she wasn't mentioned ?

.....Does this make the princesses and Starlight furries?

im sorry i had to say it.... i'll leave now

I wonder if the Kirin had agreed to send some of there people to survive, i would believe so (and even if they didn't i can see at least Autumn Blaze being smart enough to get to safety), i really only ask since they where one of (i think) only three species that's fate was not mentioned with the other's being the Deer and Zebra (then again Everfree burning could possibly allude to the Deer's fate)

Either way, I would like to congratulate you one a very fine start to what i am hopping will be a great story

Awww he doesn't get to stay a noodle?

Very good i already like it now write more chaps of this and discords rewrite and ill be happy

Keep up the good work. I admit that I am not the biggest Overlord fan but I found translations of the novels on my tablet and am reading them during down times at work.

However, I wish there was art of what each of the extended characters look like. I'm trying to figure out how far along the anthro scale they are and my imagination is having trouble. :twilightsheepish:

hmmm can the equestrians also mate with the inhabitants of this world or just themselves?

"Not mutually exclusive things, unfortunately," Discord corrected solemnly.

Indeed :pinkiesad2:

Enri held desperately onto her sister, her wounded back exposed to the knights standing sinisterly over her with their weapons poised. If only for a few seconds, she'd keep Nemu alive and try to give her a chance to run and escape into the forest.

WOHOO best general Enri has enterd the stage:yay:

Discord hummed as he stood back up as he looked down the path to the village. "My name is Droc," he answered simply, ignoring the odd looks the Alicorn sisters gave him.

Okay, why the different name... actually why did he call Celestia "Sun" ? :rainbowhuh:

Great story so far
Also easy to solve the population problem.
One giant orgy.
Get some draconequuses going ~

I am sure Lyra will be doing a extensive study on this once she realizes that this new world has human's :raritywink:, but all joking aside i would take a guess that they would be able to have children with at least a good number of the Demihuman Beastmen races of the New World, and in general fantasy Human's are known to be able to children with various races that in all truth they have not business reproducing with in the fist place (Dragon's, Elemental's, Vampires, etc) so i am going to say yes for them as well, and as for the more monster races (can't remember how to spell what the show call's them) i am rather unsure but am guessing that it matters on the monster type.
(then again i do remember there being a half-golem)

Well this was a interesting chapter, there are a few things i wanted to note. . .

Discord sorely hoped there were elves in this world, because was vaguely sure the Kirin were their Equestrian equivalent.

Personally i always thought of the Deer from the comics as Elves, i would see Kirin as the pony equlvent to Dragonewt/Dragonborn

"Canterlot was built to hold a population of three-hundred thousand, but ideally only two-hundred thousand. Prior to the Exodus, Canterlot had about one-hundred one-thousand five hundred living in it. Of those: sixty-five thousand were unicorns, twenty-five thousand were pegasi, ten thousand were earth ponies and the remaining one-and-a-half thousand were of various other races,"
"After some squeezing and setting up camps outside the city, we managed to get a migration population of nearly three-hundred thirty-five thousand in Canterlot,"
"The Exodus count is as follows: Three-Hundred Young Dragons and Eggs."
"Two-thousand Yaks," .
" All one-thousand of the Kirins and all ten-thousand Changelings"
"Twelve-thousand Hippogriffs/Hippocampus came. Queen Novo also sent her entire royal guard and their families."
"With us came seven-thousand batponies and most of the now-twenty-thousand griffons."
"Four-hundred centaur, three-hundred gargoyles and fifty cyclopes," he counted off from memory.
"five-thousand Diamond Dogs of various packs from all over and beyond Equestria, one-thousand five hundred Minotaurs and two-thousand Phoenixes," Celestia finished.
"Unless my memory is wrong, there were also about twelve-thousand miscellaneous creatures," Thorax noted idly. "Donkeys, deer, moose, caribous, perytons, abyssians, ornithians, zebras."
total of new ponies to fifty-thousand Unicorns, fifty-five-thousand pegasi, fifty-five-thousand Earth Ponies,"

Okay so this gives us the number's of the various races that where brought with them, in truth i am surprised that any of the Deer came with them seeing how in the comics they are super obsessed with the Tree's, i would of thought that they would of stayed to try and save them.

I am also really happy for this since it both address my questions for the last chapter, and because it uses the comics, though i do wonder how many "Big" players ended up going, on this "migration" i mean we know about the Mane Six and the various ruler's that have made the journey (and that Daring Do and Ahuizotl chose to stay behind) though i do wonder about the likes of the Pillar's of Equestia, various Ex-villain's, and Chrysalis (i can guess those trapped on earth or tartarus where left there).
Though i am a bit surprised by the mention of Phoenixes since i always thought of them as a non-sapient race like Manticore's or Cockatrice, huh i wonder if that means any other creatures where saved during this endeavor, i doubt many but i still wonder.

"The Crystal Empire is fine," Discord answered bluntly, causing sighs of relief all around the table.

"Do you know where it is then?" Ember asked sternly, trying not to sound hopeful.

"I know this'll sound weird, but it hasn't arrived yet," Discord stated vaguely.

"It hasn't? Is that bad?" Skystar asked in worry.

"No," Discord assured with a head shake. "In cosmic terms, we arrived at the same time, but that doesn't mean the same planetary time. A cosmic "instant" can be anything between a second and a year. So, it'll appear sometime in the future. Ponyville, is more of gamble, I'll admit."

Interesting, so this conforms the survive of the Crystal Empire, and along with it the Crystal Ponies (and maybe the Shadow Ponies), though it seems that Ponyville's surival is still up in the air. . . i wonder if this means that the Great tomb of nazarick can still have a chance to pop up. . .
(and i just remembered to finish reading that overlord/gate crossover i was reading)

"Besides, the population ratios are a smaller issue thanks to a little tweak you were all given."

"Tweak, Discord?" Thorax inquired with a head tilt, his pure purple eyes betraying nothing.

Discord nodded before smiling impishly. "Harmony and I made sure every species can safely interbreed with one another," he pointed out. Everyone looked taken back by this. Interbreeding wasn't impossible, but it didn't always take and the health of the potential offspring was a concern. "It might result in more subspecies, but most children will be one creature or the other," Discord added on, waving off the obvious questions in their mind.

Huh, i then i wonder where the Hippogriffs and Kirins came from, i always thought hey where the result of Interbreeding between Ponies and other races, kind of like how Human's in most general fiction tend to interbreed with a number of creatures they really shouldn't be able too.

"AAAAHHHHH!" Skystar screamed in terror at the sudden image of a bipedal creature, clad from head to toe in steel armor, swinging a sword as sanguine liquid sprayed through the air.
Seaspray held Skystar to comfort and assure her, but he was just as transfixed as the rest of the room stared with wide eyes as the...soldier cut down what most assumed was a human, who fell to the ground dead. The view turned, seeing that it was not just a lone incident: dozens of identically armored beings were striking down every human in sight: females, males, young, elderly. It was an indiscriminate spilling of blood, against those without weapons or protection.

"Those...humans slaughter each other so ready?" Luna questioned with a scowl as she balled her fist.

While this is not ideal for them i do have to admit that they really could of gotten much worse then this world, even with the violence seen here its still nothing compared to a Dark fantasy world like Ravenloft, Athas (Dark Sun), Chronicles of Darkness, Aryth (Midnight), or the worlds of Berserk, Claymore, Goblin Slayer, Re:Zero, Ubel Blatt, Dark Souls, The Witcher, Drakenguard, or even Game of Thrones.
That said i do see the New World as normally a Dark fantasy world, just one from the preservative of the unstoppable evil overlord trying to conquer it and his nightmareish army of monster's.

On the other-hand they are lucky they didn't land in the Ponyfinder universe since (other then being connected to Pathfinder and DnD universes) the phyocilogical issues of finding a world where Ponies can be just as violent and evil as any other race. . .
Though i can hardly wait until they run into concepts of creatures like undead and demon's and man eating slime's.


He did look a bit impressed when a yellow beam roared by, evaporating the armored man from the waist up. The cauterized lower half fell back with a thump, to Enri's disbelief and growing fear.

"That was overkill, Sun," Discord mused as he looked to the new arrivals.

And thus the integration into the plot-line of overlord begin's.
But yeah that was overkill, that said i do hope to see more battle magic in the future.

Well that got messy in a hurry...

But Silverstream and Thorax kept faces of stone. The griffon general looked far more grim while the changeling king appeared neutral on the exterior.

The griffon general is named Silverstream? Yet you also have Silverstream of the Student 6?

Sorry, that was a name mix up. Fixed.

Comment posted by AkumaKami64 deleted Jan 21st, 2019

Even a nerved Discord is still a op Discord... He is like an cooler version of Q.

yay! this was kick ass.
cant wait to see more >:D

This story is awesome

Founf this story in QQ, and had to check if it had been crossposted here. As both a fan od Discord and Overlord, I am really pleased.

Well i hoped for battle magic and i got battle magic, got to say this was great especially with when Luna and Celestia tapped into there Nightmare and Daybreaker powers, but that said i am glad that the Ponies will not be losing there morals and that there was a in story reason as to why the sisters where acting like this, you know other then there deep anger at witnessing such a senseless slaughter.
The fact that Thorax sent changelings as back up will probably be helpful latter if the need of spies arise, after all it would be hard for one of the other characters to not stand out in a largely human area, at least to my knowledge.

Anyways it was great that i seen this update right as i got back from my hiatus from Fim fiction, it was a nice surprise so thank you.

Hmmmm..... this should be interesting....

Talk about starting things with a bang!
This was an excellent intro chapter, great work!

Excellent work so far, I am looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

This is one of the greatest things I've ever read.

A very interesting story that I would love to see more of. I like how you are handling the characters. Can't wait to see what happens when the Crystal Empire shows up. Keep up the good work.

Aaaaa it's so good I want more pls

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th
Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th

I do give a damn, just think is that is a poor reason to hate it. Than again, I love anthro in general.

But that's not the point: I already gave the reason, both the subtle and the blunt. Discord changed everyone to anthros in the transit. THAT was why he made sure they had the pearl of Transformation. Discord is aware of demihumans in the Multiverse, but not the specific kind here. He took a sense of this world and assumed two things: One, Humans were one of the dominant races because usually they are- he's going to be surprised when he finds out they're not here. The second assumption was that Beastmen here were more towards human than beast- he was only slightly off by this in most regards, as he knew they weren't the "humans with animal ears and tails" type of anthros.

These two points sum up why they're Anthro: Discord was actually trying to be extra helpful for this, helping them ease and fit into this new world because entire civilizations of talking mythical creatures like this usually are NOT a thing even in most fantasy worlds. Even talking beasts usually don't have cities in most fantasy setting.

So, YES, there was a good reason. A reason that has been stated, restated, and brought up multiple times in-story that this change was a deliberate thing Discord caused to help them adapt to this new world. Especially since the rules of magic are VERY different here and might not have allowed them to use their hooves and tails like hands despite not having digits.

Now, if it bothers you so much that you don't want to read, that's fine, but do NOT claim I haven't included a good reason for the change just because you don't like Anthro.

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th

Well, I can see this'll go nowhere fast. Like I said, if you hate anthro that much, that's your own problem, not mine. Hope you find something you enjoy elsewhere.

PS Funfact, not an anthro fanboy. That implies I prefer it over canon-form. I actually like both, just wish there was more anthro at times besides just the clopfics. Oddly enough, I generally don't like humanization fics.

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th

Big nope on both accounts.

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th

I'm saying I want more anthro fics that aren't just clops, but I always welcome more clop regardless.

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th

No, but that's how you're going to interpret it, I know. Anyway, we're done here.

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