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There is a bit of truth to every legend, though the ravages of time can bury it deeply. Myths and lore become twisted, melded, and torn the longer they are around. One of Equestria’s oldest legends is that of Nightmare Moon. It is the core of Nightmare Night and the excuse for children to go out asking for candy with a single, common rhyme.

Nightmare Night, what a fright. Give me something sweet to bite.

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... oh crap crap crap crap CRAAAAP!!!

:twilightangry2: I'm writing to the Princess about this!

:raritydespair: At least you weren't a marshmallow!

:pinkiehappy: I don't know about you girls, but I had fun!

:facehoof: Of course you did, what happened to that thing anyway?

-Meanwhile, in Canterlot-

A lone filly walks through Canterlot Castle, she goes until he reaches Celestia's chambers. As she enters, it is empty. Then, the filly grows and morphs into a familiar alicorn.

:trollestia: Rainbow Dash isn't the only one who likes a good nightmare night prank!

Another great story, Pen. Though unfortunately, I'm a little lost. Which may or not be the feeling you want to give off with this, I really don't know.

Did the filly kidnap the Main Six, excluding Pinkie? Are they shocked because Pinkie was able to face this beast of a filly? I'm really confused! :raritycry:


I would suggest re-reading the descriptions of the candy that Pinkie Pie was trading the little filly for. That might help.

She had curled up with her cute animal friends inside a pillow fort. Angel was curled up into a cute little ball, and Fluttershy had to fight the urge to nuzzle him. He was just so adorable.

:rainbowkiss: Well Pen Stroke, it definitely looks like you're taking a different route with your Halloween story this year. Still great.

but the pony just stood there, staring at her basket and poking at the carrot.

"Nightmare night, what a fright. Give me something sweet to bite or I'll steal your soul"
Analyzing sweetness of carrot. Sweetness found to be insufficient.

a large marshmallow with purple frosting




Okay, thanks for that! Took me a couple of reads, but I got there.


Pound or Pumpkin cake

Capitalization error here, mon ami. :raritywink:

Great story, and a bit creepy.

Filly: "No, seriously, give me something sweet to bite."

Poison drowning claw or knife. So many ways to take your life.

A childlike monster that turns people into candy and eats them...



Don't worry! I have Goku on speed-dial!


I am reminded of Sam from Trick R' Treat, in a good way...

Once I read "a large marshmallow with purple frosting," I had to scroll back up an re-read the candy the filly had given Pinkie.

This was really good! Also really creepy

I can see why you said that this isn't one of your best works, and from the looks of your strong introduction to the middle of the plot, it seemed more paced up, before anyone can get a grasp of where this is heading to.

Either way, it was a fun and entertaining story to read at night, couldn't have done it better if anyone else.

Fluttershy lifted a hoof to maybe reach out and touch the filly, to ensure she was alright

Ouch, that sounded a bit awkward now, does it?

That story was very creepy and nicely written. I had chills while reading it. And the thought that if Pinkie hadn't given the "child" candy her friends would have been taken is terrifying too. Granted I'm as easily scared as Fluttershy but that story was one of the scariest I've read in long while.

We always knew Pinkie Pie was the real element of kindness.

Well, that was creepy. If you'll excuse me.

Once I got to the "save us from her searching eyes" it hit me: it wasn't talking about NMM, it was talking about this filly!

Are they.... still alive? :twilightoops:

Another amazing story as always. It's almost scary how well you write... well, scary/creepy stories.

After the usual gore fests and cliches this was something that delightfully refreshing. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find my old nightlight.:rainbowderp:

Who or What the Hell was that Ghost Filly anyway

Good one-shot! I like how you wrote this. That is a good way to play with the "fear of the unknown".

This was a really well done Nightmare Night story!! Just the right amount of creepyness

Well, that was unsettling. Kudos to you, sir. Kudos.

Oooo snap! How, I ask you how does this not have a "dark" tag? So unsettling to read!

That being said, great job on this. As soon as a special mention was given to that one big gob of taffy I knew, that's Twilight! This filly is getting her candy one way or the other! But that didn't take away from the suspense as I kept reading. Thank goodness for Pinkie.:pinkiehappy:
More than just what's shown or implied in the story, I was compelled to think deeper on this. How long this has been going on, are there more 'fillies' roaming Equestria in search of 'treats'. How many ponies have fallen victim for there to be long-standing legends about it? That right there is true horror.

So once again, excellent job on this.:twilightsmile:

I'll also have to check out Knackerman's story now. ...It's a good thing I don't sleep.

Nice story! A fresh breath into the bunch of gore-y horror ones. Good "personal" details on the candy too! Though now I wonder if those five were the only... special.

Also, that ending made me think of our other princess. The cake loving one :trollestia:


I'm honestly on the fence about the dark tag because A) everything works out & B) I intentionally avoid any on-screen details. I can see the arguments for the Dark tag, but at the same time, I'd argue it's a light dark.

Oh wow, that was creepy.

Well, that was unsettling. :twilightoops:

:twilightoops:... Ok, I'm officially freaked out now. Excuse me while I go cower in a corner in terror.

Awesome story!

Hmm, she's not from the living world.

new nightmare night head cannon

Now this is some high quality short form horror! Very well done. :pinkiegasp:

Now this is the sort of horror that I like. Nothing too graphic, just the right amount of scary. And very reminiscent of a Halloween-themed horror movie that an MLP alum worked on a while back, too.

Oh no, still a shard of Nightmare Moon on the loose, but nevermind this is the prankster shard.:pinkiegasp::twilightoops: No need to upset Nyx over it.

7684817 And now that the Mane 6 know she's real and a danger to innocent ponies how long before they track her down and nuke her with the Rainbow Power?

hmmm... needs a short epilogue. Seriously, it feels PERFECT for a two chapter short. And one chapter just feels.... I dunno... not right.

7686814 I can see it now...

Mane 6: "Taste the rainbow, mother-bucker!"

Candy Filly: "YAY SKITTLES!"

.... And this is why you should never open the door on Nightmare Night/Halloween. :pinkiecrazy:

I think the five of the mane six where punished because they broke several Halloween/Nightmare night "rules" Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash gave away things that weren't treats, Rarity had treats that would've worked but refused to give them, Applejack tried take someone else's candy and remove someone's costume without permission, and Twilight answered the door with nothing to give.
Also anyone have any thoughts on what other characters candy form would have been? For example Maud would be a Jaw breaker, Chrysalis would be one of those sucker's with a bug inside, Trouble Shoes a beyond king size candy bar, can anyone think of any others?

Good thing Pinkie didn't sample any of her new "treats" before the filly left, though it wouldn't have to tread into the dark category if she did. For example have one of Applejack's apple cutie marks have a bite missing from them, plus if anyone could fit a whole pony in their stomach it would be Pinkie.

Reminds me of Sam from the Trick 'r Treat movie.

How could Luna, sealed in her heavenly sphere,

be the cause and the source of your gobbling fear?

*grumbles* Maybe because she gets out whenever required for badly-written fanfics? :trollestia:

Lol, fanon. :rainbowlaugh:

Give a treat or be a treat, either way she gets her sweet.

Aww crap someone get mr satan, buu's at it again

I'd that this one needs a Dark Chocolate tag! :pinkiehappy:

Pinkie... :facehoof:

Anyway, I have this strange urge to eat some purple taffy now... :pinkiesmile:


I love the description of the treats. Now I'm wondering what kind of candy I would be.

This is a very good one-shot.

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