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i sincerly hope gilda is enough of a bad influence on sunset that when the turth does come out and the rainbooms come to apologize sunset KICKS THERE COLLECTIVE ASSES! :flutterrage:

also awesome story please update soon this is seriously great, possibly the first time i've seen gild cast this way. too bad sunset doesn't have any bits, those two deserve to be happy.

also Gilda reconstructed what are essentially a great replica of clawed gauntlets from scratch with no real instruction, thats impressive engineering skill, i hope sunset points this out to her.

For whatever reason, this reminds me of the movie, "The Bodyguard" I was curious on what was gonna be your next project & by God, this is amazing!

I'm going to be enjoying this one just for not having Gilda as the go-to person to assault Sunset.

Right? I swear to god that's half the reason I wrote this. Every single story had Gilda as a mostly one-dimensional thug or at best a two dimensional antagonist. I don't think I've ever seen her characterized as anything positive in any Anon-a-Miss story.

I'm really glad you guys like my depiction of Gilda! :twilightsmile:

I love Sunset x Gilda friendship and romance stories. There aren't a lot of them, but those that are, are well written and with so much emotion. This is AMAZING and I want more! Keep it coming!

Well this is amazing. I can't wait for Sunset to act like she forgives the Rainbooms and then just kick their collective asses into the ground once she gets close. Gilda is great.

Happy to find another Gilda/Sunset shipper out there lol. Love your version of Gilda and I have to say this is a very different Anon-A-Miss story that has so much potential and so many possibilities. I can't wait to see where this one goes. Have a 👍

If you want stories with Gilda playing advocate check out Broken by Silverwind14 and Unexpected Allies by Eternal Sunset

I'm kind of curious what other ones there are, I haven't run across any I don't think.

I'm also fond of the Gilda as an advocate spin on Anon-A-Miss stories
It's a nice change of pace


I dont ship them but i did put them on the same side.


Right? I swear to god that's half the reason I wrote this. Every single story had Gilda as a mostly one-dimensional thug or at best a two dimensional antagonist. I don't think I've ever seen her characterized as anything positive in any Anon-a-Miss story.

The reason that there are a lot of Gilda being portrayed this way is because they're basically trying to copy Dainn's usage of Gilda in his Anon-A-Miss story where all this originated. Back then it was something original and got incredibly popular, but like all things popular, people want to try to emulate it and hope for the same type of success. It's also incredibly easy to write Gilda like this as before Season 5, her only major appearance was in Season 1, where she acted like a bitch to everyone that wasn't named Rainbow Dash. That along with her voice and appearance lends credence to the belief that human Gilda would be more akin to a street thug and bully, and since Gilda has never made an official appearance in the EQG universe, no one can really say that Gilda is 'OOC' or something like that because there's no evidence pointing to the contrary.

Also, if your looking for stories where Gilda doesn't go all 'mob justice' on Sunset, check out "Unexpected Allies".

Really enjoyed the first chapter, you got my interest.

Better punishment: she makes the Rainbooms confess instead of the Crusaders because they're apologizing hollowly without really getting it on top of telling her that they were never friends.

Love this one so far! Keep it up!

Oh, and am I the only one that thinks that this ship is actually plausible?

I love these types of ships, they're just so heartwarming <3

The only downside I've seen so far is the height difference. 6'2 is tall for a teenager even for a guy (personal experience). Sunset Shimmer is only 5'3 which means Gilda can see the top of her head and by time she's 21 she'll be about 6'4 which isn't unheard of for females but isn't exactly commonplace either. My point is the height difference (IMO) is off for an exchange between two girls

“Hey, just because I don’t have a big bubble butt like you doesn't mean a thing! I’ve got plenty of assets!” Sunset brought both hands under her breasts and lifted them. “Look at these girls! Seriously, it’s nuts! I’m like five foot! What kind of mad quirk of evolution gives a five foot girl double D’s?! It’s madness! I’ll have back problems before I’m thirty !” At that point, Gilda was on the floor choking on her laughter, desperately trying to breathe but failing to get any air past her mirth.

I here you thire sunset im 5ft and i got gs.

I didn't realise I needed more of this until I did.

Shes definitely in the top percentile of height and weight for her age, I actually had a friend in high school who was 6’1” and that is alarmingly tall, I know. Though she was the volleyball teams ace so it worked out for her, lol. But yeah, Gilda is supposed to be kind of freakishly big, that’s sort of the point.

Oh ok. If that's the image you're going for then by all means please continue

Whoops, took me a minute to notice the author! Let me read this real quick...

This is really fun to read. Gilda is fun when she’s nice and I like the pairing between sunny and Gil. I’m really excited for more!

Woah, Gildashimmer! Now that's a quality crackship pairing.

Also, hella cool cover art. :rainbowdetermined2:

This is surprisingly good.

I am loving this story so far! I wish there were more stories with Gilda portrayed as tough and intimidating but deep down a caring individual. Also she and sunset are so cute with each other. They also balance each other out in a way: Gilda’s rough and tough personality compliments Sunset’s more gentle and caring personality. I can’t wait to see what future chapters have in store for these two! Keep up the awesome work and shout out to your girlfriend for the awesome cover art

See this right here? This is pretty good. I like how you written Gilda. She is still a hard ass and kind of a thug, but at the same time an okay person.

good story so far can't wait for the next chapter

While it definitely fits Gilda to be taller (and stronger) than normal in my opinion, I don't really feel like 6'1 is 'freakishly' tall for a woman.

Then again, I'm a huge fan of the quartz gems from Steven Universe, I went to high school with a girl who was at least 6'6 (tallest person in school at the time I think), and my mom is 5'10, so my perception may be somewhat warped.

I work with six women at work who are all 6 feet 5 inches tall so having someone as tall as Gilda is in your story is not freaky at all, in fact, it's actually kinda cool. Can't wait to see the next chapter you're doing a good job keep up the really awesome work. :twilightsmile:

Well that was tense. Sunset is gonna face a very long road to recovery provided she makes it through the night, and the rainbooms and crusaders are never gonna live this down(nor should they or the rest of the school). One question I have though, what about Twilight? No doubt she's worried about Sunset depending on how much time has gone by since they last exchanged messages.

love the story but now im curious about whats going to happen to the diemond dogs i hope it's painful 😈

I hate to be that guy but there's actually a site rule prohibiting stories including copyrighted song lyrics.

Don’t Post (Content)


  • Stories containing copyrighted song lyrics. Lyrics from MLP songs are allowed.

Damn. I'm a guy but 1 inch shorter

:3 eat shit rainbitches, but poor sunny

Id hate to be that guy too so thanks for doing it for me

Live’n let live, y’know. She left us alone after that.”

Anyone else sing love or let die real quick?

Also AJ shoulda recorded that punch and sent it to Gilda

Yup, actions and consequences. 6 months detention? No, 6 months probation. The DD's are going to need to answer for their crimes too.

Fuck, why do the most interesting stories come around when I least expect it and then show me things I didn't know I needed? Gilda x Sunset is now on my radar and I need more!

Seriously though, amazeballs story so far. I can't wait for the next chapter!

I was surprised by this chapter, can't wait to read the next one.

Also wonder if Gilda will go after Score or will he faces charges of attempted murder as well?

Say I-A-M, this latest chapter looks already like you're at the climax. So, what can happen next?

Full disclosure, I've got close to 70k words of this written and partially edited, so there is plenty more to come, trust me.



I completely missed that part of the rules, apparently. so I'm contacting support to see what I have to do. I'd really, really rather not change those scenes in the story, but if I have to I guess I'll have to gut those sections.

Yeah, I'm sorry to have to tell you that. On the bright side I don't think it'll hurt the story too much, but I just don't really like when fics have song lyrics in them to begin with, so I might be biased.

Also holy crap this escalated quickly. Chapter two and Sunset already almost dies. Great chapter

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