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Can you see the world like I do? Can you smile away the pain? Can you feel the cold wind blowing? Can you smell the coming rain?


Zecora, the zebra shamaness has lived in the Everfree Forest for some time, but has never gone beyond except for the sake of finding roots and herbs for her potions that her woods cannot supply. But upon making friends with young Apple Bloom and later Twilight and her companions, she has taken it upon herself to travel beyond for a time. Stopping at Sweet Apple Acres for a minute to speak with Applejack, she catches the eye of Macintosh. The stallion falls for Zecora at first sight and then does something very poorly thought out to prove himself to her...

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SuperGiantRobot, you cease to fail me.

I have read this story before, or at least one that was nearly identical :trixieshiftright:


That was probably mine - I decided to expand on the story. Check my Da link.


Aha! Good, good, always happy to see expanded stories :twilightsmile:

(I was wondering why there was no link in my document)

I like the premise. Never thought of this idea before and I'm embarrassed for it. Good job.


There are a couple along this line now, but I may have been the first one to do a Zecora/Mac story, taking into account that the original was written about a year and half ago.

Don't quote me on that, though.

Haven't I read this before here? I swear this is not the first time I've seen Zecora head to Manehatten. Still good start.


Not Manehattan, now that we know that's it's a good distance away - this is a sort of sister city: 'not the same as the original, but a close copy.'

I found something, well... two somethings really. :twilightsheepish:

Twilight turned back to the zebra. “Sorry about her, Zecora. Sometimes she has a tendency to say what’s thinking before she thinks about what she’s saying.”

The sight of him had stirred something more in her, especially now that she though of him,

Ah... I stand corrected, and you are right Manehatten would be too far though seeing Zecora on a train would be interesting.


Thanks; a bit tricky to edit on a PS3 with only a thumbpad...:pinkiehappy:


Wait'll you see what Ihave planned for poor Macintosh...:trixieshiftleft:

Hmm, I'm not really a big fan of ZecoraMac, but so far, these seems interesting. Proceed.

oh good was beggining to think you missed the part about cutie pox episode lol good story will be favved

Their is just one thing that bothers me a bit about this fic. That is the opening line, I don't know why. But other than that I really like this story!

What kind of language did you use for zecora?


Swahili. That's a direct translation.


'It was mid-morning when the zebra mare trotted into Ponyville' perhaps?


Could be, Not to sure could just be the mid-day part.

You have engaged my interests. Just tell, where it is this will be going?
But please, do so continue.

i like the idea of big mac and zecora together its diferent but good

OOOOOOOO! :pinkiegasp: I've never seen a ZecoraMac before!!! :pinkiehappy:
This looks really good...Definite read later! :eeyup:

It would have been funny if he turned into a filly haha but anywho I would like my moar comrade soon

Say what! This just got more interestin.

Well the good news is that Granny likes her, bad news he faced Toxicodendron philogelos or more commonly known as Poison Joke. Well at least he is heading towards his lady love who is skilled at curing it.

Have I read this story before? It seems familiar yet different.

"Ewe mungu wangu.... They must feed him foals..."


I’m sorry, Macintosh, I didn’t mean to stare
I was simply caught unaware
I’ve not seen the like, nopony your size
Your appearance came to me as quite a surprise!

Psst! you forgot to put quotations around this!:trixieshiftright:

Dat ending..... Oh sh*t:pinkiegasp:

hi hi

Would you look at that, its the picture I drew a while back. Fancy seeing that here. :ajsmug:

Comment posted by SuperGiantRobot deleted Jan 16th, 2013


Oh, was it you? Cool, I'll credit. I generally do if I know who did it.

Ah ha! So this is what that Zecora stuff before was about. *starts reading*

oh wow i cant wait to see how mac gets out of this one :rainbowlaugh:

Oh Macintosh... Didn't your sisters tell you about Poison Joke?:facehoof:

Well that's what he gets for refusing help...

An interesting ship, you have my curiosity.

Edit: Pretty good :eeyup: I'll look forward to more of this

Yeah, I too feel as if I have read this before. Reupload?


Sorta. Not just a re-upload, I've expanded the hell out of ot.


Allrighty. Lets see what's new then.

I can honestly say this is the first time I've seen a shipfic that has actually triggered anything even remotely fan-boyish inside me :pinkiehappy:.


Cool. One day I just thought to myself: "Hey, this has never been done. And the two places are kinda close. Let's do this."

This is actually a re-write. The original was written a year ago and is a lot smaller, hence the author's note.

Well, I look forward to reading it in its entirety :derpytongue2:


it ain't getting any better for Mac, let's put it this way.

In the summary, Twilight is missing an "L" and an "I"

Reading now...

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