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12/05/2019 Note to readers:

"Fancied Apples" is currently undergoing an editing overhaul; expect updates again shortly!

She'd witnessed the Rainboom happen, but never felt the inclination to go home. Instead, Applejack had opted to stay in Manehatten with her Aunt and Uncle. As the years passed, she's eventually encouraged to go home for merely a visit.

However, that simple visit is turned into a more... permanent situation after unforeseen events. How will she ever get along with these Ponyville slobs? During the Summer Sun Celebration no less! And what's this? It's the Apple Family reunion as well... what more could go wrong?

First of the oddly formed All-Wrongiverse!

Accidentally inspired by Lost Apples by mageli7

By that, I mean I didn't know it was a thing when I started writing this out.

But seriously, it's good! Ya'll should go check it out if you like this :twilightsmile:

:twilightsmile: Enjoy :twilightsmile:

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 21 )

Great idea (not sure if it's been done before), and so far it's getting pulled off fairly well.
Can't wait to see more.

These are the type of ideas that keep me up at night, thinking of the many possibilities that come with it. These are also the type of ideas that give me a weird combined feeling of sadness, excitement, and uncontrollable anxiety that makes me avert my eyes from the text at every interaction. Knowing that each possibility is being check off somewhere in your brain........Good Job.



Thanks for that :yay:


Thanks a bunch you guys, hope ya'll enjoy the next chapter when it's posted!

Also, ignore the blocked writing above this :derpytongue2: Just something that's been happening for a couple of days :rainbowlaugh:

I think Applejacqueline is a bit of a mouthful. Why not just just Jacqueline?


Point duly noted.

I'll probably make the change when I post the second chapter :twilightsmile:

Ah just peaked at the first couple of paragraphs!
GAH! They're just so dang nice! Yer amazin. Ah hope the rest continues with the epicness. :D

*jaw drops*

That-That was... A-UH-MAZING!!! WOW! Thank you! To darnest to goodness THANK YOU for writin' this. Ah really hope you do update. This story has the groundwork to be one heck of a gem.



I wanna thank ya'll for your nice words, it means a lot that I've attracted the attention of such up-lift :pinkiesad2:

I hope I can continue to please and hope you'll, along with others, enjoy the second chapter when it is released.

(It's also great to see ya'll commenting on this story in the first place! I've seen your name float around quite often on a lot of other folks' stories :raritystarry:)

7764772 Jacqueline sounds better and it's more fancy than Applejack, anyway.

Interesting concept, I'll be keeping tabs on this

*wide grin*

Well ain't that sumthin. Hahahahah. Yer so diabolical! Gwah! That cliffhanger is just so dang sneaky!!
*takes a huge breath*

BUT GAH! Fun chapter! Ah like the references to the Summer Sun Celebration. Love how Jacqueline addressed Mrs. Cake. Also, ah plum forgotten that the wholeeee Apple clan will be at Sweet Apple Acres. Wooooooooooo.

Ah'm havin' a hoot with this story. Thank ye kindly for updating!

PS -
"Luckily I hadn't returned my bit pouch back to my suitcase, merely had it placed inisde of my coat's pocket. "


Thank you again for your words and for the notice, the error has been dealt with! :twilightsmile:

Hmmm. The more I think on it... Pinkie Pie is the same age as Applejack. So does that mean Pinkie Pie is the same age as Mrs. Cake.

How does that work? xD
Lol. Regardless, with enough thinkin' and squintin' it all fixes itself out.

Is this the first story of the All-Wrongiverse?


To answer your question, it is. I've got several others in the works as of now. I'll remove the 'newly formed' front as soon as the next one is posted!

when is the next chapter, i need to see the apple family's reaction, especially Apple Bloom's

this will be commented before read.

my nick name is Eevee so i can read this!

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