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Well, I'm kinda disappointed. I'm a fan of the whole mounting thing.

I'll just say this, I stopped reading after the cutie mark descriptions. Epona's is fine, but a heart container for link? I just don't know... seems unlikely unless it symbolizes his courageous heart and willingness to help others. I honestly would imagine him to be more of a Hylain shield or Some version of one of his swords... not necessarily the master sword

When I first looked at the title of the story I didn't pay the rating even a glance so I didn't expected to be a M rated story.

Edit: I just read the author know that you had at the end. I remember beating endgame Ganondorf with the fishing rod. Was funny as hell too

Liked it before I even read it. Now I'm going to track as well.

The final fight of the most serious game in the series can be won using the most useless item in the game, a fact that is pretty much at the top of an Everything Wrong With about Princess Twilight.

Whoops, Twilight Princess.:facehoof:

7766659 Hah, I mention being able to win the last fight in TP with a fishing rod in my author notes.

7766658 If you read a little more closely, Link DOES have a different Cutie Mark: the Hylian Crest. In-story, he just 'covers up' his Cutie Mark with something more plain (the Cutie Mark) to fit in better.

7766659 hey it was just like dead man's volley the bottle back in ocarina of time, Who needs the master sword when you can deflect a deadly energy ball with just a bottle?

7766668 I don't remember that. Bit more detail please?

7766666 i'm sorry I guess I wasn't clear in my little rant there. I was referring to the replacement cutie mark. I was fully aware that the originals were hidden by the forbidden magic. I was just expressing my feelings for the replacement. I will admit however it is an interesting take on his cutie mark.
as I believe I stated in the original post that I had at the end that heart container could potential he represent his courageous heart and willingness to protect those he loves.

Sorry for not being clear

7766673 you know how in the end game of ocarina of time you had to battle Ganondorf over that center pillar. if you had an empty bottle on you you could ricochet the energy attack back at him granted you would have to switch back to the master sword to harm him again it was just a funny little thing that you could do during the serious boss fight at the end

I think this is the only fic here that ships the two of them, oddly. Wish there was a full story about it.

7766682 Always had fairies in my bottles, so never even thought of it.

Many Zelda games let you beat the final boss easily with a weak or useless item. Links Awakening even had an instant kill if you used the boomerang.

7766676 Ah, that makes more sense then, thanks (yeah, you didn't mention the latter part in your first post, so that's where I was confused).

7766700 It is (clopfic-wise, at least). While I have no number of Mane 6 pairings I'd love to write, I prefer to tackle stuff that has been done very little or not at all first.

This pleases me

Very interesting story a link x Epona paring first I see the pair together keep up the good work update more soon it's very interesting to read.:twilightsmile:

This is fun to read. I like this way more than the whole "human or Anon in Equestria". I also love the way these two live a normal domestic life. :twilightsmile: Have a like and a fave, and keep up the good work!

This is absurd how enjoyable this was.... there has to be more.... you hit on a weakness of mine. I ship Midna.... but I have been viewing a lot of ponified Epona art and fell in love... you sir/madam have won.

Is there any Ponified Midna art?

Some reason I see a mental image of Midna slapping Sombra silly.

The premise is brilliant.

7767077 Wouldn't Sombra be more like Ganondorf instead of Zant (he seems more like Discord, IMO)?

I'm going to be honest, I've bee waiting for someone to do this for a while now. Glad to see such a nice story written!


There are probably some, but I never really saw any. It's probably my own fault. But someone probably drew it.

Its a nice premise but i feel its potental is wasted in a clop fick...

I enjoyed what you've written so far. I especially liked all the knots to the legend of Zelda twilight Princess game you put in here. It will be very interesting to see where things go next. And I was wondering about if he was going to turn into a wolf or not.

I'd love if you started a story about link and epona's life, and maybe going on an adventure?

“Hyaa,” Link grunted

Glad this isn't over, I didn't get to really "enjoy" it because I started laughing too hard at the thought of Link shouting his "hya!"s during sex :rainbowlaugh:

Can't wait for more!

7768036 Trust me, I knew what I was doing when I wrote that :trollestia:. I always seem to end up writing some comedy bits into my clopfics, no matter what the pairing and fetish.

7766631 Oh, but there still is mounting, just of a different type :facehoof:

7766716 Yes, I thought it would after your comment on my last blog. I delivered!

7766863 Thanks!

7767122 I was mildly surprised that nobody else had done it yet, but that works for me. While I fully intend to write lesbian Mane 6 pairings some day, I would be in a crowded field when I do, so I'm content to write for niches like this that have had zero coverage.

7767583 That's next chapter, given all the hints I've dropped :ajsmug:

7768109 i'll be waiting by my computer anxiously. If it's anything like this, it will be hot, sensual, and worth reading.

Just curious, are you going to have any non-clop chapters? I would like to see how these two interact with other ponies in Ponyville.

1) Well, Link has been paired with several girls, myself either preferring Malon or Ilia. This is pretty new.

2) Would Epona be pregnant or is Link still all too human to be genetically incompatible?

3) There is a little grammar error.

but they had had sex enough times that the moment always passed.

Clopfiction or not, Epona is just the most adorable mare ever when she's an MLP pony.

Have a Like, have a Favorite, if I could give you anything else I would do so.

7768214 That's actually a valid sentence.
the first "had" is referencing time, the second is acting as "done" or "possessed".

7768177 And published. Unfortunately, no non-clop chapters, sorry. It's not that that's anathema to me (I did that in a previous clopfic of mine), just that I'm not really interested in it for this story. I'll never say never though, since it wouldn't be the first time I've decided to add new chapters to a story I considered Complete before.

Also, I saw you Followed me, so thanks for that! Much appreciated.

7768214 Pony Link x pony Epona is compatible, yes. Wolf Link, not so much, but that doesn't stop them from screwing when he's like that as you can see from Chapter 2!

7768336 A Follow (as an author, not on just this story) would also be nice! Thanks!

This is a nice little story, good enough that it feels like it could go on for several chapters, including a proper attempt at having foals.

I agree with Mythic. I'd love to see more of this pairing, especially with foals. (And I'd like to see the conception of those foals.)

Not bad, maybe you should continue it. Have a series of short stories of Link and Epona's adventures in Equestria. Epona's time in Ponyville as she tries to get white carrots :rainbowwild: and her interactions with the town's folk. While have Link fight a few monsters here and their. All the while trying to keep their identities a secret from Twilight and her friends.

The idea of Link having an adventure in Equestria has long been one I've considered doing myself. I've never fleshed it out because I doubted that I could do it justice, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate little vignettes like this.

7768687 And you know what? The more I think about it, the more emotional that conception story could be, mainly for Link. I mean, it seems like at this point that they've made comfortable lives for themselves in Equestria, but having a foal would carry a sense of finality; Once Epona gets pregnant, he's saying goodbye to his old world, even if a portal opened up a week later. I could imagine that making him pause, at least until she lets him know how happy she is with him there, and how wonderful their lives will be when they have a little one of their own.

This is a good enough concept that I could definitely see becoming a full, proper story, from their first steps into Equestria, to their budding relationship and marriage, to raising foals together. I think it's almost a waste for this to be just a couple chapters of clop when you seem skilled enough to do so much more with the idea.

If DaringDo is any indication, Link will not be wanting for elemental temples and magic artifacts.

IMHO Equestria is only slightly more magical than Hyrule.

7768710 *nods* Now that you say it, I can imagine it myself.

PKMN, you need to keep this series going please. Or at least add snippets now and again.

7768698 You? Not be able to do a LoZ x-over justice? I've (most) read Powers of Harmony and a large portion of your current work. You're a stellar author! If it weren't for how many stories you're currently working on, I'd said you'd should totally go for it!

7768537 can't wait for work to be done! And I get it. Some stories are for the sensuality of it all, and others are for the plot. Then you have those that are all plot. Very big plots:raritywink:.

And you're welcome for the follow. I figured if this story was this good so far, and your writing style is like this, I might as well give your other stuff I'll try. And I believe in supporting writers with promise.

Epilogue: And then Epona got preggers.

I've not yet made the full trek through Twilight Princess.
But I've played Ocarina of Time more times than anyone should in their life and I laughed so freaking hard at

Do do do, do do do, do do do do do

Oh god that is hilarious.
It's Epona's song! You play it...and SHE COMES!:rainbowlaugh:
Okay, reading the rest of the story now

So Link & Epona feat Daring Do when?

7768710 I wholeheartedly agree with this.

a vary good story it looks to be put to gather rather well.
not to answer you question PKMN Trainer Red
I have no idea what I'm doing. And by that, I mean I have no idea how long a wolf knot is supposed to last for, so for all I know it could be several hours instead of several minutes.
I am thinking they a wolf would fall under the same as a K9 so they would tie (knot) for any ware between 5 minuets to up to 45 minuets but that is one the long side and rare.
ok right from wiki very brief (less than one minute) African wiled dog. typically between 5 and 20 minutes. (but sometimes longer), no time listed. there is a listing for wolfs stated as same times as k9. so my guess of 45 minuets may be way out probably more like 30 for the high side.

*reads description*
You know, I'd actually be a lot more interested in this if it was just a Teen-rated Romance story instead of blatant and gratuitous clop. There wouldn't happen to be a prequel story about that somewhere, would there?

This left me kinda disappointed, since I expected it to be some nice and cute lovemaking between a husband and wife. Especially considering the lovely picture and the crossover.

But the excessive overuse of vulgar words (like horsecock) made it into just another passionless porno.

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