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Thank you, I'm feeling pretty good about it :eeyup:

please write more

That was just plan awesome read Ihope he makes a herd .

Anyone wanna help me with editing some chapters? I'm sorta doing the next 4 simultaenously, working on one when I get an idea.

A little late for it, certainly, but I could help with editing, I think. That is, if you're still interested.

Hungry? Does that mean possible Pinkie shenanigans?

7421743 I mean, there's like two restaurants in Ponyville, and only one that has one of the Mane 6 working at it. But it's good cause I love Pinkie.

7421823 really? I count 5.

And it could also mean heading home for some apples, and some Applejack.

Tried looking for the image mentioned the author notes, probably would less hassle if you just provided links.

That was awesome and his herd grow s Ihope they all grow to love him for him soon.

You should make some mare touch the amulet twice.
Pleasr make Rarity this mare.

7423089 against Fim fiction rules to directly link NSFW material

7424206 I already have plans for what I'll do with rarity, though I doubt you'll be disappointed.

i love the fics that have big mac doing it with several mares

>fertility amulet
>no vaginal sex in the first chapter
>contraceptive spell in second chapter

7429742 rest assured, it won't be there forever. In at least one ending, he should end up breeding a lot of mares

Fluttershy the felt Mac’s cock disappear, her cunt left gaping. In the next instance, a loud, blaring noise shattered the world around her. Fluttershy’s eyes flew open and saw she was in her bed; leaning to the side, she saw her alarm clock ringing her five am alarm.

That threw me for a curve. Funny, I thought it was odd to start off a story with instant clop, but I like what you've done.

After finishing just this chapter, I can't wait to see what the second is like, and I hope you do publish a third.

“Well, it started when- “He lifted both hands to the amulet around his neck for emphasis, forgetting he was using them to keep the illusion of what was supporting the hay bale. Twilight’s eyes went from the bale, to his hands, to the bale, to his face, and finally back to the bale. Mac could almost hear the gears whirring in her head, adding everything together.
“Okay, I see what you meant by a big problem.”

This part killed me.

I found barely any errors, and while HUGE breast expansion isn't my thing at all, I enjoyed this simply because it's really well-written. The descriptive writing is wonderful, and the interactions don't seem too spazzy as they do in fetish-driven clop fics.

solid 9/10.

When's the next chapter gonna be out for this? It's a good story, and I'd love to see what happens next?

7724595 it's coming. Still trying to figure out just how to make it work in a way I like. I can't garuntee that it'll be out before the end of the year, but the next two chapters should take much less time.

There is one mare who loves him for him and not just of his giant organ.

7839762 I do regret to inform that you may be disappointed. The reason for such a long delay is I could never really write Pinkie in a way that I felt was the sort of character I wanted for this chapter while still feeling like Pinkie. So I have instead chosen somepony else.

7841935 lol, pinkie is difficult.... but I just smile at stories and chapters that I enjoy.. :pinkiehappy: I also use it as a way to tell me that I've read that chapter. Keep writing and I'll keep reading it. :twilightsmile:

Just an update. Still alive, still doing this, still looking for someone to help with it. I had intended to have Megapole help me, but the collapse of his patreon system has closed that Avenue.

Really thought the magical pants was quite clever and creative. Good job! :eeyup:

Hooray, the yearly update has arrived!

8060597 Yeah yeah yeah. I'll get the next ones out quicker.

That was awesome it just keeps getting better and better.!!!

8060607 I'm just taking the piss mate. This is great.

i have an idea about a fanfiction you can write : think Magic mac but genderbend

when will the next chapter come

8082287 when I'm done. Sorry, I really can't give a better timeframe than that.

Comment posted by Lionruler deleted Mar 14th, 2020
Comment posted by Lionruler deleted Mar 14th, 2020

So, that yearly update around the corner at all or anything...please. This story is amazing and a update would be great.

“And when my pussy starts gushing like rainbow falls, that tells me there’s a big old cock out there waiting for me.”


In my opinion this is the best chapter of the fic, I like the development of Twilight, of the step from being a scientist to a mare in heat, I start to think that when she regains consciousness, she will want to continue investigating about sex and have Big Mac next to her.

It is a good chapter, it is impressive that Big Mac has been able to tame Pinkie Pie, knowing that she is unpredictable, although of course she would not be satisfied with just one round.
I wonder what happened to Zecora, since she is looking for the amulet.

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