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That comic probably makes anything I've been avoiding in Forgotten Friendship (which I heard wasn't as bad as it sounds and Sunset is actually more empowered, etc. by the end of it, before I was forced to leave the Sunset Shimmer group due to not fitting in there and screwing something up) seem tame, given all the suicide stories that comic has spawned, and I'm definitely not going to read it.

But, I've got a good idea of what you've been playing - Dead by Daylight. I used to play that too, until I lost all my skill and can't get any more kills, not even as Freddy. But until then I had a lot of fun with it, as both killer and survivors.

OK This is awesome! I gotta ask will the story switch places like going back to Canterlot School will the Dam CMC confess, and how much damage has been caused by this.

Lastly wif fi Sunset can come back wills he slug Luna in the face for failing her as well as the others?

A Dead by Daylight crossover? :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: Consider me hooked man!

Especially since I am now an avid player of DbD.

I came because it sounded similar to Dead by Daylight. I read it because it is a crossover with such a thing. I now favorite and like it because I enjoy the story and look forward to your work. Congrats.

Freddy is godawful. Until they buff him substantially he's near unplayable. If you were losing as Freddy it's not your fault. He's a dumpster fire. Also, in fairness to my story, the majority of it will be more of a 'survival' style story than anything, if that helps.

To your question, yes it will to a degree. There will be interludes during which we see what the other girls are doing.

Good to hear, hope you'll stick around.

Dead by Daylight doesn't get much love and I really think it deserves more of the limelight. Its lore makes it perfect crossover fodder.

He used to be the only character I could get any kills with. I used to use the Wraith, sneaking around unseen (except for the shimmer lol), but then as Freddy I'd also be unseen until pulling them into the dream world, after which I could always track them. But, they did tone him down a bit so he wasn't overpowered and unfair to the survivors. I also played as Leatherface (and I love that they used the original) but rarely got any kills with him.

Oh shit, instantly love this, was just like. "oh whats this, this looks interesting." *reads first chapter* "Alright then, a different direction than most." *reads second chapter* "Holy gosh damn it's a cross over with that new awesome horror game"

I never knew I needed something till I saw this

Glad, then. Wonder what Princess Twilight's reaction be, and How the others react. That part where Luna came back to tell her one last thing and seeing Sunset falling backwards.... https://ndusk77.deviantart.com/art/It-was-at-this-moment-Silver-knew-she-FUCKED-UP-632494482

The issue with Freddy is that he can't interact with Survivors until he sleeps them. Basically it means he's always 7 seconds (barring any add-ons) away from being a regular, normal killer. Freddy was only ever dangerous in the 20-15 rankings as I understand it. At the higher ranks people knew how gimped he was. They knew if they got sleep-whammied they'd have at least a few seconds to get to a pallet.

So, I am debating whether I wanna stick with this one or not. On one hand, I love dead by daylight, it's one of my favorite games out there, and I would like to maybe see if my main killer shows up, and, if you plan on including the actual dbd survivors, which would be cool to see with the licensed ones, like Bill and Laurie. But, on the other hand, I'm worried about there not being a good end to this, cause, well, it's crossed over with dead by daylight. I'm, not big on dark mlp stories, but, I stumbled upon this one, and just, my love for the game, is conflicting with my dislike of dark mlp stories. And I know I can't really ask if this will have a good end, cause, well, that'd kind of spoil the whole thing. I guess well see.

To try and answer as best as I can without spoilers, it will get really dark in places, but i'm not planning a bad ending because I love Sunset Shimmer and I want her to have a good life but I write so I also need to make sure she hurts for it.

Well, I did expect it to get dark at times, it is dead by daylight. But, if we can get to a good end, I think, I can stick with it.

Oh thank god, they're gonna be fine this trail, they are facing The Wraith after all. :rainbowwild:

Heh, well... remember the only thing Wraith can reliably kill are newbies.

OH shiz, you're right. D: Also, will we be seeing any of the canon survivors, or, only the group we just met?

Will we see the possibility of them trying to survive against some DLC Killers? Like Michael Myers or Freddy Kreuger? If so, I'd love to see them try to deal with Freddy or the Pig (Saw)

Haven't decided on the DLC killers except in the case of one for the sake of story reasons (not saying which obviously)

As for the canon survivors, nope. It's all gonna be EQG/MLP characters, I see enough g***amn Claudette when I'm playing DBD for real.

Ok, yeah, good point. Don't need anymore of her in this. Just a shame we won't get to see old man Bill.

I still have flashbacks when I have to Kill Bill in L4D :fluttercry:

I understand completely. Still, keep up the good work my man. Also, will we be seeing the after effects of Sunset's "suicide" back at CHS?

Yeah, that's actually something I'd like to see too.

It would be interesting since we saw/read Rarity screaming in horror after seeing Sunset fall from the roof of the school. Now we just have to wait to see the rest of the school's reaction and the aftermath.

Ok they know now who the real guilty part is will there be confrontation soon?

In another Interlude, yeah. I try not to rush things too much.

A pissed off Twilight Sparkle vs. The Entity.

Round 1... FIGHT!

Ok, I like how this is going. Glad i kept with it, look forward to more.

I know, glad they will be and hoped they are forced to confess, and will they actually get a real punishment not the dam detention but expelled?

Now, this was a nice chapter. Loved the no BS mindset that Twilight was in. However, when she was choking Rainbow, I was expecting her to say this.

I want this so badly now XD

Now that I think about it, it works too well XD


I think adding that would ruin the flow. It’s such a recognizable quote that it turns twilights actions into a comedic bit when the scene is trying to be serious.

Well. This happened. I'm interested to see how it goes.

This is dark in all the right ways it worrying... I love it

Oh man! This gotten so Dark! Sunset is becoming more and more broken!
I really really hope Twilight and the others see and hear all this!
I want to see how they react knowing it's all their fault, Sunset become so broken and for sure want the CMC to see not be spared any of it!

Well. This is a flawless adaption and I'm loving it. Plus I laughed. Congrats.

This is bad. They really messed up. And it may be unfixable.

And it's slowly taking its toll on Sunset. Perhaps the Entity will get something else, perhaps a survivor that's gone mad. And from the way things seem to be going, nothing can bring her back to Sanity.

... I like this a lot. :pinkiecrazy:

This, along with a bunch of DBD videos makes me wanna do a sorta parody. Bed By Twilight, where Pinkie gives her friends wayyyyy too many cupcakes and they can't fall asleep. They end up running off somewhere and its up to Pinks to hunt them all down and put them to sleep. Literal sleep, that's not a metaphor for killing them.

I feel like one of these will be The Doctor and Sunset could be at Tier 3 Madness and still not give a buck. Or maybe she'll be a permanent Tier 3 Madness.

Whew! Awesome chapter, and don't worry. I figure this wasn't a revenge fic, but i figured there would be Consequences, and I really hope they all pay for it big time!


That'll be up to me, lol. I did say to someone else that this fic is intended to have a happy(ish) ending. Realistic, but not darkfic ending. I'm glad you're enjoying it though :twilightsmile:

I'm rooting for Tempest to be Sunset's true love, and hoping the girls there become her true friends.
Also hope everyone in the school gets their their ases chewed out for torturing Sunset and helping Anon A Miss.

This took me awhile to catch up, but I'm glad I did cuz this is amazing! Crossing over a popular game with no plot with the most popular Sunset story arc was unexpected when I discovered this story, but by God you combine it so well & perfectly, I also wanna go buy the game, just to feel and understand what Sunset & the girls are going through!

Speaking of the girls, I'm very curious & interesting on reason you pick Starlight, Sour, Aria, & Tempest as well as their (unfortunate) purpose for being stuck there before Sunset shown up. Also I gotta admit, the second Tempest spoke in Spanish that threw me off completely, but the more she spoke, the more I enjoy it & I can see her as a latina, it suits her so well. :twilightsmile:

Congrats I-A-M, you got yourself a new reader with their full attention in me as I can't wait for more! Oh one more thing... Please ship Tempest & Sunset, I just love the way Tempest calls Sunset "chica" in almost in every situation! :raritywink:

Was the Watcher Freddy or something else? Anyways, I love how all the girls reveal on how they were sent there in the 1st, but the real question now is this... They fail against the Watcher, can they survive who's next?

There's no Watcher character at the moment. Freddy is The Nightmare.

the watcher is mike myers

No it was the shape of the Halloween Update, ir it was Fredy he would have to put them yo sleep and Fredy dosen't hace a heartbeat he has a courus of singing children.

Just saying.

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