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Undome Tinwe

Do not go gentle into that good night./Rage, rage against the dying of the light.


In their darkest hour, the Dazzlings call upon an old ally for aid.

Written for the DARK REPRISE: Dazzlings Contest in the Dazzlings Ascendant path.

Edited by R5h.

(2017-12-03) Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Comments ( 6 )

The mythological and historical references alone make this great. That it also is a Xanatos Speed Chess match is delicious and much appreciated icing on a solid cake.

Thank you so much for submitting this!

Great stuff here! Love the interweaving with mythology and history, and the layered plan--especially how it turns the all-too-expected happy ending into a much more interesting one.

Author Interviewer

If nothing else, I really like how the scene with Twilight and co. played out. What happens when you mess with the Sirens indeed! :D

Evil against evil always makes for a thrilling read. No holds barred, no quarter given, no wonder I enjoyed it so much. The historical and mythological allusions were all fantastic additions. Thank you for this.

Now those are some sneaky sirens indeed.

Nice, I love the weaving of mythology. Nice detail about how they have fundamentally contradictory goals, dominion and peace against anarchy. And yeah of course the sirens are big fans of Eris.

Wonder if they had anything to do with Discordianism. Or if Eris is Discord in this world.

Very tricky plan. Can’t wait to see how it backfires. Between Sunset and Twilight, they’ve got some actual worthy opposition now.

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