• Published 13th Oct 2018
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Silent Voracity - AkumaKami64

Fleeing their dying world, Discord brings many creatures of Equestria to the New World, altering them in the process. The ponies and all other races must adapt to their new world, bodies, natures, and enemies in this misery driven world

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Well that got messy in a hurry...

But Silverstream and Thorax kept faces of stone. The griffon general looked far more grim while the changeling king appeared neutral on the exterior.

The griffon general is named Silverstream? Yet you also have Silverstream of the Student 6?

Sorry, that was a name mix up. Fixed.

Comment posted by AkumaKami64 deleted Jan 21st, 2019

Even a nerved Discord is still a op Discord... He is like an cooler version of Q.

yay! this was kick ass.
cant wait to see more >:D

This story is awesome

Founf this story in QQ, and had to check if it had been crossposted here. As both a fan od Discord and Overlord, I am really pleased.

Well i hoped for battle magic and i got battle magic, got to say this was great especially with when Luna and Celestia tapped into there Nightmare and Daybreaker powers, but that said i am glad that the Ponies will not be losing there morals and that there was a in story reason as to why the sisters where acting like this, you know other then there deep anger at witnessing such a senseless slaughter.
The fact that Thorax sent changelings as back up will probably be helpful latter if the need of spies arise, after all it would be hard for one of the other characters to not stand out in a largely human area, at least to my knowledge.

Anyways it was great that i seen this update right as i got back from my hiatus from Fim fiction, it was a nice surprise so thank you.

Excellent work so far, I am looking forward to more. :twilightsmile:

This is one of the greatest things I've ever read.

A very interesting story that I would love to see more of. I like how you are handling the characters. Can't wait to see what happens when the Crystal Empire shows up. Keep up the good work.

Aaaaa it's so good I want more pls

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th

I do give a damn, just think is that is a poor reason to hate it. Than again, I love anthro in general.

But that's not the point: I already gave the reason, both the subtle and the blunt. Discord changed everyone to anthros in the transit. THAT was why he made sure they had the pearl of Transformation. Discord is aware of demihumans in the Multiverse, but not the specific kind here. He took a sense of this world and assumed two things: One, Humans were one of the dominant races because usually they are- he's going to be surprised when he finds out they're not here. The second assumption was that Beastmen here were more towards human than beast- he was only slightly off by this in most regards, as he knew they weren't the "humans with animal ears and tails" type of anthros.

These two points sum up why they're Anthro: Discord was actually trying to be extra helpful for this, helping them ease and fit into this new world because entire civilizations of talking mythical creatures like this usually are NOT a thing even in most fantasy worlds. Even talking beasts usually don't have cities in most fantasy setting.

So, YES, there was a good reason. A reason that has been stated, restated, and brought up multiple times in-story that this change was a deliberate thing Discord caused to help them adapt to this new world. Especially since the rules of magic are VERY different here and might not have allowed them to use their hooves and tails like hands despite not having digits.

Now, if it bothers you so much that you don't want to read, that's fine, but do NOT claim I haven't included a good reason for the change just because you don't like Anthro.

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th

Well, I can see this'll go nowhere fast. Like I said, if you hate anthro that much, that's your own problem, not mine. Hope you find something you enjoy elsewhere.

PS Funfact, not an anthro fanboy. That implies I prefer it over canon-form. I actually like both, just wish there was more anthro at times besides just the clopfics. Oddly enough, I generally don't like humanization fics.

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th

Big nope on both accounts.

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th

I'm saying I want more anthro fics that aren't just clops, but I always welcome more clop regardless.

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th

No, but that's how you're going to interpret it, I know. Anyway, we're done here.

Comment posted by ABitterPill deleted June 10th

Days ago, he could have down that without breaking a sweat.

I'm going to blame autocorrect on that one. The word you're wanting is "done".

I kept reading. Blame morbid curiosity.

While I certainly believe that Celestia and Luna have had to kill at some point in their long lives, and Discord as well, and while the Slane Theocracy jackasses had every single bit of pain coming, the sheer... maliciousness of their kills really did seem out of character for them, "inner nightmares" or not. I think they would have killed to protect the Carne Villagers, but I would have thought they would have used quicker, cleaner methods.

It's the "New World" of the Overlord universe. Of course it's going to get bloody and brutal. I was just thinking the ponies Equestrians were going to have a slower break in to it. Yes some deaths to save Carne Village from the Slane Idiocracy, but not quite like that. Again it just feels like they got into it a bit too easily instead of a slower breaking-in to the new world they find themselves in. They're still Equestrians from a mostly peaceful world, not an undead Overlord, Death Knight, and humanity-hating Succubus.

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