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Purple horse doing what purple horse do :twilightsmile:


Rated T for Teletubbies

My First Second Person (Anon) Fic

Just a typical day for you, the three familiar knocks at your door proves it.

Fluttershy's back for today's unique fetish guess, and that by itself is a problem. Honestly, you just want a normal day by yourself; no pony to bother you, too bad life really hates your existence for some reason.

If Flutterpriest would ever like me to take this down, I will without complaint. This is just a fanfic to his, well, fanfic saga :twilightsmile:

Even though its status is 'Completed', I may update from time to time with other random ideas such as this. Head's up.

Please note, Comedy is not in my blood!

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I had quite the chuckle m8. 8/8 I r8

Three gentle knocks sound in your living room and you force yourself not to gauge your eyes out.


Fucking Fluttershy, if it hadn't been for her, you were sure this day would have been over easy.

At least it wasn't HARD BOILED frOM-E-LETting the skillet stay against your face and she didn't POACH any of your other breakfast foods. Then she rushed away in FRIT, "TATAS" yelling as she SCRAMBLED her way out.


Thanks man, fixed that error! (Wouldn't have noticed it myself, I get confused between some words :rainbowlaugh:)

And no thank you :rainbowlaugh: too many egg puns for me good sir!

~Good to see someone got that horrid joke at the end though~

reads last sentence

*internal groaning intensifies*

That pun...:applecry:

I seriously expected megatron. Such dissappoint, son. All in all though good chapter :yay:


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