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Lack of Tact

You drink any water today? Just 'cause I'm an asshole doesn't mean I want you guys dead from dehydration.


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You are Anon, the sole human of Equestria. Despite you living here for quite a while, you still discover new things daily. And since a minute here is pretty much ten minutes on Earth, you can discover quite a lot in a single day.

One of those things is that Fluttershy is a stoner.

Who knew?


I'm a piece of trash who writes crap when he's sick.
(I'll probably take this down to rework on it later, y'know, when I'm not coughing my lungs out)

Oh, that 'Sex' tag is pretty much bull, but I feel like I need it there.

Chapter Exclusive tags:
Puns - Chapter 1
Dialogue - Chapter 2
Regret - Chapter 3
Poon - Chapter 4
Missing Something - Chapter 5
A Bad Joke - Chapter 6

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 19 )

Well this was a thing.:pinkiehappy:

It's not late... nah.
Nah... it's just early, early, early. :trollestia:

Fluttershy is a secret closet stoner. You, uh, you don't know how to react to that.

The hell I don't- good for her!

Never apologize if you don't have too.

You don't have to.

This was a journey from beginning to end. I love it.

Well, that happened. :rainbowderp:

Sucks that you're sick, but what better way to get through it than writing crackfics? Good on ya!

I honestly don't know whether or not to upvote or downvote considering that last A/N... You tell me what you want and I'll indulge you.

Are you on drugs?

The hell did i just read lol


I don't know, sickness inspired trash.

How did he hear her wi- oh. Oooh.



Honestly, my reaction to when I first discovered what 'winking' was.

Damn, I don't know if she's horny or mental Ill. She kinda remind me of this...element....was it flutterfuck?

and here I thought crayola was bad....why in the fuck is every pony trying to rape anon!

hey finally some pony who's not trying to rape him...

Brah, she is official my homie, can I have some whead?

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