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Please continue this :-). With more expansion perhaps?


But they used up all their wishes :derpytongue2:

(Besides, what more would you want? :rainbowlaugh: )

I could easily see at the end of this, the two wishing they had never even met Discord... and next moment, two young girls are in their place, wondering how the upcoming field trip to Canterlot would be like.

He so loves twisting wishes. XD

Though, I like the thought of there being a bimbo result on one of the upcoming wishes. XD Perhaps a maid one as well? XD (And honestly, I always preferred breasts over butts... wonder if a wish could somehow 'balance the two out'. XD)

Oh. And just realized. Darn to the no mental aspects on the bimbo bit you mentioned. XD Then again, most people just assume bimbos to all be the same. Sure, they have the same stereotypes added to them, but there'd still be other aspects of their character uneffected. Many people forget that detail.

Alas, me and Carlie didn't want to overstretch ourselves like in our last story 'Sneeze the Day'.

We'll hopefully do one eventually. :twilightsmile:

Apologies. Neither of us think we're good enough to write long ambitious bimbo stories yet :twilightsheepish:

5832607 Ah. Well, look up Ascenda's Descent. A scene in its casino has the best bimbo type one I've seen yet. It's an RPGMaker VX game.

“I wish everything became normal.”


So, what is normal now...Don't you know the correct way to phrase this wish is "I wish we were never given those three wishes in the first place and everything those previous wishes changed was undone."

when is a next chapter going to been?

5846413 Who knows, if we DO continue it, we might be able to write a new chapter by next week. We're just afraid there's not enough story to tell.

If we don't, then we might write another story instead.

5846502 Maybe Discord comes back and proposes a deal; Applejack gets another wish if Rarity does something lewd. It's poetic because there's a bit of both their Elements in there; Rarity generously agreeing to defile herself, and Applejack being honest when she promises not to wish something else embarrassing for Rarity. Instead, she wishes that Rarity had infinite wishes, and Rarity reciprocates.

Dun dun duuuun...


Huh, good prediction there :rainbowlaugh:


The suspense is killing me too! :pinkiegasp:

Hopefully we can finish it. Exams are coming up for the both of us but we'll try to squeeze it in hopefully :twilightsmile:

OMG I can't wait for the continuation

I hope it gets continued, the world needs more bimbo!

Is it wierd that, after reading this, I can't help but imagine Discord singing You've Never Had a Friend Like Me from Disney's Aladdin, with Fluttershy as the protagonist, aka Aladdin?

Also, "bimbofication"? It's like someone made a smutty spoofing of Hollowfication from BLEACH, and now every time I recall someone saying, "This is the Hollowfication!", all I can think now is "This is the Bimbofication!" and I laugh my guts out.

You get seven gold stars out of ten from moi. :coolphoto:

Please continue :fluttershysad:

Where is that new chapter?

Where'd the 12k plus word chapter go? I was hyped.

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