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Exquisitely, yes

Love this fic :D

These two need more gay clop stories.

“ Um …” Rumble began, shifting uncomfortably, “what exercise is that?”

So... there's gonna be a sequel right? After all, Button never got his dress!

They actually do. What really this site lacks in Rumble/Tender Taps or Button/Tender Taps gay fics.

Or Pistachio and Tender taps :trollestia:

11126257 Yes!

Honestly, these two are so obviously gay that I'm surprised that there aren't more gay clop stories involving them.

Author's Note: Everyone in this story is of age

*Reads it*

You're missing the Sex tag, which means this story doesn't appear in the Clopfics list in the menu.

I have no earthly idea how I missed that


We have a clopfics list?

On the mobile site, tap the three lines at the top left of the page, then tap Lists, then tap Clopfics.
On the desktop site, click Browse at the top of the page, then click Clopfics in the Story Lists section.

Either way it will show you the most recent stories to have both the Mature and Sex tags.

Exceedingly gay, which isn't normally my thing, but this was damn well done. We could use a sequel or a second chapter, with Button getting Rumbled in his turn.

Thank goodness that's an 'f'. I misread it initially.

Fuck that's so hot

I love how it's In medias res!

In medias res is when you start a story were the fun bits are instead of spending time with setup.

Didn't realize it had a name!

Oh I hope there will be another chapter where the roles switch!

this was so damn hot....can we has sequel? :fluttershysad:

Mayhaps - that said, I do have more Button and Rumble hijinks in the works

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