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I have a familiar vibe when reading this. I know there are a lot of doujins out there with similar concepts, but for some reason it feels eerily similar to "The Command of a King" and "King's App". Correct me if I'm wrong.

Also, me wanna see Button doing his mom more, please.

I'm a bit confused at the synopsis of this story. They do what now?

7639456 They're to use a Mcguffin to improve their lives is the short version, though I did modify a few words to help it be a touch clearer with the ring.

7639450 I... don't think I've read those actually, though the concept of 'magical mind control device' isn't too uncommon anyways. What matters more is motivation, which is what these first three chapters are about. Also, you're in luck, as next chapter has Button coming back to claim his mother as his.

7639468 I cannot wait!

I'm hoping they get some of the other guys in their lives involved. After all, isn't it perfectly fitting for a lord to have a retinue of loyal knights?

Who may then get a maiden or two of their own as a gift?

Also, the thing between Rumble and Thunderlane seems like a complicated issue. I don't think Rumble knows as much as he thinks he does. And I hope he doesn't do something to his brother he'll come to regret in a serious way later on.

7639752 Little early in the story for that, isn't it? After all, they just came to terms with what they have.

7639468 And yet another story with high-end characters worked by you. I didn't think I needed to compliment you again on it, however, instead of one outstanding character and good supports you gave us three great characters. You know how to get your work done. cant wait to see more, you got me truly excited! :pinkiehappy:

Oh no, no need to rush. I'm fine with it happening later down the road.

You could say unpopular guys suddenly being in charge of pretty, bitchy girls is a fetish of mine.

7639752 I agree, but only on later chapters once their 'reign' has been stablished or controlled. Some candidates for their retinue might include Pipsqueak, Chowder (you know, that chubby classmate colt of the CMC's), Archer (another classmate, better know for cheerleading with Cheerilee), and maybe Spike. Those are the ones I can think as of now that could be worthy to join the Three Kings to be.

7639807 That is also one of my fetishes.


That's fucking disgusting.

7640088 I don't know if you meant that as a joke or not, but i am laughing so hard! :rainbowlaugh:

7639866 I hope for Spike most of all.

I would so love a ring like that to abuse the hell out of.

It's kind of like Code Geass, but with anthro pervs.

Well, this certainly seems interesting - and hot - so far. And I like that the boys are trying to keep themselves under control and not go crazy with it.

This was certainly different and interesting.

It says it's incomplete... Are you planning on continuing this story?

7667381 Patron driven-story? Cause I don't mind dropping 15 for a chapter of this length. Don't really have any further pairings in mind, though.

7671196 Commission unfortunately. I do do patron driven stories from time to time, and my voting determines that a decent bit, usually with two one shots a month that you all vote on. You also get early access to my content, a direct line to me to persuade me towards certain ideas, and such like that dependent on how much you donate to my patreon.

7671348 commission. That was what I was thinking of, not patron. Still, this story still commissioned for a few chapters?

Hot as fuck, jeez.

Although, there are a few things I'm wondering about/want to point out:

but when they had managed to move the sun with it, they had stopped.

I really hope Tia took note of this... unless this is actually taking place in the EQG-verse?

Button opened the lid to the plane, white box,

Think you meant plain there.

Button and the other glanced at each other

There's an s missing there, unless either Rumble or Featherweight just straight up disappeared.

She had a bit more fluff to her then she could

Meant 'than she should'?

Despite having him and his brother, her body was amazing.

...Button has a brother? Wait what?

it was still slow motion as they shorts were peeled away

Think you meant 'the shorts', instead of 'they'.

I'm missing something. What did the ring do to Button? Why did he pass out? Why was Rumble talking about 'failing as a friend'?

I couldn't get into this chapter, I don't know why?

Now, this is just fuckin' scary. "Power Corrupts, and Absolute Power, Corrupts Absolutely." I just can't get into this story. The first chapter was fine, but I couldn't get into the second one, and the third just made me cringe. I'm sorry, but I have to bow out of this story.

7676090 It's established in the original Button's Adventure that he has a brother. We just never see him or Button's dad. That's why, because I believe you follow it, the two show up in A Gamer's Journal.

Wonder if they'd be able to do further transformations than what they have so far. Like turning someone their age or something.

Haven't even finished the first part of the chapter, but I love how you're doing it, with Love Tap still being herself and her motherly compassion for her son still being a driving force, almost stronger than what the ring did to her. I like that.

And that Suddenly the story gets heavy.

Curious that you mention mothers at the end, plural rather than singular. Sure, this could a strong reference to Sunbutt and Lulu, but I do wonder...

This just got a lot more interesting.

This was...almost sweet!

and hid her head behind her legs.

Wait, wasn't this an anthro story?


As he cupped her her cheek,

:derpytongue2: Zipporwhirl an existing character or an OC?
Also, you never mentioned her mane or coat color, I don't think.

7778532 Existing character. She's the filly from "Filly Vanilli" who gets a puppy and asks for the Ponytones to come to her Cutsineara.

...oh god, she's adorable.

Do I smell corruption due to overuse?

7814493 I suspected something like this since the beginning, though I think it's gonna be deeper than just corruption.

Also, I gave the ring Gul'dan's voice - You will all be conquerors...

Interestin' fic so far.:D

7815015 Can you get me a link to that voice? I'm just really curious, as I'm not familiar.

Gul'dan's voice

Personally i feel its a little too deep and gravely.

7815061 Agreed. More noble and less barbaric is what I'm going for. Still, I can understand why.

it will be for a cock that actually cares about you, instead of one who couldn’t drug who he actually wanted.”

Isn't that ironic as hell. (Mind control+Reality warping>drugging)

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