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Eternal Sunset

I'm a brony who likes to draw and write, My favorite Equestria girls character is Sunset Shimmer, I enjoy reading Fimfictions that deal with her seeeking redemption and anon a miss stories

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No that fic has sunset team up the dazzling this one is a divergent from the original anon-a-miss fanfic by Dainn

No, Sunset doesn’t get jumped in this one, It’s a divergent for Dainn’s Anon A Miss.

Well glad to read this story, and can't wait for more. I really hope the revelation breaks the Rainbooms up, well makes them cast Dash aside.
She proven to be a hypcrite, and Apple Jack matches if not more for saying Sunset is family, then throwing her aside.

Will Susnet throw int heir faces how they kept reminding her fo her sins and makingsure she never forget it, and then say no offense?
Love to see her throw that at them as well.

Ah, haven't read that one, and looking at the cover page and synopsis it looks a bit too angsty and grimdark for my taste as far as Anon-a-miss stories go. All I know is that Nuclear Option starts with the aftermath of Sunset walking into the trap set by Rainbow Dash and Gilda, which is basically how this one starts, except that it isn't a trap here.

The story is mostly sunset working with way more badass versions of the dazzlings who basically one up anon-a-miss by posting secrets that not only help those in need but stop two gangs and remove corrupt teachers and school council members thier are dark moments like that version of trixe was beaten and raped by her parents and one just plain gross secert

You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

I was talking about the one by Dainn. I actually read The Nuclear Option a couple nights ago, and while some parts of it took certain characters to places I'd rather not have seen them go, I found it enjoyable overall, and the portrayal of the Sirens to be quite believable considering their former immortal status. It's why I asked if this was divergent from that story, since Sirens being badass quasi immortals with hidden depths (Especially Sonata) is something I'd like to see more of (and So.Nata.Pony is too adorably diabolical to not love and want to see again)

O_O Is this a fix fic for a fix fic for a non-canonical comic? Casuse that is meta as all heck!

Also, kind of sad that a fix fic made in response to a comic that royally pissed off the readers and had characters acting OOC turned out SO MUCH worse in those very areas that it now requires a fix fic of its own. The world of fanfiction is a strange and confusing one.

Don't know why but I think they should get Diamond Tiara and Silverspoon to help.

Are you referring to Dainn’s Anon A Miss fic?

Really nice, already liked the first chapter that has been postet earlier in the AAM group. Looking forward to more :pinkiehappy:

At the end she should habg out with Gilda, Dumbell, Snips, Snails and Flash while flipping the Rainbums the bird


Welp I said I was going to read it and I have, it's good.


*brain. Can't. Process. Words.*

I love their plan. Can't wait for more.

My first thought was that was this the same story I was reading before

But even as a prank Plan to trick the trio into confessing isn't this a bit much?

now that's what I call being scared straight

I bet flash is already in the school record them being scare like rats. Just waiting for the confessions

This just took a turn from Good Change in the Storyline of Anon-A-Miss to EVIL PHSYCO KILLER ON THE LOOSE TEARING EVERYONE TO PIECES. This should be changed to M-Rating as well.

I know this is a trick, but goddamn it is a good one. Though I kinda like it when these stories go for this route for reals too :pinkiecrazy:

Suddenly they all heard a loud booming sound coming from outside causing them all to rush towards the cafeteria windows to see a column of black flames erupt from the ground before being dispersed by bat like wings and revealing Demon Sunset.

The students stared in horror as the demon Stared back at them, a sinister smile on her lips.

Hello everyone,”


Sunset: Kyoufu wo oshiete yarou. (I'll teach you fear)

Actually the gore tag is acceptable for a teen rating.

No really true, if the gore is descriptive enough it needs to be rated Mature

welp, better get that collapsable chair with some popcorn and some Root Beer. GO DemonSet! *Waves flags*

The students stared in horror as the demon Stared back at them, a sinister smile on her lips.

“ Hello everyone,”

Well... You have my attention!:rainbowderp:

:pinkiecrazy: Wow... Just...

Holy hell, man! :rainbowkiss:

The students stared in horror as the demon Stared back at them, a sinister smile on her lips.
“Hello everyone,”

To quote TheKingNappy

"I'm back again! Once again!

possible spoilers: but she's faking it, isn't she?

It's kinda obvious that she is.

“You lied when you said you were my friend, you lied when you told me that you forgave me for what I did to you and your friends!” Sunset shouted, her voice filled with anger and pain.

Applejack was taken aback but quickly recovered and glared at Sunset. “You know what, I’m glad I still had my doubts about you because you ended up proving me right.”

“Remember those words Applejack, you’ll soon regret them.” Sunset snarled.

“Your threats won’t work on me.” Applejack said in a defiant tone.

Oh, AJ. Once you know the truth, even the heimlich won't save you.:pinkiecrazy:

She's either faking it.....

Or this is turning into Solar Eclipse....

Please not be the second option

Love how this is turning out. I'm pretty sure i can tell what will happen, but I want you to prove me wrong

Awesome story. Can't wait for the next chapter. I have a good idea what happens next

Ikr?! Once the truth is revealed she'll regret saying those words.

Sunset certainly got a flair for the dramatic. Well, as long as this doesn't turn into an actual Solar Eclipse style gore fest, it should be fine.
I mean with the exception of Rainbow, none of the Rainbooms did what they did, out of any real malice. They were shocked, they were hurt, they lashed out.
Applejack still not trusting Sunset is kind of a dick move, but considering their history, not exactly hard to understand.

Ok, is she actually in Demon form, or is she using REALLY HIGH BUDGET special effects?

Because I want the former.

I bet princess Twilight is in on this. Because she absolutely pissed off at the students. She the one that told the principals the plan.

Still have my popcorn and root beer...great I need a refill.

Lemme guess, this is all smoke and mirrors and special effects, right?

Guess there’s only one thing to say about this:
Sunset...seeing all these students expressing their gratitude and supporting you has undoubtably filled you with DETERMINATION!

Hope the next few chapters are being written, though this seems a bit like Solar Eclipse, I think you have an original route here.

“It can’t be?!” A student shrieked.

Lol! The only thing I could think of when I read this line was about Ninjago!

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