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Being a new kid at a private school is hard. Lucky for you, it's easy to blend into the crowd and lose yourself to the music that makes you feel at home. However, that doesn't mean you wouldn't like someone to talk to during lunch. To hell with romance, it would be nice to just have a friend.

A collection of social interactions.

I can understand a nervousness for the tags depicted in this story. It's mostly for the music being shared. But the music also matters as a part of the narrative.

Will Contain over a Slow Burn of the entire story: Sexually active teenagers with ambiguous ages, but implied they're of age (with no actual 'in book' sex), an attempted realistic depiction of high school stresses, themes of mental health struggles, self-discovery, consequences.

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1. Lemon Zest as a main character
2. Displaying personal musical taste through characters

I've actually done something similar myself, but I'll leave it at that. =)

Well shit, I'm hooked.

I think one of the things that's kind of awesome though, is that this story will be uniquely mine, due to the music taste I have, versus your music tastes being yours. Both of our tales will likely have very different stories to tell, and our Lemon Zest's will likely be different from each other. Especially since there is very little that's "Explicit" about her characterization.

True that.

I wrote Lemon as a lover of all music, not just metal. I figured that'd give her more character.

And you know what? The fact that there's very little that's "explicit" about her just makes her all the more fun to write!

Great Minds Think Alike

A collection of social interactions.

Does this mean that this story is an anthology?

It depends on what you consider an anthology.

Does it have different writers? No.
Will it be a collection of stories? Yes.
Are all the stories related? Yes.
Will each chapter have different tones and topics to discuss? Yes.
Will Lemon and main character be the only characters in this fic? Probably not.
Will other people's comments or input have any bearing on the story? Hell no.

So, basically he’s socially awkward?

Starting out with Rise Against, completely sold.

I think almost everything ever created was therapy for the creator. I'm not saying it was good or helpful therapy, but therapy none the less.

I can't wait to see all the songs you choose to employ.

Priest writing my favorite Shadowbolt...

Color me intrigued. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

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