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Hippophobia: An abnormal and persistent fear of horses. Sufferers of this fear experience undue anxiety even when a horse is known to be gentle and well trained. They usually avoid horses entirely rather than risk being kicked, bitten or thrown. They may also fear other hoofed animals such as donkeys, zebras, mules and... ponies.

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Yeah, I know, I have too many stories going on at once. I can't help myself. I get an idea, it gets stuck in my head and won't give me any peace until I write it out. So, yeah, enjoy another story about another poor unfortunate soul's tormented psyche.

867975 I know that feel bro :ajsmug:

Good luck on the story

This will be great.

He faints...
I swear that in almost every HiE fic, the human faints :P It's like they become anemic fainting goats...
Oh well, I'm more amused than off put anyway, continue!:pinkiehappy:

I too am afraid of horses.

I would've thought hippophobie would be fear of hippo's :p
You learn something new every day

872566 'Hippo' is Greek for horse. 'Potamus' means river. Thus hippopotamus= river horse.

867975 And I am rather surprised by the quality of this, tracking.

either he pissed himself or shit himself lmao :rainbowlaugh: :trixieshiftright:

*sigh* He's never the right kind of doctor :ajbemused:

Totally tracking this story. I hope this guy gets over his fear. Very different from the other HiE fanfics in a way that he was approached by Dr. Whooves first instead of one of the Mane 6. Very interesting... :coolphoto:

Well... This is certainly original at some point, having a pony fearing person sent to equestria. This can only go extremely well or extremely bad. :pinkiecrazy:
I'll look out for more chapters!

Always good to add something to my Favorites. I really liked this! Well written and funny for how short it was. I'm excited to see what you have in mind for Conrad and Whooves.

Disliked on my other accounts, good luck getting featured.

872566 Actually, it's incorrect, Equinophobia is the fear of horses. Hippophobia is the same thing, but more of a surname

interesting premise, I'll be watching you.:raritywink:

I like this kind of twist, keep going, bro :derpytongue2:

874011 Dude, what the buck? Why would you make extra accounts just to dislike a story? That's really immature.

874174 Hey I checked that Ernest guy's profile, he said he was leaving FiM Fiction 6 months ago. Lol, he's on a drunken stupor rage it seems. Don't listen to him and ignore what he does. BTW love this story. Please post another chapter soon! :scootangel:


Checked out his account, told him where to go.

Here, have a free thumbs up while I'm at it.

Oh Doctor, you're such a troll.
In all seriousness though, this is actually a pretty interesting twist to something that I usually hate. Nice job.

He's just an asshole who's been disliking stories and giving no good reasons as to why.
Mainly the stories that involve humans it would seem.

874011 I'm seeing 56 ups to 4 downs. I don't think your plan is working :trollestia:

I'm pretty sure all four of those are his considering he mentioned on another story that he disliked it with four different accounts

875002 Well, the experiment that says how many sockpuppets he can have hating at the same time before the mods IP ban him is on :moustache:

Tracked for the one liner at the end. Will be watching this hoping for more of the same.

Sorry it took so long to update this one. I promise I'll do better in the future.:twilightsmile:

If anyone is wondering what's up with Dr. Whooves' name, Time Turner is his official name, and I kind of like it.

You have my attention.

Finally, a Human in Equestria story that isn't terrible.

The Doctor is always the right kind of doctor.

Chapter 2 posted while I was reading Chapter 1.

This is the best night ever! :pinkiegasp:

As suspected, this is going to turn out for a long incredible read! I can't wait for more! He is officially scared shitless of ponies and now he practically lives in a world filled with them.

Too bad there isn't a "Horror" class for stories...

I've wondered what would happen if someone who was afraid of horses ended up in Equestria!

I feel sorry for all parties involved in this. Except that little part inside me that is laughing maniacly enjoying every sweet moment of pain/embaresment.:pinkiecrazy:


Everyone thumbs up this thing so it gets featured! :flutterrage:

Horses ALWAYS attack him? Must be foreshadowing the past here... :rainbowderp:

875451 You horrible, horrible person. Giving us a new chapter after less then 24 hours, how COULD you?

why hippo anyway?

wouldn;t equinophobia make more snese?

879068 Name one phobia with a name that makes sense.

arachnids = spiders :p

though to be fair hippo's re sometimes called water-horses

879137 .......... well... uh... shut up!

879137 See above discussion on the name.

I can see it, sitting with his arms wrapped around his legs, fetal position, rocking back and forth "Better safe than sorry, better safe than sorry...."

As soon as Twilight was talking about a friendship problem, I knew exactly what episode this was taking place in. And then I eagerly awaited all the misunderstood scenes.

... wait, if hippophobia is fear of horses... what is the fear of hippos called?:twilightoops:

..... Wow. I didnt know Big Mac swung that way.

Haha! I'm very entertained by the way you write, and weaving the story into a familiar episode was a good idea--especially this one. Poor Conrad. :derpytongue2:

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