• Published 29th Oct 2017
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A Zeppelin Named Desire - ArmadilloEater

The Sparkle family has a very special way of sharing their love for one another. The zeppelin trip seemed like the perfect occasion for a good hard family loving, but with Star Tracker around Twilight has to change her plans. Or does she?

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Blame Kanashiipanda, his great Sparklecest series have corrupted my mind.

I'm sure you want comments of: "You bad person!" For that final part, but honestly I've seen it too often at this point to get that worked up.

Instead I'm going to assume that if the 'right' was clear, there's be no point in one being in the middle so WIN for Tracker there!

Yeah I kinda got that vibe with the paternity marks.w

You never know. Maybe her insides are formed wrong, and her womb is more to one side :P

Hey, if that's the case and his mark isn't there, maybe the Grinch will cart her off to the North Pole saying "There's a light on this pony that won't light on one side!"

This was a great read, and I almost wished that there was a sequel to this story, with Starchaser becoming a confident stallion along with Twilight.

Haven't read it yet, but I have to compliment you on the name alone

To be honest I just saw the "oh my god" image and couldn't stop laughing. Had to use it somewhere, seemed appropriate. As for Star Tracker... I'll let you decide what happened there!

I do love that idea, wanted to use it for a while. Also Kanashiipanda is a golden god of smut, praise be.

I actually didn't know that in English you couldn't use "step-sister" as an equivalent, fixed, thanks!

Star Tracker seems like a cute character, yeah. I could see a fic with him learning to become confident, à la Fluttershy. Heck, Iron Will was even in his ep, it fits!

It's deliciously cheesy, isn't it? Also loved that movie when I was younger, never thought I'd make a reference to it in a smutfic though.

His eyes widened as the last layer of semen fell away, and...


Super hot otherwise, good stuff.

Come on!!!!! Don't leave it on a cliffhanger like that!! I was so hyped about it. YOu ruined it.

Maybe you could do a sequel focused on Star Tracker getting mares. Just a thought.

armadillo you magnificent bastard!

Just for shits and gigs, how many foals did you put in poor Twilight?

Real ending: Zeppelin Crashes and explodes because thats what zeppelins do.

Are you talking about the Hindenburg??

Zeppelin crashes were fairly common, even though Hindenburg is the most famous crash. They were afterall filled with hydrogen and were easily set on fire. So he doesnt have to talk specifically about Hindenburg but about Zeppelins in general.

So they explode, very appropriate username for the guy that commentet about it.

By the time of the Hindenburg crash, Zeppelins (and other brands of rigid airship) had begun using non-flammable helium instead of hydrogen. In fact the Hindenburg herself was designed with the use of helium in mind, but because the only supply of helium on the industrial scale needed for an airship was from the USA who banned the export of helium (presumably because they mistakenly believed that airships were still relevant for military use despite being utterly BTFO by fixed-wing aircraft in every way) the designers were forced to use hydrogen instead. The rest, as they say, is history - but amazingly, 'only' 35 of the 97 aboard when it exploded died.

Zeppelin-brand Zeppelins are still in use today.


Talking about Zeppelin history in general. Here's pretty much (Edit) MY knowledge on zeppelins. https://youtu.be/pY6U0mj3e5Q

You never disappoint me ArmadilloEater.

>Comment section about an incest pony orgy goes full air-ship history discussion.
I love the internet sometimes.

8517912 8517980
I should probably feel bad about that ending. But then I look at that troll 2 image and just picture Star Tracker doing the exact same face and the exact same line... Worth it.

Not ending that with the "I read your book!" part of the quote. I'm disapoint Bliss. Hope you enjoyed this silliness!

You know those little trees you put in your car to make it smell good? Imagine one hanging from a mare's tail, masking her scent. That's both cute and completely dumb, eh? That's why it's magic!

About as many as the number of licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

As long as people like it, i'm happy! Cheers!

Please make a story about Star Tracker and a harem for him. I think that should be in order.

Have an upvote just for the name.

A sequel showing the hilarity of the following pregnancy would be amazing.

You know I'm sure one of these days they're going to do an episode about Twilight and her family that doesn't result in a bunch of incest fanfics. What a dark day that'll be.

I get more of a hard on for history than ponies anyways... maybe sorta kinda.

You teasing bastard with that cliffhanger ending!

“Uh… Oops?” She said, grinning sheepishly. “Did I do that?”

Well... let's say he didn't and was disappointed.

Then let's say he does indeed hang out with them a bit more, and I dunno talks with Twilight, Cadance, and Velvet at some point.

Perhaps Twilight being knocked up is still a bit sore on it happening now that she's calmed down and MAYBE all three mares decide Night Light and Shining have fathered more then enough foals at the moment, and maybe it's time for them to see how it feels to carry a foal, so perhaps they change Shining and Night Light into sexy mares and insure they're 'extra fertile' and Star Tracker is their pick for the lucky stallion that gets to put a bun in their ovens...

And on a totally unrelated note, do you take requests/commissions? :P

You cannot be blamed for such magnificence.

Well done. I wasn't sure I was going to like this, since I found Star Tracker a little bland in the show, but this was a sweet and raunchy ride.

We used to raise guinea pigs, and one of them was so pregnant she had to pull herself with her front feet because she couldn't reliably reach the ground any more with the hind ones.

I'm picturing that for Twilight.

So twilight has around 252 foals now.

Just FIY, I tweaked the ending a bit, to make it less cliffhangery. I thought it was fun, but a friend made me realize it was just mean.

I'm sure Star Tracker will get some love on Fimfic. I don't plan on doing a sequel to this particular story though, sorry.

Don't talk about such things, how awful!

I imagined Cadance doing the same voice, yes. It was that or "I accidentally Twilight's womb."

You might enjoy the new and improved ending. As for commissions/requests, I can't say I do. I've tried to work with others, be it collab or under direction, and I don't really do well in those cases, sorry.

See if you like the new one!

Also think with may one day see a sequel where Spike finally gets involved???

i feel sick but still jerking off! ..........

That was really hot, very sweet, and just, all around amazing. Little ehhhhhh....... about the whole, accidental pregnancy being put on Twilight like that without her being alright with it. Get it was an accident but still....

Though still really good story, and do prefer an ending that makes things clear. This was a great little Kaniishipanda-esque romp, and amazing how nice they all were to Star, letting him join in, and being kind, gentle (ish) and understanding, just letting him enjoy his first time... yeah, aside from the above personal ehhhhh bit, this was just gloriously sexy and sweet.

Well, are you going to make him have a harem story?

perfect story. however i would love to know how the foals looked

Comment posted by Strange quark 42 deleted Oct 31st, 2017

sooooooo did star tracker achieve his goal?(impregnating twilight) because if not I feel so bad for the little colt :fluttercry: and honestly if he DIDN'T achieve his goal....nothing an infinity stone cant fix https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/disney/images/e/e2/EyeofAgamottoEW.png/revision/latest?cb=20161027235647 cause star tracker deserves a happy ending so if I have to do a sequel myself where I self insert my oc from the 4th dimension to use the time stone to reverse time and ENSURE he impregnates twi....I guess that will have to happen......although after seeing these bits "His cutie mark did look very nice, shining faintly on Twilight's rounded belly." and "She ran her hoof over the paternity marks, then looked up at the fathers of her foals. She gave Shining Armor a loving gaze, directed a smitten expression to her father, and finally she turned back to Star Tracker. They stared at one another, both a little lost and scared... then Twilight grinned at him, the warmth in her expression making him melt into a puddle of happiness." id say he did achieve that goal....at least I hope so

Haven't read the story yet, but added it to the later pile. I read the description and what it will contain, and I immediately thought of Brandon Rogers' depiction of 'the aristocrats'

That new ending makes me happier than a story about magical talking horses probably should.:raritystarry:

I don't think I'll be any follow-up to this story, but I can imagine a good story about Spike suddenly being presented with the hidden side of his family. His reaction should be fun to write! I'm just not sure I'll have the time to work on such a story, I have a bunch of fics already lined up, sorry.

Remember to stay hydrated and don't slip on the puddles after you're done.

She was a little fearful, but she did want it deep down: you can see her daydreaming about it when Velvet brings up foals. In the end she was happy about it, once the shock wore off, but I do see your point. Glad you enjoyed the story otherwise!

I'm sure they are super cute, and will grow up to be complete nerds like their mother. Also probably all alicorns. Equestria is doomed!

All of the Sparklecest, yes. ALL OF IT! Wanted to do some Sparkle pairings for a while, didn't know with which to start, and then zeppelin ep happens: all of them, in a cruise, all together in a royal suite. How could I not jump on the occasion?

There's only one reason his cutie mark would be on Twilight's belly. :twilightsmile:

I tried to change focus only when a "scene" with a character was done, but I see your point. I just wanted to make sure to present Twilight's, Star Tracker's and Cadance's thoughts. Happy you liked it in any case!

You can thank a friend over at Derpibooru for that. He made me realize that cliffhanging in a story that is probably not going to get a sequel might be a good laugh for some, but also really mean for those that want a good conclusion. In the end I like the ending better now, and I'm glad you do too. Though I mourn the loss of that trolls 2 image.

oh noo we are all doomed Equestria is being over run by alicorns

Well that is such a relief:twilightsmile:...i guess the little guy has to become an OFFICIAL member of the sparkle family:twilightblush:......the reason i am relieved to hear that is cause i absolutely LOVE happy endings like if a story im into has a sudden sad ending i usually just want to insert myself in that timeline to rectify the lack of happiness

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