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The life of a Wonderbolt is full of cheering crowds and awe-inspiring feats of flight. For Soarin, some of the most critical moments of all, the moments that have shaped and reshaped everything and everyone he holds dear happened away from the crowds and out of the sky. Sometimes the greatest changes wait until after the action is over.

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What a start. Definitely keeping watch on this one.

Interesting. Nice to see a different take on these two.

Wait, did Spitfire make Captain within 2 years of joining the Wonderbolts?

Well now.
A shame that spit and Soarin don’t wanna talk about it but I’m keen to see how things go with fixing thing and then the Meeitng in her office

Oh geez, what a pony to run into. :rainbowderp:

If Spitfire is smart, she'll point out in the investigation that that balloon was entering restricted military airspace and its drivers share a lot of responsibility for the accident.


This is pretty intense.

Might want to make it clearer that that's a hyperlink in the author's note.

Good idea. I don’t know why link text behaves that way now...

It’s, it’s over all ready?
I would have been keen to see that date. I quite like that picture. Where it has ended you have maid work though.

Well, I would say this is a good solid soarinfire story. I like how you built on the episodes content.

”So… have long have you been at the academy?”

Sorry, think you have a typo in this line, with another have instead of how.

This was a really good story :twilightsmile:

Did not go where I thought it would, and in a good way. Great job!

Whoops. Thanks for pointing that out!

I’m glad you enjoyed it :raritywink:

8741324 I was going to ask to see if I could talk you into writing more things with Spitfire (I haven't tried just asking anyone before, but figured it might work?), but then I saw that you were the author who wrote Idols :heart: So I think you're good!

That's some good stuff so far. Didn't realize we'd be tracking Soarin's entire career.

I wonder how he's going to feel about Spitfire later...

Oh dear. Looks like I got my answer.

Also, typo:

the beautiful pegasus ever

Heh. Not to mention nearly scaring off the most promising new flyer in ages by encouraging safety violations.

That turned out better than expected.

Thanks for the fic, and for the pic! I'm sorry I took so long getting around to reading this.

That certainly wasn’t what I expected- especially with such short chapters- but props for really delving into what we’ve seen of the Bolts and what it means for the team.

Huh... this was... fantastic. Short and on-the-point chapters, great characterization, great tie-ins to the shows episodes, good conflict and resolution... generally well-rounded. Wow. For what this is, it's quite under-rated. This should definitely get more views.
It was a good story. A really good one.
Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I could never write like that, let me in on the secret:pinkiehappy:

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