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Totally not the secret alt of another account meant just to post clopfics on.


New Clopfic: The Hero and His Mare, a Legend of Zelda crossover fic · 6:14am Dec 3rd, 2016

As I mentioned in a previous idea, I intended to write something about Link and Epona for a clopfic. Well, a week later, and here it is. Link is a pony here, not a human, so that I don't dash anyone's expectations.

Well, he's a pony for the first chapter, anyways...but you'll see what I mean :trollestia:


Future Clop Story Ideas I will (probably) write · 1:53am Nov 28th, 2016

IF you've stumbled upon my blog post somehow and have no idea what I write, be warned: this post contains mature adult themes.

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My latest clopfic - Sky Stinger x Vapor Trail · 6:19am Nov 24th, 2016

It still has to go through the manual story approval process, but for those of you who'd like to read it early...

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Password is 'password' because I'm unimaginative

Vapor Trail and Sky Stinger are adorable.

(I also used 'stinger' as an euphemism for penis once, because that was practically mandatory) :trollestia:


If you were looking for more Dusk Shine x Gleaming Shield... · 8:50pm Aug 17th, 2016

Not quite new artwork, but it's a new clopfic (not my own).

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Brief Notes on Dusk Shine's New Gleam, and Looking for an Artist · 4:46am Aug 10th, 2016

I do not intend to have any plans to continue this storyline. I am mildly surprised that I ended up writing so many comedy bits into the story, but I think it worked out fairly well with the 'x teases Gleaming Shield' naming trend. There truly is something about white mares that makes it obvious when they are flustered :trollestia:, and I actually enjoyed writing those moments more than the actual clop. Dusk Shine really hit the jackpot there :twilightblush:

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Sequel to 'Taking a Shine to Gleaming Shield' is up · 4:43am Jul 31st, 2016

For those of you interested

Plan is 3 more chapters, one a day, with only one of them having smut (probably).

Also, just to check, does anybody think that's slightly feminine Shining Armor for the cover art? If that's the perception of a large number of people I might just use the same cover art as the first story.