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This was great! Will there be a sequel or is this it?

8828644 The commissioner is considering getting a sequel, but without a commission for me to continue, this is likely it. Sorry.

It's okay it was still good in my opinion.

I am honestly surprised that gallus and sandbar(the griffon and earth pony from s8 ep 1 and 2) dont have any clopfics shipping them yet... They are ADORABLE together

This was really good! I enjoyed it, while a bit heavy on the 'nice guy' bit, it was sweet and the 'nice guy' is a goo thing to read, particularly when most everything else is 'angst' or 'pitty me'. I had fun reading this good work!

Damned fine tale, here. Erotic, dark in a great way. And an actually sweet ending.

They still saw him strutting around like he was the biggest alpha male on the block.

I don’t mind a letting you take a

gotten from Yellow Papers over the last four years.

he bet he could get her to

not with how their bodies shook in anticipation, but they could feel each other.

with how tightly Feather’s ass gripped him.

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