• Published 26th Nov 2015
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Magic Mac - Lupus199

A strange artifact finds itself on Big Macintosh, and he plans to use it for all it's worth.

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Really thought the magical pants was quite clever and creative. Good job! :eeyup:

Hooray, the yearly update has arrived!

8060597 Yeah yeah yeah. I'll get the next ones out quicker.

That was awesome it just keeps getting better and better.!!!

8060607 I'm just taking the piss mate. This is great.

i have an idea about a fanfiction you can write : think Magic mac but genderbend

8065391 PM me about it.

when will the next chapter come

8082287 when I'm done. Sorry, I really can't give a better timeframe than that.

Comment posted by Lionruler deleted Mar 14th, 2020
Comment posted by Lionruler deleted Mar 14th, 2020

So, that yearly update around the corner at all or anything...please. This story is amazing and a update would be great.

“And when my pussy starts gushing like rainbow falls, that tells me there’s a big old cock out there waiting for me.”


It is a good chapter, it is impressive that Big Mac has been able to tame Pinkie Pie, knowing that she is unpredictable, although of course she would not be satisfied with just one round.
I wonder what happened to Zecora, since she is looking for the amulet.

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