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Can you see the world like I do? Can you smile away the pain? Can you feel the cold wind blowing? Can you smell the coming rain?


Spike has loved the beautiful and graceful Rarity with all of his young dragon heart from the moment he had first laid eyes on her. The problem was that Rarity barely noticed him. One day he decides to make his intentions known to her, only to find that she has her eye set on the handsome Baron Summersday and his quest may have already come to an end.

Meanwhile, Rarity — after the disastrous event of the Grand Galloping Gala — has been in contact with a stallion named Baron Summersday via mail, as the finale of the Gala prevented him from meeting her in person. After several missives between themselves, he invites her to his mansion for the weekend as an honored guest. Rarity sees this as the possibility of her dream of finding the one for her finally becoming a reality.

But is this really a dream, or a nightmare instead?

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Yay its back! Not often I get to favorite a story twice!

What are you talking about? This is the first time I've ever...
You're not buying this, are you?

I thought this story sounded familiar, and seeing the name Summersday brought it all back. Great story. :twilightsmile:


Yes, I'm afraid I had somewhat of a snit and pulled it. Apologies to one and all. :facehoof:

I'm working on an extension to Sun and Mon as well, so when I repost it there'll be more to see.

941684 Never left. Inter-dimensional timey-wimey...thing.

It's now a year ago.

You're not buying that either, are you?

This story is absolutely fantastic. :pinkiehappy:
10/10, my good sir.:eeyup:


Second part really adds to it, doesn't it? And I never even planned to write it - it just hit me.

First Sparity story in days, and I've already read it. I could cry.

Well it's still a fantastic piece. You and your open ended endings.

I evidently missed it the first time, but I'm glad it's back.


YES you're reposting! Er, I mean, posting, for the first time...ever.

Time to read.

P.S. no apologies needed--there are things that get to everyone, you know?

941721Wibbly wobbly. Timey wimpy.

Yeah, kinda lost that sentence.

Well, I can hear you.

Not hear you exactly, but I know everything you're going to say.

Oliver, Oliver,
Never before has a boy asked for more,
Oliver, Oliver
Won't ask for more, when he knows what's in store,

I WONDER WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT!? Good story, btw. Fav and thumbs up.

Excellent, excellent, excellent, excellent!
So glad to see this back!!!!

Normally I'd give you a backhoof to the back of the head, but I suspect that your Avatar is the origional black and white version of Gigantor/Tetsujin 28-go, and as such you get a pass. THIS time!

Damn cliffhangers please we need more


Actually, I wrote this a year ago, and the Rarity chapter and epilogue about a month ago. I've already been featured there - a miscommunication had the person I sent the new link to think this was an update, so it was posted as one.

Seth has since fixed that, but my story was already in the update topic, so he it left there.

S'alright. Worked to my advantage anyway.

Didn't I already have this favorited? Nah! Couldn't be.


Wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey.

I covered that. :pinkiehappy:

*drops a note to Celestia* Dear Princess Celestia, Baron Summersday has been toying with mares' hearts and just so happened to crush Rarity's dreams. Here is a recording of her crying.

*the next day, Baron Summersday's mansion in mysteriously reduced to ash by a stray solar flare and as astronomer happens to spot the Baron on the Moon in a pile of bananas...* :trollestia:

What happens next? please tell me!!:fluttercry:

FEED US MORE...Sparity fanfics please! :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

My very first story, too. It was originally one part, and then I added the second part and the epilogue.
Over a year later. :rainbowlaugh:

1840881 The ending is nice. It leaves the ability for the reader to interpret the implications. Did they get together? Did they not wanna risk their friendship? How did the conversation go? It's nice.


And that was exactly the point - you know where this going, but where does it go next? :raritywink:

1841156 I've actually allowed my usual "Need solidification" nature slide for this fic, mostly because I love Sparity fics. :o

I thought of two words to describe Rarity, Drama Llama. :raritycry:
I do not write this to be cute or silly, just saying. :rainbowlaugh:
Spike why do you have a crush on a Drama Llama?:ajbemused:

Nice Spike/Rarity piece. Added to Twilight's Library.

Comment posted by SuperGiantRobot deleted Jul 18th, 2013

Stories like this remind me why I'm quite fond of Sparity. Nice work.

Worst thing I've ever read.

2973218 This comment wouldn't be funny if you had a different username.

Meanwhile, Rarity - after the disastrous event of the Grand Galloping Gala - has been in contact

Em-dash (—) alt code 0151, not hyphen (-).


Never really saw the point to this whole 'em-dash' thing, myself, seems like over-complicating things for the sake of it. :ajbemused: At the end of the day, a dash is a dash. Unless it's a Dash. :rainbowlaugh:

There's a very distinct difference between the two. A hyphen is used to put two words together (i.e. hard-working, long-running, rainbow-maned, etc. Em-dash is to replace pretty much everything—commas, semicolons, ellipsis', etc—when necessary. It is so significant that it could be the difference between getting featured on EqD and not getting featured there.

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