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Can you see the world like I do? Can you smile away the pain? Can you feel the cold wind blowing? Can you smell the coming rain?


A collection of my stories from Thirty Minute Pony Stories.
That's it.
That's all.
Nothing more to say here.
And hopefully, enjoy.

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Hey, just p(r)eaching the faith here.


Isn't it appearant that there aren't?

Don't go raisin a fuss.

Good work, my waifu. Sorry, tungsten is the best element and is therefore my waifu.

i stil luv u, bby:heart:


What's that bitch tungsten got that I don't?

3649909 She don't melt until, like, 5000 C. Plus, she purty.

How do people even manage to keep rhyming for more then like three sentences. I suck at it.

Well, apart from "STOP. RGHT.(rght?) THERE.", I didn't see any glaring flaws. I like this, because it shows heart. Heart never goes out of style.
Plus, I like Flutters and Dashie. Upvote from me.

You have a beautiful writing style. Looking foward to more!

I read this letter and Pipsqueak's to Luna. :pinkiehappy: Both are absolutely adorable and lovely. :raritystarry: I hope to see more interaction between Luna and Pip in the future. :rainbowkiss:

This was very cute. It really felt like pinkie.

Very sweetly done. I really enjoy seeing more stuff with Carrot and Cup.

*Facepalms and groans* Bravo, that was wretched but bravo.:rainbowlaugh:

Very sweet and nicely written. Doesn't totally feel like Fluttershy to me, but I can't really articulate why.

This is another one that just doesn't sound like Twi to me. Maybe the polar opposite thing since she's very opposite to a lot of her friends. Perhaps the idea that her life would be empty without Pinkie as it sounds like she's dismissing her other friends.

Just my two cents.:twilightsmile:

Very nicely done. This really resonates as Granny.


Yeah, but the letter is to Pinkie specifically, so it wouldn't really make sense to say 'oh yeah, and the others, too.'


Or, to put it another way: she loves her friends (something that should be assumed without even being said) but Pinkie is the one who 'gets' her in that just right way, and vice-versa.

This is really great. A lot of authors struggle with writing foals, you clearly do not:pinkiehappy: My only grips is the idea that Pip knows how to use italics properly, but that's a fairly minor issue. I would maybe suggest underlining it or bold.

you can also upload image files in stories if you wanted to make this look even more like it was written by Pip:twilightsmile:

This is lovely. It really feels like Luna's voice and she's another one that can be hard to pull off at times. My only confusion was the comment abut Snails as Pip mentions he has another friend named Snips. Luna makes it sound as though Pip is his only friend.

That's a minor quibble as I really enjoyed both of them. I'd be curious to see you write more pony letters if you're inclined.

This one I don't feel I can really comment on as I've not enough experience with poetry to comment.

Its in haiku format. It basically tells of how the six had to go their own ways eventually.

4305173 Like I said - a play on words like Poison Joke. Perhaps I'll pull it and do some editing.

Nicely done, feels a bit sparse in terms of description of others around and the scene but still a cute little piece.

I confess I stopped at the beginning with the line about earth ponies having no magic as that's not accurate. The show and faust have stated that earth ponies have increased strength and growing magic.

Just happens to be a personal quirk that throw me out completely.


Yes but it's not noticeable magic, like an actual spell or anything. No earth pony thinks to themselves 'I'm doing magic here', they just go on being earth ponies.

Interesting idea but again doesn't feel fleshed out enough to make me feel invested in the story,

4290604 I get that, but it still sounded to me like she was snubbing her friends.

Interesting idea, but doesn't really sound like Pinkie to me. Not a huge issue, just a mild feeling.

There was a sigh, with all the strength of a tornado behind it.

I think this would've worked better if it was clearer that to the ants it would be like a tornado, otherwise it sounds like Pinkie can cause gale force winds.

4305202 This feels like a hollow argument as we don't know that for sure. It's entirely possible when they're moving a heavy load they're tapping into their innate magic and ditto for growing things.

As well by your argument, pegasi have no magic since they don't have visible magic when they fly. Birds can do the same thing but aren't considered magical. Yet pegasi are said to have weather magic.

If you're stating magic only as "it has a visible aura" then yes unicorns are the only ones with magic, but I feel that's not accurate to the show, which espouses balance between all three.

4305148 Fair enough, still standing by my statement of I'm not comfortable commenting on poetry.:pinkiesmile:


Oh, then you won't know what to do with The Ballad of the Two Sisters'... :rainbowlaugh:


The first part alone took two or three months to write.


I\'m actually working on that.

Ironically, I can't make it look right. :rainbowlaugh:


I didn't scare you off or anything, did I?

4313216 Not at all! I just finished what was published at the time and got distracted by shiny things. Ferret remember. :rainbowlaugh:

Excellent. The admiral approves.

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