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This isn't actually being 'trans' it's forcing a transformation on somepony else and got quite a few shades of wtf the more you think about it.

8909262 Except that they all accepted taking the transformation to become the other gender, so I don't know what part of this is forced.

Ice Star #6 · May 7th, 2018 · · 11 ·

As in, there's still no proof it matches their gender... in which case, none of them would be trans. Thus, the transformation is 'forced' on their bodies/gender. It's awkward.

Cynewulf #7 · May 7th, 2018 · · 13 ·

I, uh.


Wow that's transphobic. I feel distinctly uncomfortable rn.

I feel like this story would benefit from a different name. The Great Crossgender Challenge, maybe.

8909295 I actually won't deny that that would likely be more accurate, but it definitely isn't as catchy, or flows as well.

I like how the title is based on flow rather than not being discriminatory or being a clearer advertisement for it's target audience.

Ultimately it's your choice, but if you keep it as it is you might continue to face backlash from people.

8909309 It's also more based on the characters. I was going off of my initial thought, but in all honesty this was meant to be inclusive, as the commissioner wanted them all to be mares at the end, and happily as that. Without mind control, I wanted to be justified in that, and while not all of their reasons may be the best, by the end two of the characters actually do identify as female by the end. Or, more accurately, one always identified as female, and one switched to being identifying female, and yes I know that concept in and of itself is filled with its own problems, but instead of just doing some stupid clopfic where it just happened and no one questioned it, I wanted to try to do something better than that.

8909313 Yeah, but if you check likely just below this reply, you'll see my more thought out reply for why I want to leave it as Trans challenge, rather than simply crossdressing, as the title reflects what this means for the characters more than what the actual competition itself would likely be called.

You could have really tried almost anything else to have your idea and make sure it didn't come out transphobic.

Just... you're the author, so you do only have the final say in what you post and how.

I'm giving this a like to balance out people giving it dislikes based on the fucking title of the story (and it's content) rather than the merit of the story itself

8909476 While I appreciate the thoughts guys, I would rather you vote with how you actually feel about the story itself, as to me upvoting it, with how Fim works, means that you would like other people to see this. Yes, some people rig this system to make sure that content that they disapprove of doesn't get seen, but I would rather earn people seeing my work despite that because of my abilities as an author, rather than to fight the system.

Edit: And then immediately reread that and realized that you guys were. Whoops! Thank you though, as the praise is good to hear.

Hrm. This is... complicated.

Ima gonna come back to this with some additional input later.

cute story... not entirely sure why people think it's transphobic...

Locky #21 · May 7th, 2018 · · 6 ·

Of course it doesn't match their gender, they were born with penises, silly

PiMan #22 · May 7th, 2018 · · 2 ·

Title suggestion: "Transition Competition". It still has a ring to it and it steps away from the term "trans". After all, the "contestants" do have to transition regardless of whether they ever were trans.

Very nice story and great ending to this story

PiMan #24 · May 7th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Although I do have some serious concerns about the base premise. Why would Cadance think that the best way for somepony to learn what it is like to be a mare, be to fuck as many stallions as possible? It's like the story/plot wants to be paper thin, as a lot of porn is, but someone gave the porno-pizza-guy too much backstory and just a smidge of angst.

Obviously the story is written now, and you're not going to make sweeping changes, especially not based on the word of someone other than the commissioner, but I would have taken a slightly different approach. I would have said the competition was just to stick with the transformation for an arbitrary amount of time (maybe a week), and then just have the characters be amorous by choice.

So basically there are three random stallions who are turned into girls and they're supposed to get other guys off? Like they're automatically straight for this in a society of mostly females? How is this supposed to teach anyone anything? Like the moment you turn female it's supposed to be some sort of sex competition? Turn into a girl and fuck as many guys as possible for 1mil? Really? This premise may need some work before I devote the time to read this.

If you're going to turn a serious personal internal struggle into a cheesy porn plot the least you could do is make the premise more attractive and pick a better title. It might help your upvotes as this seems borderline offensive for a number of reasons. But that's just my opinion.

Sorry. If this story was not Anthro. i would like it

Locky #27 · May 7th, 2018 · · 7 ·

>the least you could do is make the premise more attractive or pick a better title
Why should he?
Why should he feel forced to do something he wouldn't normally do simply because he's 'referencing' transexuals?
What did they do to deserve this weird favor?
I don't see you complaining over every fics out there with lesbian in the title/tag but containing a futa partner, that's weird isn't it? Or the lack of lesbian tag, or trans tag, or whatever you want to call them, in all those fics otherwise
As if transexuals were privileged individuals you can't reference unless it's to praise them or something like that
This really sounds like that one religion which shall not be named and its prophet, that you either praise or you shall be censored
Are you part of the twitter gestapo?

It's a clopfic with a really, really cheesy porn plot, and a commission
I find the fact that people browsing this place feel this weird need to complain about shit like this kind of mind blowing, to be quite honest

Honestly Michael, I hope you take all this '''criticism''' as what it obviously is and keep doing what you do best, you.

8910706 Thank you, and while I've been trying to listen to them for what I could do better... No one has said it other than the fact that I brought up Trans, so I'd like to know how I screwed up, but no one seems interested in saying anything useful, and I never really expected this fic to do amazing anyways. I enjoyed writing it though, and the commissioner loved it, and that's what mattered to me with this one.

Locky #29 · May 7th, 2018 · · 7 ·

Well, I won't go into details here because it's certainly not the place, and it could degenerate really badly, but this 'issue' they're having isn't really something you, or most sane individuals, could've predicted
This is simply the SJW movement and what is expected of them to do these days, unless they want their peers to call them bigoted and nazis or whatever
Or in this case, as seen above, 'transphobic'

You cannot joke about, or parody, or caricature, or criticize, or even write about transexuality unless it's to praise it or to write a really serious piece about the subject (and even then, there's exceptions)
The 'serious internal struggle' RarityEQM referenced above is everything that they believe is 'wrong' about your fic
You 'hurt' their feelings by not taking this subject as seriously as they would've liked, thus, you're a bigot

The current political climate and its identity politics' quirks and quarks has infiltrated the internet in general, don't worry, it's not you.

without going into an essay about the theory behind intersectional trans inclusive femenism the premis is this.

you referenced "trans people" in a way that they feel is either feteshizing or belittling the experience of real trans people, and by doing so you are enabling a culture that is hostile to trans people, and therefore, in a very small way, you are somehow enabling actual transphobes.... or something...

honestly just pay them no mind. they're basically the people who downvote anthro fics on the sole fact that they are anthro.

...And fimfiction being buggy just gave me this notification. Sorry, this is going to be a long one.

I wasn't talking about their sex, but their gender. Their gender isn't physical. Both were born male, but that's not what their gender is. I can guess by your comment that maybe you don't know the difference? Just because someone is born female (for example) and their sex is female, doesn't mean that their gender is female.

To the author and to you who replied to me, the chief problem with this story is that it decides to call itself trans and that it has no idea what dysphoria is. Commission or not, you, as the author, still get a say in how you can write and present your stories. There's hundreds of stories on the site that can use 'rule 63 spell' type premises, many of which are NSFW, and do this inoffensively. They do not market themselves as trans, and they are not trans. There's hardly any issue with these. They don't really portray any struggle or drama and are often lighthearted romcom type things... or just, y'know, porn. None of this would get a downvote and comment about transphobia from me because there wouldn't be any present. Had you decided to go with the route of 'rule 63 spell' (or anything close to it) and picked a title that has nothing to do with being trans, or transgender anything, you would have no problem.

The next part is dysphoria. Being trans means that at one point in your life, you started to have dysphoria (and it's not exactly going to go away, at least not for the most part). It's basically the trans DLC to depression, if you want to put it that way. It involves physical problems, increased suicidal thoughts/actions, general despair, and even psychosis-type things. It's scary and miserable, and just like depression, it's different for everybody. To be trans, you have to have dysphoria at some point. This story has no dysphoria. None of the characters have the mental condition* that requires them to start going through with anything. This story isn't really trans, and it's called trans. If you call you characters trans and just start swapping their bodies left and right, here and there, and however else, it isn't something that ends well.

This story is borderline offensive at the least, and transphobic at the worse. All you'd have to do to change how this is presenting itself. If you really need an example to what else this is like that's -phobic, since this isn't any 'SJW rant'**, this would be like telling someone that to understand what being a different race is like, all they have to do is paint their skin a different color... which, I think everyone can tell is something that is absurd.

*Yes, it can be called that.
**I don't like them either.

No one cares. It's porn. Trans people aren't special. Deal with it.

Locky #33 · May 7th, 2018 · · 9 ·

Oh no, I know more than enough about the different genders and the differences between them.
I mean, hey, it's not that hard, there's only two of them.

But like I said above, I'm not going to bother going further into this 'debate' because not only would it be pointless, but most importantly, this isn't the place to do so.

This story was both hot and enjoyable. Ive had an interest in trans girls for awhile now. They genwrally are more open to actually dating and cuddling.

none of the characters have gender dysphoria?

literally the first paragraph establishes the fact thag featherweight is suffering from gender dysphoria!

"Featherweight swallowed hard as she sat in a small, curtained off room. Not an inch of cloth was covering her at this point, letting her look at her own body, from her lithe chest and stomach, her gangly limbs, and, of course, the thing that hung between her legs. The part of her that she wished would just go away, but that wasn’t something any of the unicorns in Ponyville had been able to do."

I love your cover art.

I can kinda relate with how Button feels at the end of the story. I'm not uncomfortable in my own skin, but I could see myself making the same decision. Of course magic gender changing a fantastical scenario that can't happen in reality, though I've always found that idea fascinating.

Surprisingly well written and touching, given that like dislike ratio... :yay:


To the author and to you who replied to me, the chief problem with this story is that it decides to call itself trans and that it has no idea what dysphoria is.

From what I understand, gender dysphoria is the mental state one has when they are uneasy (dysphoric) about their gender. From what my non-binary friend has told me (or at least, what I got from them), gender dysphoria happens when you're uncomfortable with your gender, but that's separate from actually being transgender. As you yourself have said, it's different for everyone, and shouldn't necessarily be handled in the same way; for Button, she became a girl over how she interacted with the people around her, while Rumble seemed to have done it out of pure ambivalence. Not sure how you came to the conclusion that Featherweight isn't dysphoric, because as another commenter pointed out, she seemed to have that in spades in the first paragraph. I don't expect them to behave as a textbook case of gender dysphoria, as I would not expect a war movie to treat every case of PTSD the same, nor every drama to treat bipolar disorder the same. The whole point of characters, after all, is that they treat the same issues differently, and how they contrast in terms of the plot.

From what the friend I mentioned earlier, this is their point of view.
{I didn't see anything that stood out, but I am guessing that the people who think this was transphobic think that anything with gender transformation is transphobic, and I think how much you think that is true depends on how fluid you really think gender is.
Like, some people think gender is really set in stone, and that transgender people are trans from birth and change, while others are more open to the idea of gender being part of a summation of who you are and your situation as well. If someone is in the first camp, of course they would find this transphobic because they do not believe that men can become women or vice versa under any circumstances, and depictions of something like that occurring undercuts what transgenderness actually is (at least, according to them).}

I personally didn't find this all that transphobic myself. It just seemed like a story, I guess. It didn't really move me one way or the other, though it did amuse me how Rumble basically became the Kama Sutra incarnate by the end.

Hope a sequal or more chapters are/have been written. As this story is plain beautiful.


Being trans means that at one point in your life, you started to have dysphoria (and it's not exactly going to go away, at least not for the most part).

The American Psychiatric Association (APA) (the ponies who write the DSM) state on page 451 of the DSM-5 that gender dysphoria is not inherent to being transgender and the World Health Organization (WHO) (the ponies who write the ICD) agrees with this assessment. Being trans simply means you do not identify as the gender you were assigned at birth. Some trans ponies don't have gender dysphoria and others may just have mild discomfort or no discomfort at all.

I'm trans. I've been doing HRT and socially transitioning for around four years now and my gender dysphoria is basically gone unless placed in situations where ponies tell me that my gender identity is invalid or refuse to use my pronouns; it is treatable.


I know more than enough about the different genders and the differences between them.
I mean, hey, it's not that hard, there's only two of them.

A gender is a social category with at least one correlating mode of expression that is defined relative to other genders. Whether something is a social category or not depends on whether society treats ponies who express themselves as if they're inside that category differently from ponies who don't express themselves as if they're in that category -- in short, if the expression of said category is performative.

A gender system is a social system of these genders. In order for gender to exist in the first place, there must be at least one gender by which the others are defined relative to that carries with it some social norm related to reproductive roles. So, for instance, there's a gender norm than men have penises (even though men with vaginas exist).

If I say that I'm a third gender and someone replies with, "No, there are only two genders," that makes my expression performative which makes my gender valid because it meets all of the criteria I put forward earlier. There are more than two genders. By saying there are only two genders, you are validating third-gender folk.

Gender binarists (usually being gender essentialists) will often try to excuse their sophistry by conflating gender with sex and telling ponies who have even basic knowledge of gender studies that they're redefining a biological term for ideological purposes. This is an 'argument' over semantics so it is utterly nonsensical to bring up according to Grice's Razor. However, the 'gender is sex' argument is also etymologically incorrect. Gender, as a term, originated from linguistics and then was picked up by social scientists in order to name a social phenomenon. It was only after this that biologists tried to make gender and sex synonymous.

The inexorable rise of gender and the decline of sex: social change in academic titles, 1945-2001.:


More than 30 million titles of "academic" articles, from the years 1945-2001, were surveyed for occurrences of the words sex and gender. At the beginning of this period, uses of gender were much rarer than uses of sex, and often used in the sense of a grammatical category. By the end of this period, uses of gender outnumbered uses of sex in the social sciences, arts, and humanities. Within the natural sciences, there was now more than 1 use of gender for every 2 uses of sex. The beginnings of this change in usage can be traced to Money's introduction of the concept of "gender role" in 1955 (J. Money, 1955). However, the major expansion in the use of gender followed its adoption by feminists to distinguish the social and cultural aspects of differences between men and women (gender) from biological differences (sex). Since then, the use of gender has tended to expand to encompass the biological, and a sex/gender distinction is now only fitfully observed.

The ponies who are redefining gender for ideological purposes are actually the gender essentialists and sex binarists who want to bar transgender ponies and (to a higher degree) non-binary ponies from being socially normalized and accepted, not social scientists.

Even when we ignore this whole semantics/etymological argument, however, there is still a problem with the argument that gender is sex, there are only two sexes, and therefore there are only two genders -- mainly that sex is not binary; it's bimodal. The two-sex model is merely an approximation of the whole sexological picture.

Sex binarists will try to account for this fact by saying that intersex ponies are just anomalies but the problem with this 'argument' is that (whether they're anomalous or not) they still exist. So, to fix this problem, sex binarists will often say that intersex ponies do not have a sex because they're infertile, which is also a bad 'argument' because ponies who have had their gonads removed and mules and ligers are infertile too and still have sexes.

In conclusion, the claim that there are only two genders is reductionist at best and unscientific at worst depending on what is meant by that statement. It has no place in academia and should not be treated as the truth whatsoever.


No one cares. It's porn. Trans people aren't special. Deal with it.

Idk. I got a lot of wrong ideas about trans ponies from porn and it took me months of conscious effort to undo all of that messaging.

I don't think their post served the purpose of saying, "Trans ponies are special;" I think they were just acting on the fact that as much as we'd like to deny it, the media we consume — including porn — does inform our beliefs to an extent.

So, I do think that if pornography does have false messages regarding, for instance, transgender ponies, ponies should work on combating that false messaging and helping ponies better understand these issues.

Now, that doesn't mean I agree with them when it comes to trans topics. They think you need gender dysphoria to be trans, after all. But hey, at least they're trying.

I think you responded to the wrong comment

I didn't.

>muh gender is a social construct

>Trans women aren't women.

What it's like to read your posts:

So what exactly is your point? I'm not trying to be snide I am honestly at a loss here.

Edit: speaking of responding to wrong comments, I meant to be responding to

Welp, fuck.

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