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Saddlesoap Opera is a Canadian Brony who loves to write and read fiction of nearly all kinds.


Several years have passed. Soarin has achieved fame and success as a Captain of the Wonderbolts. It’s a rank he’s held for a long time. Maybe too long. As the realities of the future ahead of him weigh on his mind, he discovers that he isn’t the only Wonderbolt thinking about what comes next.

Third Place Winner, Mana's Wonderful Wonderbolts Writing Contest

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A day after that, he cheerfully bobbed his head to a tune nopony else heard while he held back a trainee’s mane as she heaved into a bucket after a failed spin on the Dizzytron.

You can just hear the happy montage music in the background.

Great job on this one. c:

Celestia smiled demurely as crystal met crystal. “Your retirement.”


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Don't settle for it.

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Well this ending is both satisfying and absolutely not at the same time.
I feel the need for a sequel at the bar... Or a reveal of Surprise's name at least.

I don't want Soarin and Surprise to rejoin the Wonderbolts but that lack of closure is killing me here.

Good fic, I'm going to have to mull over throwing it on the e-reader but definitely a favourite here.

This revenge best served warm with a side dish of Princess Sunny-Butt.

I guess you could say it's served... sunny side up? :D

Great story, Saddles.

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I'm sad I missed out on prereading this. Great job!

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This was a nice little story.:twilightsmile:

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